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As Tensions Ease Between North and South Korea, New Demands for US Diplomacy


As Tensions Ease Between North and South Korea, New Demands for US Diplomacy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After the Olympic Winter Games came to a close in PyeongChang on Sunday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in urged the Trump administration to "lower the threshold" for diplomatic talks to ease rising nuclear tensions with North Korea, and called on the North to demonstrate its commitment to ending its blossoming nuclear weapons program.


The mindset of the trump regime and its “really smart - stable genius” is incapable of such wisdom - or any other for that matter! The weak idiot childish actions of VP Pence snubbing Kim Jong-un’s sister when sitting adjacent to her and not standing for the NK anthem was representative of both Pence’s school-yard stupidity, “religious” mindlessness, and utter lack of even a shred of wisdom or even common courtesy! “New US diplomacy”? Not bloody likely from the “morons-r-us” trump regime!!


Diplomacy? Trump? Just how diplomatic can you be about others developing their nuclear weapons when our stockpile of nukes is one of the largest on the planet Earth. I could say the leader of North Korea is a real nutcase, but how can I say Trump is any better? Just how safe are we supposed to feel with two nutcases with launch codes?


Providing overpriced 365/24/7 security for Samsung, the U.S. might just be due for some serious introspection. Of course, in reality we just want a permanent base near China, but shhhh. The North/South perpetual conflict simply provides cover for the empire’s roots.


Since the American peoples voices have been effectively muted on issues of war anything goes for the warmongers. Trillions upon trillions poured into death and destruction cleverly kept out of sight and out of mind of the otherwise occupied “free Americans.”


The last thing the US wants is peace between the North and South; and will do anything do subvert it. Trump’s announcement of new sanctions against the North just as there was a gesture made towards reconciliation during the Olympics is proof.


Could not have said it better!!!


The last thing our predatory 1% wants is peace. War on terrorism, war on drugs, it’s all good.


When the exercises by South Korea and the US for later in March are canceled then maybe the loony faction in DC is being restrained. Otherwise, even if delayed, it is still “game on” for possible preemptive strike on North Korea.
Of course Kim Jong Un could wait for the distraction of the expected mid-east war of Israel against both Syria and Iran distracting the dwarfed US diplomatic and military efforts to conduct either another missile or nuclear weapon test (or both). This latest exchange is so much posturing by all concerned.


I think the senator is merely helping Trump to ensure that Kim buckles. Much had been said about how South Korea too would suffer immense casualties should the US attack the North. The fact is that even if the South managed to emerge relatively unscathed, millions of Koreans would hate the US for eternity, and their revenge would make the Islamic terrorists look like angelic kindergarten kids. I don’t think Trump, or the militarists behind him, are ready for that to happen.

My guess is that both sides would come to a compromise and there would be peace in the Korean peninsular.