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As Spying Foes Look to 'Sunset' Patriot Act, White House Turns up the Pressure



While there are certainly some agencies wanting the patriot Act left alone / passed as is, the president has called for several of the provisions to be removed or modified.

Every single time it has come up for a vote it has gotten over 80% in both houses.


We went for hundreds of years without a surveillance state. What we had/hopefully still may have again that is worth defending is freedom, to create a surveillance state is counterproductive because then - well, the forces of evil have won. By making us evil too.

Winding operations down, wouldn't that just mean they were shifting to private contractors like Snowden was?

We need to take a deep breath and think, where are we going?


Pass or not pass, expire or extend, it really makes little difference. One thing Snowden showed us is that there is no oversight, no accountability, no enforcement of rules or policy with any of the various government surveillance agencies. The NSA has already been caught, red-handed, for illegally spying on how many organizations and people? Have you seen anyone arrested or even reprimanded? Too big to jail doesn't just apply to big banks and corporations.

It's all a dog and pony show to create the illusion that we have some control.


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What does it say about US politics when Rand Paul filibusters the Patriot Act and Jeff Sessions leads the fight against the Trans Pacific Partnership?


And the one man attempting the filibuster is Rand Paul.
How ever one feels about his politics I need a filibuster on this point.
And thank you Sen Paul. Kudos to those who supported.

This surveillance has been evil since its inception.
From the beginning under Cheney it was used to purge Ideology.

And those jarheads at NSA need to get out of the bunker more often.
(No offense to jarheads,some of my best friends...)

We are not the enemy.

You are out of Line.

This conduct is unbecoming and illegal.


Well are we surprised? The Obama Administration is going to keep illegally breaking the highest law in the land (the fourth amendment) and keep spying on everyone for profit and power. According to ex-NSA Russell Tice NSA "goes after" Senators, Judges, and even the President himself when he was just a senator. Why? Blackmail.

The Red Tyrant Queen Obama screamed:


when he signed NDAA section 1021, claiming the president can disappear or kill anyone, anytime (including judges or Senators) and no investigation of it is allowed by anybody!

That law section 1021 has since been ruled ILLEGAL by a Federal Judge. Obama the Terrible, is appealing that ruling. We are definitely tumbling down the rabbit hole, CDers!


It's depressing to feel so cynical this early in the morning, but I gotta say this.

Whether the aura of legality is continued through legislation or not the massive spying will continue. The wealthy and powerful, despite what is written in some of the pieces posted here today, are not going to give up any of the wealth they have stolen and in fact will continue to steal as much as they can for as long as they can. And in their cold, calculating, sociopathic analysis they know that social unrest worldwide is going to increase and the shit is approaching the fan.

The best way to protect themselves (as they see it) from this storm is to cut off the heads of a movement before it gains momentum (as opposed to say accepting the necessity of far-reaching regulation.) They will no sooner relent in their search for organizers, agitators and operatives than they will acknowledge the justice of collective bargaining.

Very soon now we will be introduced to the new "philosophy of success" that anything and everything that threatens to disturb the power of wealth is "terrorism." Well, they should begin to feel terror because the storm is coming.


It says that there is a black man in the White House who is alleged by right-wingers to be a liberal.

Just like the sudden appearance of the "Don't Tread on Me" symbology during the Obama administration, it has little to nothing to do with the actual issue at hand. If there was another white Republican in office, we would hear nothing from these people.