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As Study Shows Methane Emissions 'Vastly Underestimated,' Warnings That US Fracked Gas Export Bonanza Imperils Planetary Stability

When the CO2 levels at the CSIRO / Beureau of Metiorology @ Cape Grim, on the NW coast of Tasmania reached 400ppm, in 2016the recorded Methane levels were at 85 ppm, so yes there is little point in arguing , it appears to be game set and match to the Fossil Fuel Frackers.
Spend time with your loved ones , with nature,what ever you love.

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Razing awareness through disinformation? isn’t that what FlocksNews does to their sheep when they lie to them “for their own good”?

It’s true that capitalism has driven a decrease in global poverty, largely due to the infusion of fossil fuel energy (without which it would never have occurred), but like the vast majority of economic theory and current economic discussion your belief system fails to understand exponential mathematics or to take into account the externalized cost of this growth to the living systems in which we exist.

Nothing can grow exponentially within a finite system. It peaks, then eventually collapses as the resources are used up and the waste products pile up. This is a basic fact of systems small and large within numerous scientific disciplines. That’s the fundamental issue here. Consumption and growth at current levels are unsustainable even if you ignore the damage being caused by CO2 and Methane emissions. Resource depletion, soil depletion, species extinction, and fresh water depletion alone are enough to drive the collapse of civilization as we know it.

Adam Smith would roll over in his grave at the blasphemy to which is “hand of the market” has been stolen by the Friedman school to justify the unchecked capitalism (or anarcho-capitalism of which you seem to be an adherent).

Your ideological viewpoint is incompatible with the living systems of the planet. You can chose to exist in denial of that fact, but it is a fact.

Some of us here may have other, philosophical reasons to oppose your proposed ideology, but I think the laws of physics are a suitable rebuttal.