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As Shell Scraps Arctic Drilling Plan, Gov. Declares: 'We Need To Get Some Oil in that Pipeline... Quick'



Meanwhile another article (concerning Fukushima) mentions how the Japanese prime minister urged residents to return to their homes although it is not safe to do so. The Gov of Alaska worries about the money honey and nothing else. A similar state of mind to that of the Japanese prime minister. What is the reality?

I think the reality is that the elites believe maintaining profits excuses putting people at risk whether in a local neighborhood adjoining a nuclear plant or a planet in danger of global warming. The oligarchy becomes anxious and even angry that profits can be interrupted by the need to protect human beings. Like the awareness that soldiers will die when ordered to charge in the face of enemy fire, the ruling elites and corporate powers feel that human beings can be sacrificed to preserve profits.

Compare this governor's concern with a call to invest in alternatives to get us off fossil fuels entirely. ANWR is not as important as profits he says. The Japanese prime minister reopens a closed nuclear plant... a planet - a species (among many) remains at risk for habitat loss... profits matter to the elites... people not so much.

It is best that people finally realize that the oligarchic state doesn't care about its servants. Servants are disposable and can always be replaced but profits lost are lost forever.


What is it with governors with the last name "Walker?" They seem to have a personal score to settle in their respective states with only the most vicious intent. They certainly are not in office to serve the best interests of their states and their constituents.

In light of your comment, I thought you might be interested to read an excerpt from statements made by AK Gov. Walker on his website: "Governor Bill Walker wrapped up his final day of meetings to discuss Alaska’s liquefied natural gas potential to prospective customers in Japan. He met with top executives of the LNG trading department of Osaka Gas, and toured the company’s Senboku LNG terminal, which is among the largest in the country."

The plot thickens... and those conspiring to bring more environmental destruction/devastation seem to be completely devoid of even a scintilla of conscience, compassion, or concern beyond $$$


That is what I believe. You know when you look back into the past, the ruling elites and vastly wealthy nobility didn't care all that much for the little guy. It's a bad habit...lol. We in the modern age delude ourselves with philosophy and rousing declarations of the intrinsic equality of man and so forth but ... lol... something always seems to be missing. I don't feel all that equal when people are urged to return to their homes after a nuclear accident even though radiation levels are still hazardous. To my mind that shows that something is definitely missing? Concern for people over profits?

We recognize that criminal lack of concern in big name incidents like Fukushima but what about the slow and steady everyday lack of concern like Gov. Walker's? What about the planet we might ask ... and you can almost hear the response coming back >>> "Screw the planet, we want the money that can be made right now!"

Walkers? Geeze I hope they aren't related... somehow that kind of makes it even worse ...lol.


And as we peons well know, nothing must get in the way of their next trillion!

Pwr 2 the DISPOSABLE peons!


It seems the majority of governors in this country -- like the 2 Walkers -- have been voted into their level of incompetence: Pete [TD Ameritrade] Ricketts gave considerable money to 'that' Walkers' presidential campaign, and is doing his level best to see that the KXL pipeline runs right over the top of our aquifer. What makes our brethren vote for these outstanding examples of the Peter Principle??? :scream:


Yeppers -- they're all a bunch of dicks! :sunglasses:


Looks like peak oil has hit Alaska. The easy stuff is dwindling fast.


Disposable Peons?

I prefer to think of myself as recyclable at the very least!!!


Excellent comeback!!!!!! :sunglasses: I am recyclable b/c I'm an organ donor :grinning:


You're right, we ARE just servants.... and if some of us go by the way side, they just get some more....that's why they do not like Planned parent hood, they are afraid they will run out of servants.


Yep, I agree...


Ha!!! Good one...


Something is wrong. The people that we elect in our representative government do not represent us. I can not believe that the majority of people in Alaska want to drill in the Arctic or spoil one of the last pristine sort of places.

I think we should require that anyone elected to office or appointed to managerial positions within the government should never have made $100,000 in any one year and should never over the course of their life had assets of 1 million or more. Bet things would get better. Or maybe its a commercial and you need a beer.


awesomeness, and I have been following from here in Fairbanks where we are electing new mayor and have a candidate that has a chance, but needs some funding against an opponent fun de d by Koch bros. Robert Shields is the name.
Walker a tool and willfully bought by oiligarchy. dumping big $$$$ into undeveloped gas.... more fracking, new pipeline etc, just back trying to peddle gas in asia


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I was in Fairbanks the winter of 75/76 while the pipe-line was being built, they/everyone knew there was only so much oil and that it would only last so long...I had friends there that had homesteaded in the 40's, they had a massive gun collection and since the wife was a Native they could hunt anything at any time, the old man pulled out the only gun in his collection to show me what he used, a mussel loader, a single shot powder powered gun, he said "they have to have a chance and I often miss" Having been there I can testify as to just how fragile it is, it's like glass.


What does Governor Walker plan to do with the coastal communities in Alaska that are falling into the hole he is digging with his narrow focus? Seems all he wants is to keep digging and diving deeper into the trench of oil development and resulting climate destruction.


Governor Bill Walker is a shallow man. He would risk destruction of the planet, in order to make a few bucks for his state.


The most advanced propaganda brainwashing tools have been perfected quite recently.