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As Specter of Wider War Threatens, Jordan Targets ISIS with New Airstrikes


As Specter of Wider War Threatens, Jordan Targets ISIS with New Airstrikes

The Jordanian government appears to be escalating the country's participation in the U.S.-led war on ISIS, launching air strikes and executions in the wake of the burning death of Jordanian pilot, First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, which was revealed earlier this week.


Why on earth doesn’t the United States keep its nose out of the Middle East and other parts of the world and concentrate on cleaning up its own back yard? That’s what it really should do, imho.


How does a new country form in this mess with both sides of heavy duty finance and energy?


This is reality copying art – specifically Wag the Dog, the movie about a fake war staged for domestic political reasons. (Come to think of it, that pretty well describes every war America has fought for the past 70 years.) If ISIS’s support from some of our “allies” in the Mideast were cut off, it wouldn’t last a week. But in the meantime it provides a good excuse for lobbying to invade Syria – allegedly to fight ISIS but really to oust Assad, which Israel and Saudi Arabia have dictated to Washington. Talk about wagging the dog – America is being destroyed by its role as flunky for Mideastern gangsters and tyrants.


Without US & allied airstrikes, ISIS would have already overrun the semi-independent Kurds in both Iraq and Syria.
Why are the Kurds so important?

  1. They are the most religiously tolerant people in the Middle East. It was mostly the Syrian Kurds who saved the Yazidis from ISIS genocide, and Kurds in both countries continue to welcome refugees of all religions.
  2. Syrian Kurdistan, known as Rojava, has introduced a form of democratic socialism, almost anarcho-syndicalism. Each town has a large, representative communal council, and tries to set up workers’ co-ops. Women are in positions of authority, and have their own army brigades.
    The Turkish Kurds of the PKK support the Syrian model, as do some towns in Iraq, especially among the Yazidis.
  3. There are between 25 and 30 million Kurds who were split up between 4 nations by the British and French after the First World War. If you believe in a Palestinian nation, then how much more should there be a Kurdish state. Not only are there 5 times as many disenfranchised Kurds


but unlike the Palestinians, they speak their own unique language.

Now is the time of opportunity for the Kurds. And without US bombing they would already have been obliterated. Certainly, the US is and will try to stifle the spark of socialist revolution in Kurdistan. But for now, they have a fighting chance.

Lesson for the American left? This is not 1991 or 2003, when we marched wholeheartedly against American invasion. The situation now is more complicated. The threat is more serious, but so is the hope. The peace movement doesn’t need to refight the last war. Leave that to the generals.