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As Supporters Converge on Parliament, Corbyn Remains Steadfast Amid Coup



If there is an election, can those MPs get voted out also?


You want to see 'neo-liberal policies' watch Britain now we have left the EU and how those who engineered Brexit, the neo-liberal right of the Conservative party, tear up the EU 'red tape' they so despise, by which they mean environmental protection legislation, worker's rights protection legislation, and so forth. Tory employment minister Priti Patel has already said the first thing she wants to do upon leaving the EU is 'tear up half the employment regulations' so we can be well on the way to a nation of zero-hours contract slavery. The EU and its directives was British worker's protection against that but they were tricked into voting against their own self-interests by deceitful neo-liberals whipping up anti-immigrant hysteria, and appeals to petty nationalism.


The far-right Tories are the best friend of the British neo-nazis, just as were a good number of the British Establishment back in 1933-1940. So much of what is going on reminds me of Europe in the 1930s. I agree that leaving the EU will bring no benefit at all to Britain's hopes for a return to post-1945 social democracy, maggoted first by Thatcher and subsequently her acolytes in Bliar's Labour Party. Funny how many people see the EU as run for benefit of Herr Doctor Banklenstein when it had, as you say, placed important constraints on the behaviour of a number of bastards in assorted member countries.

I trust Corbyn will hang in there; he is needed badly.


Hang in there Corbyn!


Indeed. They have the same problem Democrats have here: two very different ideological camps that are irreconcilable under the same roof.

I was disappointed Corbyn backed Remain, tho I understand why he did. And I also thought it would cost him if party elites managed to finagle another membership election, which seems to be the play right now. But if he really did get 2/3 of the rank and file to vote Remain, he'll be okay, even though I think that was a mistake. It was a really tough position to be in.

Good luck, Jeremy. The show's only starting!


Neato . . . the Brits seemed to have learned an American trick.


Such things have been going on since politics began thousands of years ago. America is a novice.


USA; juvenile delinquency writ large.