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As the Virus Unleashes Violence, Women in War-torn Countries Organize

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/10/virus-unleashes-violence-women-war-torn-countries-organize

The group of 37 mayors who have 9 principles for a green recovery from both COVID and the climate crisis should add a renunciation of violence to it:

In the body, fascia or connective tissue runs though everything, forming a tensegritous web of support, mobile dynamic strength, and separation. It surrounds each muscle and each muscle fiber, connects muscles to each other and to bones, holds organs in place, touches everything. We’d be a puddle with a pile of bones on the ground without it.

Violence runs through our society the same way, running between couples, between the dominant and minority political, ethnic, racial, religious, class, and other groups, It runs between all men and all women, between adults and children, between political parties and countries. We need to begin to heal the somato-emotional conditions that cause it and are caused by it, and begin to have truly connective structures running through all the same places in our selves and society.

We need a global connective tissue ceasefire running through every place now occupied by conflict. We must commit to halting war, violence against minorities, women, children… for the duration of the climate crisis.