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As Supreme Court's Right-Wing Justices Indicate Siding With Trump, Opponents Denounce 'Bald-Faced Attempt to Racially Rig' US Census

As Supreme Court's Right-Wing Justices Indicate Siding With Trump, Opponents Denounce 'Bald-Faced Attempt to Racially Rig' US Census

Julia Conley, staff writer

Civil rights advocates decried the Trump administration's attack on immigrant rights and marginalized communities Tuesday as the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the potential addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

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The SCOTUS rules the way the corporations and GOP want them to rule. They are just as corrupt as the executive and legislative branches.

Seeing how in Murka it is has not for many years been a crime, at least not a punishable crime, to serially apply alternative facts, I admonish those who are not citizens to simply fill in an alternative fact on the line on the census form that questions citizenship.


This is more a Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court than a Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court. The Right Wing is going all out to cheat and win the next elections as their numbers fade. The Supreme Court is there to help them.


Looks like there will be even more Impeachment Hearings in our future if the Supremes side with the Criminal-In-Charge.

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Watch out ! The republicans on the court stole an election for president in 2000----they are capable of doing anything–they are taking up gay rights—and states are sending all kinds of anti abortion laws for the court to take up. But this is nothing----do people see what Trump or more likely Bolton are doing around the world------The US is pushing Iran into a war------and as the US does this the US is becoming more isolated—The Real News had some great commentary from Lawrence Wilkerson on how the US has weaponized the dollar and this could be the real downfall of the US empire.


In times ago, some people were counted as 3/5 of a person. The ‘modern’ supreme court will now count some people as nothing. It is pathetic what we have become as a nation.


We should impeach…not just trump but Roberts and the four other conservos on the SCOTUS.

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We should think hard about helping Trump put another justice on the Court when we vote. That’s within our power now.


Beware: A false flag attack on your city could be next. And the blame goes to Iran.
They have already had plenty of time to plan such a false flag operation, so beware, it could happen any time. Just like the ones in our historical past.

The Bush Administration had no qualms about sacrificing 3-4 thousand in the twin towers, 4-5 thousand of our service men and women, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis for a fake war.
Republicans in government are evil, no doubt about it.

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As big a farce as John Roberts is – Chief Justice used to pay him off for “W”'s 2000
“Brooks Bros.” fascist riot to stop the vote counting in Miami-Dade County – so is our
Supreme Court.

Why was a Supreme Court necessary to “interpret” our Constitution except to RIG it
as protectors of white Elites. All of the filthiest history of this nation came by Supreme
Court votes to destroy native people to steal and hold their lands, to oppress African
Americans as slaves for free labor.

We all speak English – we know what it means when we see the Constitution confirmed
our right to privacy – and we know what it means when the Supreme Court allowed
FISA to happen as a violation of those rights – don’t we?

And now that fireball has run downhill where NSA is spying on Americans 24/7.

How about Citizens United – what is that but another attempt by Elites to BRIBE our
legislators? Anyone have any doubts about that?

If not TREASON, then we’d have to suggest that the members of the Supreme Court
just can’t read. Which is it?


Hello Julia Conley and Everyone, I am a citizen of the multiverse. If the question of citizenship is on the form then that is my answer to the whole form! Nothing else matters! Having the scum of the multiverse in charge offends an almost infinite number in the multiverse as the scum will abuse all of the information to their benefit!

It’s certainly possible, but I think—at least, I hope—that with the proliferation of cell phones and surveillance cameras, it would be exponentially more difficult to pull off than even as few as 18 years ago.

Almost overnight, we’ve become a nation of potential Abraham Zapruders. Be prepared! IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SNAP SOMETHING!!

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There’s zero reason for any conspiracy like you are talking about. The hard right owns the Supreme Court, Senate, and Presidency. Trump is ignoring congressional inquiry requests and flaunting the law whenever he wants. He has an entire radio spectrum and a cable news channel all to himself (and Republicans).

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Wow, pretty insulting for “your very first posting”. As one of the “stupid/corrupt you people”, I want the laws enforced fairly and evenly for ALL people. To put this citizenship question on the census form does not treat ALL people fairly. It puts labels where no labels need to be put. You know about labels; you used quite a divisive few in your post. Labels are not inclusive and name calling is definitely divisive. I think that we need to follow the money and power for the reason for putting this on the 20/20 census. Somehow I do not think it was for ‘good for all’ reasons. We all do have choices though: I plan to boycott the question should it appear on the census.

guild –
Agree, citizens have done terrific things in recording injustice on our
streets by police and others. Everyone should keep at it.

Re Zapruder – The film was immediately “edited” and what the public sees
is a fake/altered copy of it to show what the masterminds of the coup wanted
the American public to see. Most especially the altered “head shots” which
came from in front of JFK.
But Zapruder got a big pay off for the film from Congress in the end.

Zapruder heirs to get $16 million for JFK assassination film
Zapruder heirs to get $16 million for JFK assassination film. … the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on a home movie camera, Zapruder’s heirs learned Tuesday how much money …

I’m sure that the guilty would be found out, but not so sure it could be averted. Build a wall and here comes a taller ladder. Savvy?

The following article from an Australian website shines a historical light on the census issue in political context. There is not one iota of doubt that the US government is continuing to establish fascism in Amerika:

Remember John “balls and strikes” Roberts is responsible for Citizens United, going against everyone to make it a much broader decision than intended. Now he could do the same with the census, going against all the advice of everyone who is deeply involved, including the straight shooters in the census office. Roberts makes up his own strike zone that really screws with justice and equity.