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As the World Burns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/30/world-burns

As a past professional firefighter, the photo and the text of this story disturb me greatly. Even putting aside the issue of extremely combustible materials used on the outside of the structures, that there are no standpipe connections on each floor with a fire department connection in a high-rise structure, well beyond the reach of outside aerial apparatus should be a criminal offence in any jurisdiction in the world. This is a bare minimum code and doesn’t bring up the topic of sprinkler systems. I’ve said this before here, but it needs repeating, There has never been a death, related to fire, in a structure with a properly operating sprinkler system, ever. Please remember this if you ever find yourself in a debate with city officials, planners, or architects on this subject.


For those that don’t know, a standpipe is a vertical water piping system, usually in the stairwells of a structure, that should have connections on each floor, with the same thread pattern used by the local fire department (it varies from dept. to dept.), so the department can hook up their fire attack lines and extinguish any fire in the structure. This piping system has one or more exterior fire department connection points at ground level, so water can be pumped through out the structure by the FD attack pumper(s) ensuring adequate flow and pressure of water for fire suppression. This system is very inexpensive, compared to other costs associated with construction of a high-rise structure.




"in Marx’s words, “capital comes dripping from head to toe, from every pore, with blood and dirt.”

I like it. Like Adam Smith, Marx got a lot of things wrong, but he also goat a few things right.

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“The people at the helm, around the world, would watch us all burn rather than shake up the way things are, as long as they can be the last ones standing atop the wreckage. If we want to do more than watch those fires helplessly, we are going to have to demand much better, and fast.” (From the article.)

“Man” is well worth watching. It answers the highlighted part of the article above. Just click on it, it seems to play.

Hi Recon,
Didn’t realize you were a firefighter, too. We used to study highrise fires as well. I remember one really high, steel constructed building in either Spain or Malaysia that burned like a torch for days. Everything flammable was consumed. When it finally went out, the steel frame of the building still stood, essentially undamaged, un-melted. No steel highrise building in the world has ever collapsed due to a fire (until 911, of course) When my wife got home that day, she found me in tears, watching that endless loop of film of the buildings’ collapse. All I could see in my mind’s eye was a long line of firefighters climbing the stairwells carrying hose bundles and lengths of 2/1/2" hose to connect at the floor level to fight the fire.
*It makes me shudder to think of that again.

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Hey Steve, yeah I worked it for 15 years, small town, but I went to as many state and federal classes as they would send me to. The state fire academy is one of the few bright shinning stars the state of Mississippi should be very proud of. I could be wrong, but I thought the building you’re talking about was in Brazil, I’ve seen photos of it burning, front to back, top to bottom, the building is still in use today, and like you, its how I knew right away the story we were told on 9/11 was a lie. We lost 343 of our brothers and sisters that day, and its why I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours investigating it, I wanted to know who was responsible. We still don’t know all of the “who did it”, but a brilliant college professor with a doctorate in Material Sciences has come up with the “How it was done”, using science to analyze the data of the event. It’s not what anyone thinks, If you’re interested, I’ll give you the link. Civilians don’t understand the camaraderie (and ball busting) between firefighters who haven’t even met each other before. It was the same in the Force Recon community I was in, in the 1980’s. A few years ago, I went to Hawaii with a woman I lived with to visit her Daughter and Son-in-law, he was in a helo crew attached to a Recon unit there at Kaneohe Bay. When his Commander found out about me and that I was there in HI, he made the Son-in law bring me to a luncheon they were having on base, everyone treated me with an incredible amount of respect, including the officers, it was over whelming, like I had been in that unit. Very humbling.

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Hi Recon,

Hey Steve, sorry it took so long to reply, been working my tail off. So I’ll give you the link to her presentation, it’s long, but very detailed, and in mu opinion worth the time. Below that I’ll link her bio page from her web site, if you’re interested look around her site also, she has photo’s and more science info related to that day, and talks about the book she wrote about the subject. Note, the date on the presentation video is new, but it’s just been re-posted on youtube.


Bio link,


Let me know what you think.
The presentation link wont work, I posted it a week ago and it was fine, this keeps happening to this video. Go to youtube, search Judy Wood, many pages will come up, on page 5, 2 videos down is “9/11 Where did the Towers Go? - Dustification with Dr. Judy Wood”, make sure the version you watch is HD. it’s 2:24:58 min. Sorry for the hassle, just went there, and it plays, but when you link it, youtube claims is unavailable. The Bio link does work.