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As Students on a Warming Planet, We Demand to Know: Which Side Are You On?


As Students on a Warming Planet, We Demand to Know: Which Side Are You On?

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Stephen O'Hanlon, Guido Girgent...

Last Monday, six members of Swarthmore’s Board of Managers again failed to take leadership on the climate crisis and divest from fossil fuels. With a majority of the student body and nearly half of the faculty calling for divestment, we proposed that Swarthmore commit to achieving a fossil-free endowment by 2020, the same year that global emissions must peak if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.


There seems to be a generational issue at work here once more. Those who have thoroughly bought into the old model of capitalism and are conventional thinkers struggle with the very concept of renewable energy and divestment from what has been tried and true during their lifetimes. The only wisdom they accept is their own. This almost has become typical of the American way of doing business, which is so myopically focused on immediate gains it is incapable of understanding long term consequences.


I wonder how many of those students, really live up to the change of life style that is aalso require… do they still go to sports games?..Big stadiums must suck up a phenomenal amount of electricity… besides people traveling to go… do they fly?.. I know what they are doing is important… but, we also have to stop certain behaviors…