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As Students Demand End to NRA's Stranglehold, Group Says Stronger Democracy Key to Gun Control Victory


As Students Demand End to NRA's Stranglehold, Group Says Stronger Democracy Key to Gun Control Victory

Julia Conley, staff writer

As calls for stricter gun reforms grow louder following last month's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the government watchdog group Common Cause outlined in a new report on Thursday the broad financial power the country's largest pro-gun group holds over lawmakers, allowing it to stymie efforts to pass even popular gun control measures.


Democracy doesn’t need Guns or Murder.

Or politicians that value Guns Over People(GOP)


‘Thoughts and prayers’ = STFU

“The shooting…has been followed by demands for reform and declarations that survivors of such attacks will no longer accept ‘thoughts and prayers’ from politicians who refuse to back gun control laws.”

‘Thoughts and prayers’ is not just a way of refusing to enact gun control; it is closely joined to the scurrilous right wing line that anyone that demands gun control in the aftermath of a shooting is ‘exploiting the tragedy.’

What? Your child got hit by a car at an intersection w/no traffic sign? Hey, don’t ‘politicize the tragedy’ by calling for a stop sign - STFU and pray.


Absolutely nothing of consequence can pass through the legislature as long as “campaign contributions” can be used to buy votes.


If it feels as if we are crawling toward regaining our Democracy, well we are. But we need to keep crawling. And we need to keep registering new voters, particularly young people who have been motivated to act by seeing their peers gunned down in their schools. And we need to keep fighting efforts to deprive American citizens of their most precious and vital constitutional right - to vote. There is a dark cloud descending on our beloved country, and it smells like money. The Koch brothers and their fellow billionaires are behind it. But we must remember that the Koch brothers have only two votes, and we have tens of millions of votes. But they will not be counted unless they are cast. Please, please, please - VOTE!


Actually it wouldn’t necessarily do that but the unpleasant fact is that at present corporate interests are selecting the majority of our candidates for office. This last abominable plunder of tax deform was demanded by large donors and it was delivered. This criminal attack on democracy is presently one of the few bipartisan efforts our congress has passed. Bernie Sanders showed us that private large donors do not replace a strong voter’s effort. A fifty dollar limit per candidate for each voter would allow us to show support without risk of corruption.
If the institution of democracy is to exist as a viable governing model this corporately run effort must end. Money isn’t speech, it is power. To think otherwise is just pandering to wealth.


Implementation is everything and what we are presently implementing is the dismantling of a government that is no longer for of and by the people. Sanders was able to fund his primary campaign on less than that so the huge million dollar purchases of political aspirants is not only un needed but a waste of money that the 1% has nothing better to do with. I can see little to gain by turning our governing over to sociopathic corporate entities.
As for the public database, on the surface I see no problem with linking names with donations since this information is needed to keep the fat cats honest.
As for incumbent advantage; since the purchase of positions will be criminalized we should expect a serious drop in opportunists and charlatans such as Trump while more populist leadership will have an equal voice for the first time since this nation was founded. With a fair campaign policy the corruption of legislators will be minimalized. The occasional mandatory twenty year sentencing of bad actors should deter even the boldest of criminals.


“Such a nice way of saying the government as been taken over by corporate fascists. Money is power and they have all of it.”
There is an alternative. I belong and donate to a group that is fighting back. Take a look at this: http://endcitizensunited.org/about/. We are trying to overturn the extremely corrupt SCOTUS decision in Citizens United.


It’s NOT the “people’s” contributions per se, but the huge amounts of dark money, super Pacs and the SCOTUS’s Citizens United that is destroying politics and America. A limited, set amount of individual contributions will more adequately fund campaigns.


Nothing accomplished- not even more background checks. Throw the bums out!


How about clean elections- no contributions. We don’t need being rich as a requirement for being in office.