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As States Jockey for Most Egregious Attack on Abortion Rights, Warnings Grow Over Sinister Master Plan

As States Jockey for Most Egregious Attack on Abortion Rights, Warnings Grow Over Sinister Master Plan

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On Tuesday the Kentucky legislature passed a bill—which Republican Gov. Matt Bevin is expected to sign—barring a common abortion procedure after 11 weeks of pregnancy, just the latest move by anti-choice politicians to enact unconstitutional state-level abortion regulations in hopes of forcing the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.

I have neither seen nor heard of a vagina that could accommodate a pulpit. I wonder why…

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Wish the Times writer hadn’t called abortion “popular.” It’s not that it’s stylish or cute. It’s to what, yes, too many women must resort because they don’t have access to contraception.

As to SCOTUS, we don’t know whether Gorsuch will let his commitment to restricting abortion override his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. But we do know that Roberts has at least once (ACA) led with responsibility rather than ideology. The problem is the women abused by these “laws” en route.


I still cannot figure out who is most complicit in allowing Gorsuch to reach The Supreme Court. The citizenry of this country should have NEVER stood by and allowed McConnell to block the Garland hearings. McConnell repeatedly acted like a petulant child, saying “he would not ALLOW another Obama nominee near the Court.”
Americans should understand, and most reading here do, the SCOTUS is more or less the beginning and end of all of this. And what was allowed in 2000 with the “installation” of W Bush illegally by the Supreme Court basically spelled the death knell for the nation.
The Religious Right and others are just waiting for abortion to circle back to SCOTUS. They have been waiting a while and will continue to wait. Too many people have sat on their asses since Reagan was elected in 1980. And we have continued to move backward in about half the states.


There is another advantage to enacting unconstitutional laws not mentioned by the writer. This can apply to all areas of law not just abortion. To monetarily defeat or reduce the effectiveness of you’re opponent. It’s been said that a Supreme Court challenge can cost upwards of a $100,000. As applied to this situation, the states feel they have an almost unlimited bank account (they don’t care that it’s taxpayer money), and they can drain the resources of the supporters of abortion rights.


For all the good things intrepid Americans are exposing there is still a corrupt voting system that will trump any change. The federal government is waging a war against its citizens.

Until there is a verifiable voting system all Americans have is an Obama style “hope and change”.


Roberts didn’t “uphold the constitution” for the ACA because he was “responsible” He kept the ACA intact because that is what the health insurance companies wanted. They are making money hand over fist with this thing and ending the ACA would stop the money train.


It also happened to be the Constitutional position in the case as presented. Government requires nuance, not broad-swath ideology from either side.

We should be working to impeach Clarence Thomas – reopening that Hearing/discussion.

And begin challenging the SC overall as to why 9 people on the Court are running the country.

Citizens United and 2nd Amendment rulings are excellent examples of why we need the
Congress to debate these issues and accept accountability for the outcome of their decisions.

We don’t elect the Supreme Court – and that represents a very dangerous situation.

Don’t recall that the Dem Party did much about moving their own presidents pick of Garland.

Reflecting on Scalia’s death, the timing all looks a bit too convenient – and as though the GOP
had prepared their game plan in blocking Obama’s nomination of Garland – or anyone else
who wasn’t a right wing nut.

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It is only religious fanatics who stand against reproductive freedom and abortion.
They also understand that birth control is a challenge to their male-supremacist religions
and their control over women.

There is actually religious support for reproductive freedom and abortion among churches/
temples. You just don’t hear about it.
When you see the anti-abortion support, it’s actually very minor.

Discount Catholics because Catholics – other than the Vatican, itself – support abortion.
Just as many Catholic women have abortions as any other women. The only places where
this isn’t true is where the Church still has undue influence over the government. Even in
Ireland, 200 women every week go to Ireland to have an abortion. So the pressure is on.
Which is why, imo, they’re anxious to destroy Roe vs Wade as an anchor here on the
subject of abortion.

We’ve all been much too quiet on the subject of organized patriarchal religion which has for
much too long a time had influence over our societies.

Don’t forget that it’s also corporations who fight equality for women as it would effect wages
and many other issues where corporations would prefer to not have the interference of women.


Where to begin? Clarence Thomas could serve as a talking point for all of this. Was not qualified. Should have never been confirmed. Tremendous anger that they “got away with it” but the Reagan presidency was all about “what they could get away with.” And Democrats seemed a great deal to wallow in their dissatisfaction, as we were told repeatedly how much the country liked Reagan.
At UC San Diego, where I was an undergraduate in in the late 80’s, Two academics (poly sci and maybe sociology, I don’t remember) did an elegant, concise work that showed that because the amount of registered voters in Reagan’s re-election in 84 was so low (approx. just over 50% of those eligible even voted nationwide), the actual number of eligible adult voters who cast a ballot for Reagan in 84 was just over 25%, I think maybe around 27%.

I have always maintained that the media (including the big three networks) continued through the decade to hone their new practice of “leading the witness.” Telling us what we liked and wanted. Every so often NBC might show a poll saying Americans did not want their Social Security touched, or whatever. But the media and it’s ever growing chattering class of communications majors like those at Fox News needed to complete their assignment to sell stuff. That’s how we got Trump, and the Chief of CBS admits it. They cover what they cover, and it’s no longer reality. No coverage basically of Standing Rock…

To a large degree, the commercial media is the bottom line of control for the country. It was only about ten years ago Oprah was squealing “The Donald!” on her show when it was still on.

So SCOTUS does it’s thing and not that many pay attention. For some reason they do to “Celebrity Apprentice.” It certainly is not my country any more, if it ever was. Now it is Boschian Hell to a large degree.

Be nice to see Clarence Thomas just die. I cannot see us getting rid of him, but I sure do wish…

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Apologies – Irish women go to the UK for abortions.

Walter –

Unfortunately, even at the time of Clarence Thomas Hearings many people watched it on MSM.
Have no idea why when C-span ran it without commercials and from beginning to end.
Some really don’t know that there were witnesses who would have disqualified Thomas immediately.
They were never heard – and it was then Sen. Joe Biden who rigged the Hearings and set the GOP
loose on a “witch hunt” of Prof. Anita Hill.

They did get away with it – and also that we no longer hear from those who would tell us about
the “qualifications” or the temper of the individual.

It was the HOSTAGE issue, imo – which was also rigged. People were tired of the nightly reports
on the hostages – Nightline was created for that purpose.
No one knew at the time that the Carter’s attempts at rescue where helicopters went down in the desert were likely arranged as Ollie North was in charge of the operation and Secord was second in command. Much later it was confirmed that the problem was that the equipment (sand screens) to keep sand out of the motors were not used. Basically, part of the October Surprise which went all the way.

Interesting re the actual vote for Reagan – 25%-27%. How many voting now? Big drop.
MSM makes it their business not to let the public know anything about all of that.

Re MSM – what has to be understood is that US lost its “free press” by the end of WWII.
But they did give them “I Love Lucy!”

See: CIA’s Mockingbird which was being drafted two years before the end of WWII.
The end of WWII was rigged – our government/Pentagon likely cooperated in saving Hitler
and allowing him and his henchmen to go – with money. This is why we have the rise of fascism.
See companion programs: CIA Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis used to found the CIA, funneled
into the FBI and other government agencies and to “hot spots” around the world. All to ensure
the rise of the Fourth Reich.
CIA/Gladio – intended to keep right wing government in place in nations over which the US had
influence and control at end of WWII – Japan, Germany, France, Italy - and I would add Greece
and UK. US even resurrected Mafia in Italy in order to ensure that the program would be carried
out efficiently in Italy.

To put it another way, that is how US got the McCarthy Era which purged liberals from government
and Hollywood and from wherever they could. By then, fascism had pretty much moved in on the
nation. Carl Bernstein (CIA&Media) didn’t even begin to report on CIA journalists it til 1976, I think.

We’ve not only had a CIA/corporate press since the earliest days after WWII, we’ve also been
voting on hack-able electronic computers for more than 50 years now!! Anything electronic can
be hacked over telephone lines, but understand now they can use satellites to do it.

But also it required the Democratic Party to PLAY DEAD for all of this time.

MSM – NOT a free press by any means – also benefitted from the LARGE computers which
began coming in about 1965 and which gave them immense new powers to call “winners” of
elections based in only 1% or even 0% of the vote. Actually, prior to that time they were only
permitted to report the winner of an election based on actual votes tallied.

I understand that in the earliest days there may have been some intimidation of network heads –
or with the CIA, perhaps blackmail of them for cooperation. But it then became voluntary as
more and more fell in line.

It took the CIA a bit longer to take over the White House and think that happened with GHWBush
and I doubt that they’ve lost control since then.

Phil Donahue had the #1 show on NBC – and they got rid of him because of his liberal positions
but especially because at a time when they were trying for more wars, he was very anti-war.
Oprah was decidedly less liberal after Donahue was gone.

I don’t know – if it’s the place where you were born maybe you always hold affection for it.
But I do think we have a responsibility no matter what land we stand on to those suffering.
To stop wars. To try to stop the manipulation of citizens by right wing propaganda which lies
but which does work.

Do you know how many times and how long the right wing was running campaigns to impeach
Earl Warren?

And there is NOTHING like the information and reality of Clarence Thomas who is a pervert –
as acknowledged even by his closest friends … in testimony at the hearings.

Thomas was used to ensure that the EEOC really did nothing about any kind of discrimination.

He acted to protect Rolstin Purina/Sen. … who name I can’t recall at moment.
It was a reward for that and that he would be another corporate shill on the SC – but they
seemed also highly interested in either actually putting a pervert on the court … or connecting
sexual perversion with a black man they were putting on the court. Maybe both?

Do you think that Our Founders could have presented the concept of 9 members
of our Supreme Court running the nation – overruling Congressional legislation
and its intent – moving to suppress freedom …
while encouraging the use of violence/guns in our societies?

Thanks for the response!

just keep us women barefoot & pregnant, DARK AGES

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Agreed, but please, let’s speak from knowledge and oppose the broad brushes of all religious practice fitting under one rubric. Every major Protestant denomination (I’m Presbyterian Church USA) supports, as you noted, keeping abortion safe, legal, available, and making it unnecessary. Yes, all the denominations also fight their own patriarchal pasts and habits, but those of us within them keep at it.

Can’t get much more liberal than me but I oppose abortion because it is complete mental illness. You don’t kill your babies in a sane society.

Agreed. And I’m still looking for someone to explain to me why these anti-abortion-no-matter-what people are so hell bent on preventing abortion but they have no compunctions about sending our kids into war to get killed and bombing and burning the shit out of countries’ little kids, no compunctions about the death penalty where each execution is some parents’ kid, no compunctions (as you point out) about taking food programs and medical care away from disadvantaged or homeless kids…etc.

Plus I’ve no answer, as I recently posted, to how is it that these people and their craven politicians bleat about wanting less government in people’s lives, the federal government has no business in our everyday lives…oops…except telling us what we can and can’t do in our private sex lives and telling us women what we can and can’t do in our private reproductive decisions.


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Ajo, you’re entitled to your feelings on this matter, but you really should have full information before you make major declarations. Roughly speaking, a first trimester abortion is not killing a baby…it’s an embryo which is not a baby, no matter what vernacular people use. A conception based on a rape, a vicious dehumanizing assault on a woman…you want her to go through the agony again of a pregnancy from that rape? Pregnancy and delivery are dangerous conditions even though they’re part of nature. You want women to suffer that after a rape? A conception caused by incest? Worse, yet… and what about when that incest is perpetrated on a little girl 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 years old? You want her to suffer throughout a pregnancy, face the physiological dangers and emotional trauma of that gestation and delivery? What about when the fetus, no longer just an embryo, is severely deformed and cannot survive after birth? There are several chromosomal defects or other things that cause deformities like anencephaly or Trisomy 18 that mean a baby can be born and then struggle to breathe, struggle to survive with no possible chance of success…you want that baby, that mother, the helpless hospital staff to go through that?

Ajo, no one LIKES abortion. But sometimes it’s the best choice a woman or young girl can make. And a medically provided abortion is much safer for her than a back-alley job or a coat hanger. Each woman should be allowed her own decision…period. No men, no politicians, no religion purveyors, no buttinskies…just the woman and her doctor…


WP, Clarence Thomas IS dead…he just hasn’t fallen over yet, so they can’t bury and lionize him.

With a little luck, when he does fall over, he’ll take Gorsuch along with him.

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bks –

that I made clear that there is a good deal of religious support for reproductive
freedom and abortion among churches and temples

"There is actually religious support for reproductive freedom and abortion among churches/
temples. You just don’t hear about it.
When you see the anti-abortion support, it’s actually very minor.**

BUT, good to hear you speak up about your church – continue to speak up about it –
because the other side certainly does!

Supporters of birth control, reproductive freedom and abortion - female equality – need to
be just as NOISY as the alleged “pro-life” side.

Especially, since there doesn’t seem to be much of what they do that is life-affirming, unless
the life is a fetus.

The Vatican also continues to refuse to acknowledge the full personhood of females as it
acknowledges the full personhood of males. This male-supremacist religion for too long has
had control of the past, the present and the future by its control over our societies – and our
government, with increasing attempts at using government to push their religious beliefs.
And increasing attempts to secure tax-payer dollars to fund their “religious organizations.”
This religious fanaticism so opposed to democracy and female equality has to be attacked.