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As Supporters Jump Ship, TPP Could Become 2016 Election's Third Rail


As Supporters Jump Ship, TPP Could Become 2016 Election's Third Rail

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the White House prepares for its final "all-out push" to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the upcoming lame-duck session of Congress, lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are being made vulnerable due to growing opposition to the controversial, corporate-friendly trade deal.


The Clinton's and Obama have done more to hurt the Democratic party than anyone in recent memory. They have brought the party so far right that Republicans can now feel good about voting for HRC.
The TPP is a third rail, like Social Security. If it passes this country is doomed for the workers and the climate. It must be stopped.
I won't vote for Hillary and I will be watching to see who of our elected officials do vote for it. Those people should be run out of office asap.
I have Polis in my radar here in Colorado. Watch who sells you out in your state. Let's make sure their career ends with that vote.


The percentage of US voters identifying as Democrats has been in decline since 1960 with the sharpest declines occuring during Clinton's and Obama's first terms, the result of Clinton's zealous promotion and signing of the GOP's NAFTA, and Obama's promotion and signing a refried version of the GOP's health care "reform".


Hillary is so reviled she desperately needs the big bucks for saturation bombing the airwaves to say her opponent is so bad, he's even more evil than she. But folks hate these trade deals almost as much as they hate these two candidates.

It's a challenge demanding world-class duplicity: promise to oppose continuing to screw the average Joe, while leaving undisturbed the correct impression shared by her plutocrat donors - that she doesn't really mean it. Barack and Willie have the chops to pull off this level of concerted hypocrisy, but is Hillary up to it?


A bit OT, but here's another great article, this time by a Tufts Univ prof, pointing out the risks of a Clinton pres. CD: any chance of posting articles like this anytime?

"Unless of course she wanted to show how strong she is and start World War III. That could be even worse than a Trump presidency, arguably, don’t you think?"


She was the one working behind the scenes to get NAFTA passed, and as I used to say when I was back in high school: what they (my parents) don't know, won't hurt me. I think that dangerous, postmenopausal banshee believes that what she says behind closed doors will stay behind those doors, and so far, that really does seem to be the case.


The subtitle states: "Obama has to consider what his campaign to pass the TPP will do to the Democratic Party—or at least he should"

This is of course in addition to the actual devastation inflicted upon people and environment should TPP pass and be implemented.


A lot of bad legislation gets passed during the lame duck session in Congress. Recall, for example, the passage of the ridiculous law requiring the USPS to self-fund its pension fund 75 years in advance - the law designed to bankrupt the post office.

It is also ridiculous how much Congress "gets done" during the lame duck and it's usually bipartisan, which means that it is corporate friendly crap legislation.

The TPP is no different.


Weisbrot writes that Dems might be worried about losing the money of wealthy donors if they don't vote in favor of the TPP. Well, if the TPP vote happens after the election, they won't have to worry about that, at least not until the next voting cycle..


The Democratic Party died when Bill Clinton was elected in 1992.
To believe otherwise is ludicrous.


_ Especially in the wake of this week's appointment
of TPP backer Ken Salazar to head her transition team, to do so would
be "the perfect way for Clinton to restore liberal confidence in her on
the issue of trade," reporter Daniel Marans wrote at the Huffington Post.

Now that "right to work" is considered liberal, any absurdity is possible.


It doesn't look like corporatist partisans are smartening up fast enough to save us.


It couldn't be more obvious that Clinton and her camp have a deservedly low opinion of their supporters in their own party. She tells them anything and they sop it up.


What we have in America today is the right wing (Republicans) of the "corporate war party" and the left wing (Democrats) of the "corporate war party."


"Corporatist partisans" never smarten up because the only thing that they understand is power.
Unfortunately for them there are 300 million of us and maybe a million of them.
The odds look much better for the 99%.


TPP is just one of three "trade pacts" that were/are being negotiated in secret. The other two are the TPIP (The Atlantic version of the the Trans Pacific Pact) and the TISA.

Here is some information on the TISA: http://www.thomhartmann.com/blog/2016/08/tisa%E2%80%A6-big-brother-and-big-business-together

These pacts, along with the changes seen in the worldwide political arena as elections are rigged towards right-wing neocons, will be horrific for everyone but the fascist elite 1%.


Basic fuel/energy required to conduct global Trade
is UNSUSTAINABLE. Finite resources.
Equitable urban/suburban production/distribution
systems all fundamental lest one mode dictate.
Donaldo Trumpo, Dictatoro. Yer Fie-yurd!
(as seen on Tee-Vee)


Rock Against The TPP Tour! Oh, The power of music. Maybe, Rage Against The Machine can join Tom Morello on tour. "Killing in the Name", is my favorite Rage Against The Machine song. You Tube it live. So glad, and happy for all the artists on the tour. That tour is connecting, and helping kids of all ages become aware of whats at stake. Again, huge thank you so very much Rock Against the TPP Tour!


The TPP as the "Third Rail of American politics". Its a nice thought but hold on. There was another 3rd rail, It was Social Security. For decades no one dared to go after the SS fund because it was a hugely popular program whose benefits for tens of millions were obvious. However, since the Raygun years there has a been a continuous barrage of right-wing bullshit against the very idea of government programs. The effect of this shameless media echo chamber has been to convince many people, especially the younger workers, that the SS fund will run out leaving them flat and that more money can be made for retirees by allowing at least part of their benefits to be privatized. Some of the shills pushing this crap include the odious Alan Simpson, former senator from Wyoming, and his best bud billionaire Pete Petersen. As George Carlin said many years ago - "And now they are coming after your Social Security money so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street - and they will get it too, sooner or later." I don't believe that "they" will give up on those hundreds of billions of potential capital that can be had by conning the American people.
Similarly, the TPP is something that America's oligarchs REALLY want. That's why it won't be the 3rd rail if they can get it to be passed in the "lame duck" session. This is why Barry the Liar wants it done. Plus, Shillary does too so it can look like she has finally stopped lying about her positions. It will be done and signed into law before she takes the Oval.
If it isn't then President Three Names can do this - she can call for a few of the TPP's 30 provisions to be slightly amended and then proclaim to us that it is now acceptable to her higher standards. It can then be passed and signed by her and we will get screwed as we watch this "NAFTA on steroids" take increasing hold of our country.
I do hope I'm wrong about this. However, all three of my "Democratic" reps in Congress have already supported Fast Track and their offices have told me that Murray, Cantwell and Kilmer intend to vote for the TPP if it comes up for a vote.
I'm in a decidedly Blue state. What can we expect from others that supposedly aren't as "liberal". You can say I'm cynical but I am also 67 and have been paying attention to DeCeit politics for a long time. The "Washington Two-Step" is still by far the favorite dance in Power Town.


No offense Imhotep, Howz bout The Democratic Party died when it started.