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As Support for Extinction Rebellion Swells, Top Govt Officials Signal Agreement to Climate Justice Movement's Demands

As Support for Extinction Rebellion Swells, Top Govt Officials Signal Agreement to Climate Justice Movement's Demands

Julia Conley, staff writer

Despite conservatives' attempts to dismiss Extinction Rebellion's days-long demonstrations in London as unpopular and disruptive, the global climate justice movement won support Wednesday from top government leaders, with the top U.K. environment official agreeing to meet with representatives of the group.

I offer a different approach—a private sector one—in this 34-page paper: https://www.academia.edu/38775466/A_Road_to_Survival

Sorry, but I don’t need to read a 34-page paper to know that the PRIVATE SECTOR is primarily responsible—although not yet accountable!—for the climate crisis.

Support the commons!

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Extinction Rebellion’s got the right idea.

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Michael Gove is a treacherous Tory snake who has been using a newly improvised soft environmentalism to offset his horrible image since his brand took a disastrous hit from stabbing Boris Johnson in the back. Extinction Rebellion knows all this of course. He wants to be PM. He will do nothing.

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Great idea…back off occupying Landmarks and have a “discussion” with a corrupt Politician instead. We should be occupying their Residences. Yeah, I know… people don’t like getting arrested, but would rather die in massive storms and extinction events? If it was my generation, I’d be thinking about these Climate Groups and what their Leaders are doing, which amounts to not much. As a Senior, I compare the world I grew up in to this! What the hell happened to everybody?

I like the Walrus best," said Alice, “because you see he was a little sorry for the poor oysters.”

“He ate more than the Carpenter, though,” said Tweedledee. “You see he held his handkerchief in front, so that the Carpenter couldn’t count how many he took: contrariwise.”

If you call a scientist to a forest fire, she’ll measure the height of the flames. A firefighter will try to contain the fire with the goal of putting the fire out. Assuming that we act as the adults in the room if nobody else cares to volunteer, my goal is to form a climate-fighting engineering organization dedicated to the practical research and development of improvements for inhibiting and reversing the Arctic meltdown, for displacing gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions, for removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and for preventing species extinctions. We need perhaps 1000 engineers on board within ten years. We need lab space too. Failure to deliver on this easy goal is a pretty clear sign that a particular public servant is serving somebody other than the public.

After we forced the military out of Vietnam, we all went home, bought mini-vans and little boxes, then became part of the very system the Port Huron Statement railed against. We failed to follow through and the next generations are paying the price. We had a chance to burn the system to the ground but skipped the opportunity in favor of capitalism and the delusion we could change the system from the inside. We’ll avoid all the consequences by dying off before the scatology hits the fan. Lucky us?