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As the World Looks Away, Death Stalks the Democratic Republic of Congo

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/11/world-looks-away-death-stalks-democratic-republic-congo

The so-called “Responsibility to Protect” only applies to favored imperial ethnic groups and enemies of their proprietary satrapies.

Africa, the world’s ugly stepchild and the place of origin of the human race. Ironic.

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" With at least $24 trillion in gold, diamonds, tin, coltan, copper, cobalt, and other natural resources beneath the ground, it’s often assumed that Congo’s violence is intimately connected with the desire to control its mineral wealth."

Coltan? Not a word I’ve ever seen before.

“Roughly two-thirds of tantalum is used to manufacture electronic capacitors, a fundamental component of smartphones and other in-demand electronics. Tantalum has contributed hugely to the miniaturization of handheld electronic devices …”

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It has been suggested that the Mayan Empire totally collapsed in an Orgy of violence. Entire cities were abandoned and left to be claimed once again by the jungle as peoples fleeing the violence were forced to flee to ever more remote areas.

In Europe the Thirty years war saw the population of Western Europe plummet due to never ending wars and violence. Villages and towns were depopulated as peoples tried to fell to larger Cities where they felt what remained of the Government could still protect them. It got so bad in Europe that people would guard the grave sites of members of their families that had recently died so as to ensure others did not dig them up to eat the bodies. So many farms were abandoned , mass famine occurred.

Ending this cycle of violence it not so easily done. It even harder to do with all of the advancements in technology that allow the brutes greater mobility and the ability to communicate with one another whenever a new “target” is found. The original defined intent of UN Peacekeepers was to go into these regions to help stabilize the areas in question so a Government could regain control. What happened is the Peacekeeping missions became profit seeking ventures instead where the Countries sending peacekeepers did so to earn revenues for their own Governments and where Corporations would work behind the scenes to ensure the natural resources of any given Country surrendered to those Corporations once those peacekeepers put in place.

Yes yore, Kurt Vonnegut ironic. They are “black” and they have resources that the racist colonizers want. And so it goes.