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As Super Tuesday Dawns, Sanders Digs In for the Long Haul


As Super Tuesday Dawns, Sanders Digs In for the Long Haul

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Super Tuesday is here, and the race for the Democratic nomination is only getting started.

Following a big primary loss in South Carolina over the weekend, Bernie Sanders promised that he was in the race for the long haul—and then subsequently raised $6 million in one day to amass a total of $42 million in February alone. That's the most any presidential candidate has raised in a single month in 2016, including Hillary Clinton, his chief rival for the nomination.


Please consider volunteering for Sanders, for example, you can make calls from your home with a computer, Internet connection and separate (i.e. cell) phone, it's easy...


This will all be for naught if we don't get out the vote. I'm nervous yet excited today. I only hope enough of us are at the polls in numbers that the DLC cannot deny or reasonably filtch.


Agreed. Here's some resources for folks to get involved today:





The Democrat leadership has announced that its National Convention will be held in Philadelphia this summer. Whether Sanders wins or not, there is a need to continue and expand the movement that his candidacy is inspiring. Its time to start planning for a presence at the convention to show support for this movement.


Interesting opinion by Glen Ford. Today might be fun.




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The radar I have on my computer shows a line of nasty weather stretching from northern Wisconsin down to the Gulf moving east. Bernie is hoping for positive results from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Mass., the first three mentioned are having what appears to be clear weather. Most of this weather hasn't reached the east. Bernie needs high turnout, let's hope the weather isn't a factor, however it often is.


Like some Buddhist mantra, every day Bernie should call for Hillary to release the Wall Street speech transcripts. It is those speeches that will attest to her allegiance to Wall Street executives !


Not if it's Donald Trump's racist rants.


There is anecdotal evidence that many of the black church pastors in S.C. supported HRC because they were given large donations from her to their churches.


Look on the bright side! " When Sanders loses the Greens benefit". Glen Ford. Thanks for the link.


Solidarity? It's been used all over the world.


That is why I said anecdotal.


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Just click on the link provided, you'll see some other photos from the same event, including one with a great Texan, Jim Hightower. Here it is: https://www.flickr.com/photos/steevithak/24697523964/ by Steve Rainwater.


Bernie publicly 'coming-out', exposing, and committing to
non-violently confront this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire that has
'captured', controls, and is now merely 'posing' as our former country,
and which as the focal 'object' of his "Political Revolution against
EMPIRE" absolutely INSURES both that he has to be on the correct
side of each and every little "identity issue", all the bigger but still
subordinate 'symptom problems' orchestrated "abroad and at home" (in
foreign as well as 'domestic policy') controlled by the Empire, and
pledges his life, treasure, and total efforts to fighting for our entire
"ailing social order" against EMPIRE. Which means that Bernie has got
to be committed to "the people" on every issue for the people and will
be burning every bridge to the Empire.

Being against EMPIRE is the only single valid 'litmus test' which can be simply understood and totally enforced by the people in the coming non-violent Second American Revolution against EMPIRE --- just as it was in the First (and only successful) American Revolution against EMPIRE, as the great Revolutionary historian and academic analyst, Joseph Ellis so clearly demonstrates:

"The British ministry and the Continental Congress were, in fact, looking at
the crisis from different ends of the same telescope in ways that
accurately reflected their contrasting political assumptions. The
British approach was decisively IMPERIAL, top down from George III,
through Lord Germain, to all those converging ships and men. The
American approach was decidedly REPUBLICAN, bottom up, dependent upon
broad-based popular consent from that enigmatic entity called “the
people.” To repeat, nothing so sweepingly DEMOCRATIC had ever been
attempted before, for the quite sound reason that a poll of the people
was almost assured to produce a muffled or divided response or, worse, a
chaotic cacophony.

What seems most historically significant, at least in retrospect, is how true each side was to the core values it claimed to be fighting for. It was the coercive power of an EMPIRE against the consensual potency of a fledgling democratic republic. History seldom provides pure embodiments of such contrasting political alternatives, but in the summer of 1776 they were both on display"

Ellis, Joseph J. (2013-06-04). Revolutionary Summer: The Birth of American
Independence (pp. 49-50). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.

By committing himself to fighting against the 'meta-problem/meta-cause' of EMPIRE, Bernie would be casting his lot inexorably with "the people" and irretrievably against the cancerous cause of all our "Sorrows of Empire" [Chalmers Johnson] ---- and you just can't 'fake-it' as a Revolutionary against any Empire; the British EMPIRE, the Nazi Empire, the Japanese Empire, or all the way back to the Roman Empire.

Thus, Bernie in committing publicly to his "Political Revolution against Empire" would not only address the partially informed and very willing to proceed Revolutionary young people who flock to his campaign, but also all of the "lower information voters" (actually the more deluded/propagandized 'subjects' of the Empire who don't yet really understand the cause of their anger, AND even win over the most highly principled anti-war, anti-capitalism, and anti-Empire radical left --- like Chris Hedges, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, David Harvey, Paul Street, Kevin Zeese, Michael Parenti, and all the public intellectuals, academics on Empire, all the way from principled anti-War libertarians to the furthest reaches of Trotskyites et al. who, unlike Chomsky, have 'not yet' concluded that supporting Bernie is the best chance we have ever had for democracy against EMPIRE!


Thank you Common Dreams for acknowledging that there is another viable candidate in the race for the democratic nomination.

For those who support Sanders (I do): how will you feel if he endorses HRC should she get the nomination?
I know some will say “ it’s not IF but WHEN! ” Regardless -----how will you react to that?

Sanders states: "I don't think real change comes about when your super PAC raises many millions of dollars from Wall Street, from the drug companies, from the fossil fuel industries."

He must be clear that he will not support HRC for president. If he does endorse HRC, his words will ring hollow and his campaign will have been a sham (and Chris Hedges et al can pat themselves on the back).


It is inconceivable that Sanders will not support Clinton if she wins the nomination. As Paul Krugman correctly pointed out in a column yesterday that the fate of the planet is at stake as climate change is the most important issue in this election. And if Trump is the nominee then there is a possibility the US could have a racist and xenophobic president with an authoritarian personality. Anyone who thinks Sanders will not support Clinton is dreaming. He cares about the planet and fighting against all the awful thing Trump represents.