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As Support Plummets, Is EU Moving Closer to Becoming 'TTIP Free Zone'?


As Support Plummets, Is EU Moving Closer to Becoming 'TTIP Free Zone'?

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Intercontinental opposition to the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) continues to grow, with a new poll out Thursday showing that support for the controversial deal has "plummeted" in Germany and the U.S. over the last two years.


We need our own grassroots global agreement, to end once and for all the rule of capital.

Prioritizing community, democracy, and ecology, not simply above the interests of capital, but completely abolishing the “right” of capital to have any role in policy.

Even if we block passage of TTIP or implementation of TPP in 2016-2017, the toxic interests that write such “agreements” will continue their relentless push against all limitations imposed by community, democracy, and ecology.

We need to push back, not simply to protect the shreds that remain, but to reweave the fabric of the ecology, and our communities, and genuine democracy. We need to be clear and bold about what we need. We need to end the rule of capital.


The article is talking about the TTIP but you, and andrewboston are both commenting on TPP. They are much of the same but they involve different countries (Atlantic vs Pacific) and are two different despicable losses of sovereignty and rights for the people. Could you explain why you are switching to a different ‘agreement’ or have they melded into one or maybe was it a typo?


I like that - a global grassroots agreement.


Perot’s 1992 warning of the “giant sucking sound” was one of the most understated campaign admonitions of the 20th century. NAFTA was just the tip of the iceberg of the 1% sucking wealth from the commons and 99%.

Obama doesn’t just support the TPP, TTIP and TISA, they are hallmarks of his presidency, right up there with the ACA.


You summed it up very well.


Only attorneys of corporations would deem it ethical to include contract language allowing them to sue local - state or federal government; for perceived lost profit(s). If given the opportunity, I’d bitch slap one of these Jeffery Dahmers of commerce. It would be insanity to allow this poison to become law. How on earth can the level of secrecy of these trade deals affecting 800 million souls be justified?! From what I see, the evidence clearly points to a desire by peoples of this country, Europe and much of Asia for complete paradigm shift away from the deepening corruption of governments by the titans of industry.
Push back to trade pacts as we’ve seen is unprecedented, as citizens of the globe have said ‘enough already’ - we’re over the stench of sneaky unbridled capitalism creeping into all aspects of our daily lives. We have learned that secrecy - aka covert activity - between government and business creates hardship for ordinary people whose primary principle interest is to provide for themselves and family in an honest and virtuous capacity. Is it really too much to ask for constructive and ethical pursuits toward saving our planet from becoming the last and most prized trophy on the gilded wall of capitalism?


This is what the World Social Forum and its sub-forums (like the US Social Forum) are intending and in developing countries succeeding to some degree.

Forums usually include plenaries, workshops, and peoples movement assemblies, plus lots of opportunities for networking. I attended the San Jose event last summer and understand the demands will be made available soon.


Correct, capital the social / political / economic force, not capital the material object.


For those pushing this deal what counts is what’s good for the " new aristocracy". What’s good for the mass of the people doesn’t count. The parasitic exploiting class does not give a rat’s ass about their prey, they never have.