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As Study Shows Methane Emissions 'Vastly Underestimated,' Warnings That US Fracked Gas Export Bonanza Imperils Planetary Stability

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/study-shows-methane-emissions-vastly-underestimated-warnings-us-fracked-gas-export

Good Gawd…if you aren’t afraid already, if you aren’t scared shitless already this is enough to make you panic…but stop, do not panic, sit down and think this through, talk to family and friends. You are not alone!


From the article:

“The time has come to end the madness by ending artificial economic support for the fossil fuel industry, and investing aggressively in truly clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar,” (Hauter) added. “The future of our planet depends on it.”

I wonder how many people know the extent to which the Filthy Four—oil, coal, gas and nuclear—are subsidized by taxpayers.


methane emissions have been vastly underestimated.

Here we are again. Every time a new report comes out on the subject previous estimates were vastly underestimated

Science tries to be conservative (and correct) , and the methodologies and mechanics keep getting better, but have to wonder how bad it really is.
The reports next year at this time will undoubtedly say it again - previous estimates vastly underestimated. We are accelerating down the rabbit hole.

Good think Biden wants to find ‘middle ground’ with the Reich and corporations. That’ll help.


Why has CD become fixated on these Articles of Dire Warning when the damage has already been done? There is much more relevant News going on in the World than this. Put this topic to rest already.

I drove across North Dakota in December and was truly shocked at the number of methane flaring vents from fracking. As far as the eye could see off to the horizon, there were columns of flame. We just keep treating our atmosphere like it’s an open sewer. Shame on us! And yes… I realise that I am just as quilty as the fumes from my car rental only added to the problem we all face. We are all guilty on some level.


It’s important to keep attention on these issues because the future of human civilization depends on civilization doing something about it! What more relevant news could there possibly be? Climate disruption is baked into the atmosphere for at least another 50 years, but if enough of these dire warnings are finally heeded we might be able to stave off human extinction.


It would be appropriate to bring back the GAS chamber for all politicians and top energy executives complicit with promoting fossil fuels. Because when there is no turning back, these guys will be responsible for millions of deaths.

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I’m not sure how many more people had to ring the klaxon before someone paid attention. I recall the USGS reporting back in 2007 and 2008 that first, there wasn’t nearly as much natural gas in the Marcellus shale that the drilling companies told us. And second, that the fracking process released three times as much methane into the air than did a standard well.
And here we are in 2019, the planet now bleeding methane from three times as many wells as we had in 2001. It’s bleeding it from the ocean. It’s bleeding gigatons of it from the melting tundra.
Going to retire in a couple of years. It looks as though we’ll be spending the majority of our time inside, as the heat will most likely be relentless and unbearable, and the UV radiation will fry you like an egg. Good times.


I understand the current condition of North Dakota is one that resembles western Pennsylvania in at the turn of the 20th century. Back then our area was dotted with oil and gas wells as far as one could see. All the rivers and lakes were poison. The air was dark and sooty. There were regular occurrences of small towns and valleys that saw unexplained mass dyings of people from what we now know were pockets of noxious gases. The average person around here was lucky to see 60.
It appears what was old is new again.


Yeah, but there nothing we can do to stop it and it’s too late so what’s the point if there is none??? It’s like reading articles that say, “Why did Trump ever get to be President.”

Hard to think of what is more relevant to us all than the coming extinction of our species if we don’t change course immediately. Everything else -except nuclear war extinction- pales in comparison.


It’s not too late. But it will be soon.

Thats the point, there is nothing we can do. Haven’t you read the Scientific data, or are you just hoping for the best?

You …say it’s not too late? Are you a Climatologist?

Probably most here get it, but guessing there are many that still don’t. Raising awareness is still a good thing I think

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When referring to treating our atmosphere as a sewage dumping site, I was not specifically referencing the methane vents. More so, I was referencing the way Humankind openly burns waste, emits pollution from auto, aviation, and other petrol-based industrial emissions,etc.


Do you have any more funny jokes? Do you think the “free market” gives a damn about poverty? How many corporations do you know of that support more regulations to protect the environment? Go back to watching Tucker Carlson or reading your Ayn Rand books.

Have to wonder if you’re working out of a boiler room at EXXON HQ or in Wichita .


Not to mention the earthquakes caused by fracking and all the damage they do …

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