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As Study Ties 'Great Dying' of 252 Million Years Ago to Current Climate Crisis, Experts Say Still Time for 'Different Path'



And while we cannot now avoid seeing our behaviors as driving the current mass death event, it seems very few readers or writers experience any desire to face death with emotional honesty.

All the talk one can read in public is still about who is to blame.

And, amazingly, that culprit always turns out to be someone else!

It seems modern people have lost the humane arts of grief, humility, and remorse.

It seems modern humans have abandoned the difficult practice of Self-Knowledge.

It seems modern humans have abandoned the difficult practice of Loving, Of “conscious labor and intentional suffering”, as Georges Gurdjieff put it.

Note to those who are new to facing death: blaming everyone or anyone else will not assist in crossing that ferocious gate.

Blaming everyone else will not make the denied guilt and shame—the guilt and shame associated with putting down one’s uniquely human power and responsibility for this world—disappear. It will not clear one’s debts with the Mother of Life…

Sooner or later, everyone will face death’s stern, unequivocal accounting.

Why not start now? The “news” says there is really no other issue, now…


The USSR came into existence precisely because of capitalism and the inequality it caused and continues to do so and what fuels capitalism in part is consumption and the avarice of accumulating wealth. Then add the “need” for continuous growth on a planet of limited resources which capitalism requires well the inevitable result will be environmental disaster. And expediting this creation of ever increasing wants is the advertising industry. Then the constant wars to steal the resources of other nations all under the smokescreen of bringing “freedom”, “democracy” while the US has supported so many dictators.

Blaming it all on “overpopulation” is generally aimed as disingenuous/covert criticism of the Global South when it is the wealthy nations that even with lower to no birth rate increase consume astronomical amounts of resources.



Fascism also, both as a direct response to capitalism itself and as a response to communism that it gave rise to.


Dharma is in definitive decline…


Its hard to take seriously any article worrying about mass extinction that doesn’t take into account the world population growth of humans, spreading into every habitat and gobbling up resources. That is obviously the main cause of extinction, not the very slowly changing climate. But it seems politically wrong to reference the skyrocketing human population growth in both the left and right wings, even environmentalists rarely touch it. But unless we do, there is no hope.


I would have preferred he use a different analogy altogether rather than further a biased stigmatizing perspective on lung cancer. He could have also used an analogy of gay sex and AIDS - but in that case, everyone would have immediately and appropriately call him out on that.


See my earlier comment. The world population could be only be, say, 100 million, and under capitalism, rates of fossil fuel burning would be the same. The idea that population is the problem comes from the capitalist propaganda that it exists to fulfill a kind of democratic clamor for “stuff” by the masses. In reality, it does not work like that at all. Its purpose is to create value - totally separate from whether the stuff are actually very useful or not.


You appear to have a very low opinion of humanity. Most people reach a point of diminishing returns where they neither “need” or even desire house-sized cars.

It all comes back to carrying capacity - (# of people) x (lifestyle level) x (life expectancy).

You can have a lot more people living in short lives in poverty for the same environmental impact as smaller # of people living long lives well.

Who decides?


Yup, all true. Earth has a bad case of the humans and like all other complex organisms she will do what her body can to end the viral attack. Today she has a slight temperature and we are feeling her pain. In ten years if we haven’t properly responded the temperature will rise and more serious effects will occur. This Will continue until the virus is eliminated or changes and it becomes benign. We are obviously the virus. I would propose that the second option is the better action for both parties.


Various models of SUV and particularly pickup trucks are already so huge and unwieldy and fuel-guzzling as to be of absurd utility for everyone except a farmer or construction contractor business (and even they use to do just fine with the 6-cylinder F-150 of 30 years ago which was 2/3 the size and half the weight of current models). You need a small step ladder just to check the oil! Yet, they are hottest selling vehicles in the USA among even suburban USAns - most of whom will never haul anything larger than a few bags of mulch in them.

Don’t underestimate Edward Bernay’s brilliant theory of applied capitalist propaganda and consent manufacture. Humans can be made to do anything with the application of the proper psychological tools.


Why is it always (or seems to be) EITHER one thing OR the other for so many people? It’s capitalism (red in proverbial tooth and claw) AND religious mania AND totally over-the-top consumption (and production, of course - see capitalism) of crap - AND overpopulation as well!


Why is it always (or seems to be) EITHER one thing OR the other for so many people? It’s capitalism (red in proverbial tooth and claw) AND religious mania AND totally over-the-top consumption (and production, of course - see capitalism) of crap - AND overpopulation as well!


Population growth = main cause of extinction? Seriously debatable. An important factor? Yes. However - “very slowly changing climate” - which planet does your brain live on?


Stage IV


Transportation planning is central to all solutions, all changes most needed. I’ve heard that at all times, 10,000 airliners are in the air going somewhere else for fun and profit irony. Uber’s robotaxi ‘scheme’ neglects household EV energy and safety benefits. Amazon’s Robotaxi delivery increases VMT and fuel/energy consumption; more important, undermines local retail establishments which reduce VMT traffic havoc. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need Robotaxi scheme to do that, and knows perfectly well it’s NOT possible! Bezos just wants us to believe it’s possible long enough to continue eliminating local small and large retail businesses.
Bezos is perpetrating criminal fraud.


"Why does big science never seem to formulate a best plan of action…?’
My god, there’s tons of it. All you have to do is look.


The entire rest of the world is trying to deal with it with solutions.
The only country who isn’t, is trump’s America.


China is doing more than any other country to fight climate change and they have a dozen other countries doing it with them.
We, in Trump’s America, are doing the opposite.


Movie - 1996 “Joe’s Apartment” - 3rd sequence “You’re Fired” scene foretelling our age,

plus beer, music, cinema VHS copies possibly. I’d pay to watch that again today. Joe’s Apartment.


I became disenchanted with the GOP (and also with spineless Democrats who allow them to get away with it) when they became willing to politicize our environment to appease special interests, they did it by ignoring irrefutable evidence that climate change was happening and that our energy and industrial use was the primary cause of it. We were told we needed to act to prevent it and in spite of all the evidence, they chose to call it a scam. Now, I refuse to debate what 97% of the world’s scientific community have already told me is real. I believe the experts and am not inclined to argue because. by the time the proof manifests itself it will be too late to fix. So, I propose an environmental trust where all the wealth that is derived from fossil and coal and nuclear sources over the next 20 years, is placed and at the end of that time whoever was right, takes it all. But by creating a public trust, the ones now in denial are not able to slink off with the money and leave your kid with the bill. You really believe it’s all a hoax? Then put your money where your mouth is.