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As Teacher Rebellion Catches Fire, Oklahoma's GOP Governor Dismisses Educators as Spoiled Children


As Teacher Rebellion Catches Fire, Oklahoma's GOP Governor Dismisses Educators as Spoiled Children

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As teachers in the historically red states of Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona are following in the footsteps of educators


R’con governors display their ignorance, hyper-partisanship, and stupidity, saying things like: Better education “is kind of like a teenager wanting a better car”!? As they defend and defund public education for ALL our nations kids, they display their own lack of education, stupidity, and contempt for the 99%,…

Bernie Sanders by contrast shows his quality, standing with teachers and kids for better public education, that equals a better future, for ALL Americans…where are the voices of the DINO establishment denouncing the trump regime? Nowhere is where! Silence equals complicity!.

It is symptomatic of a nation in decline, ruled by greed and self interest, that the wealthy who benefit from an educated population demand cuts to their (already obscenely low) taxes so they may have more millions/billions, while the next generations are limited - and thus our nation and world are limited…


Red states rebellion? How many of these teachers in the so-called, red states voted for Trump?


The comments of the Governors of Oklahoma and Kentucky are the typically inane “blame the victim” dismissive and diversionary one-liners which always seems to be the response of the smug, arrogant know-it-all"Conservatives",
Republicans and Libertarians, when it comes to giving working people anything!

In the long run, a teacher does a much more important job than a Governor, and for waaayyyy
less money!


Majority of $$$ spent is MIC.


Must say, “Thank you” again to Bernie Sanders for speaking out for America’s teachers …

Quite amazingly, the GOP propaganda campaign against teachers has had remarkable success in scapegoating them for the ills of our public education system which has been heavily underfunded by Congress . . . while Congress has been undercutting public education by providing money for PRIVATE Charter schools. I’m saying PRIVATE because these schools do not exist under the same rules and regulations as our public schools exist. And are an obvious attack on public education.

Evidently a handful of students are benefiting from these PRIVATE/Charter schools, while the majority of public school students/teachers are suffering from the budget cuts necessary to support those PRIVATE/Charter schools.

I think the public is coming to understand all of this – but as far as I can see the American public has absolutely NO leverage over our Congress to reverse or stop this ongoing privatization of public education.

Oklahoma’s Republican Gov. Mary Fallin on Tuesday compared the protesting teachers to spoiled children.

"Teachers want more," Fallin told CBS News. "But it’s kind of like a teenager wanting a better car."

Her comments followed fiery remarks by Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, who last month said that educators who were protesting legislation that would slash their retirement benefits were “ignorant,” “remarkably selfish,” and "throwing a temper tantrum."

Will this new GOP propaganda of “childish/selfish” teachers resound among citizens once again?

Will scapegoating teachers work once again to hide the corruption of our government and the damage being done to democracy and our nation?

I’d also not get too excited over the power of the VOTE to overcome any of these issues.
As hard as the GOP have been working on privatizing our government, they’ve also been working on making sure that any power left in the VOTE is severely diminished in every way possible.

This is a liberal nation – if the American public had the power by any means to overturn this corruption it would be happening. Including ending these US/CIA “illegal wars of aggression.”


So Plebes that demand better pay and retirement are spoiled children asking for too much. But there is no such thing as too much $$ to throw at our military, or some new “war” or bombing campaign that will enrich the MIC. Or any pet pork project a senator wants to slip into legislation to get funded. Or a $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest pieces of shit in the nation.

There is ALWAYS an endless amount of $ for wealthy “elites” and the military and Wall Street, but it is always “we don’t have the money” when it comes to average Americans, be it healthcare or school funding or infrastructure or the Safety Net, etc.

What else you got, establishment politicians? That old excuse doesn’t carry water anymore. If you have money for billionaire’s and killing brown people, you got money for American workers. And most Americans are starting to catch on to that fact.


Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma, blamed Antifa as one of the reasons for her state’s latest problems. I’m not kidding and, ROFL doesn’t begin to depict my real shock/amusement. Really, what else can you do?
The present state of affairs in this country regarding almost every facet of public discourse has gone completely bonkers. And, very tragically, it’s a dangerous form of bonkers for most progressive and sane citizens.
Just where did Gov. Fallin conger up this nightmarish hallucination? She’s truly crazy.


Wonder what kind of whining these officials would make in the event their “entitlements “ were discontinued ,


And exactly when did Sanders and Clinton (or many other national Dems) seriously campaign among the ‘deplorables’?


As are the voters who allow these idiots to happen w/o much of a fight at all. It’s not like U.S. citizens are being lined up against walls (yet) for taking part in the (s)electoral process.

Let the apologists now rain down their wrath with how we’re all brainwashed (which is certainly what the status quo wants us to think) and the (s)election process is rigged, blah, blah, blah.

All true because a critical mass in this country are too lazy and/or scared too even try to do something about it.


The GOP is the bunch of spoiled brat children.


Donald Trump’s refrigerator upgrade for Air Force One set to cost $24m

The Trump administration has signed a $24m contract with Boeing to replace two food chilling systems aboard Air Force One, the president’s plane, according to reports.

The systems are two of five such “chillers” aboard Air Force One, which must be equipped with a refrigeration capacity to handle 3,000 meals, according to military specifications.

That’s enough to feed the president and 50 of his closest friends three meals a day for three weeks. And that’s assuming the president never indulged in his favorite plane fare: fast food.

The $24m price tag, upon which Boeing declined to comment, amounts to enough taxpayer money to fund an estimated eight weekends for the president at Mar-a-Lago, which Trump visited 11 times in his first year as president.

Or the cash could be used to provide security at Trump Tower in New York City, where the president no longer lives, for about two months.

… but America can’t afford a national health care system for its citizens!


Tom –

No apology for claiming that US has been just as heavily propagandized as Russia –
or that we’ve been voting on hack-able electronic computers for 50 years in a system controlled by Elites/corporations.

With the youth standing against gun violence, we have an excellent example to follow - beginning with coming out to support their monthly demonstrations, but then moving to full time Stand up Saturdays.

There are ways to find leverage over this Elite/corporate-fascism – but that won’t remain true much longer as they cement control over our government.

A reluctance to act by the population will only encourage the insanity and greed of these people.


I’m not going to fault the kid who wants a better car AND working two and three jobs (UNLESS he wants a Ferrari). Further, I imagine half of these teachers are still driving their college junkers.


Teachers are teaching us all what it means to be an American citizen.

Stand up for your rights as a wonderful human being. Thank you.


My 2 cents worth is fear. The average American ( the 50% Mitt " Mittens " Romney spoke openly and disdainfully about ) is scared sxitless about expressing a serious objection or political judgment. This extends to their workplace or their social relationships.
Trump’s success was, in part, his ability to tap into this " inner acidity " eating the insides out of so many working class people. It’s called gutter politics but, given our options in 2016, that’s kind of a non-starter. It was more like gutless politics, by our elitist PTB spewing The Washington Consensus, fancy doubletalk on steroids.
Resentment politics moves quickly into the spectrum of racism, white nationalist phobias, et al. And, the MSM won’t touch this overlay of illness, phobias and much worse. They offer merely complicated distractions and simple soap opera solutions. Politics and Economics: it is as hard to understand as the Holy Trinity, they tell us, so smugly and professorily. Then, jump to the TTP or capital gains taxes, or whatever mumbo jumbo ( bullshit ) their experts tell them to feed us. It’s all so hard when lying and subterfuge is the true point of the exercise.
It’s not that complicated, really. Change the tax laws back to a progressive system, commit to 80% public financing of all federal and statewide elections, make voting easy, safe and secure and strenghten the national safety net by adequately funding national education, healthcare and the dignity of a decent retirement for all.


Bernie Sanders campaigned nation wide as near as I can tell.

Clinton adopted elitism and war mongering. She lost.


Is there a ‘G’ missing from the end of her name? Along the lines of Mary still falling for the sake of the empire? ‘TOO SAD: TOO BAD’ to ape the prez

Something tells me the Gov. will not see another term.


Hopefully, the added electrical drain of the added chillers, will cause a drop in voltage to instrumentation that’s necessary to fly the plane.

A meltdown of the wiring at 30,000ft. would save our country any more unnecessary embarrassment.