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As 'This Changes Everything' Debuts in US, Leave Your Climate Despair at the Door

As 'This Changes Everything' Debuts in US, Leave Your Climate Despair at the Door

Jon Queally, staff writer

If he wanted, filmmaker Avi Lewis thinks he could probably scare you into total paralysis.


I keep one quote over my desk too. Its on Robert Shetterly’s portrait of Elder Oren Lyons, Turtle Clan of the Iroquois Confederation:

“The law says if you poison the water, you’ll die. The law says that if you poison the air, you’ll suffer. The law says if you degrade where you live, you’ll suffer… If you don’t learn that, you can only suffer.
There’s no discussion with this law.”


From the Blue Collar Review

What Bothers Me Most

What bothers me
is not so much that we
clever apes are driving ourselves
to extinction.
There is at least some humor and
irony in that
and a lesson to be learned
by someone –

What really bothers me
is that we are taking
the rest of the living world with us
plants and animals of all kinds
life can never be the same –
is already changed

What drives me to distraction
is that we know better
that a very few of us
who know better
are destroying life on earth
for the most selfish shortsighted and venal
of reasons

What bothers and puzzles me most
is why we let them.

  Liz Estrada

I hope that the film brings hope to those who feel it is all hopeless. We can do it - we can still save this world of ours from ruin and misery. Maybe the time has come for a more positive message of how to do what must be done and why we should do it soon? This film is for those who are caring, intelligent (both the educated and the not well educated), good people of the world. A more positive way of seeing things. An understanding of what is changing. This movie is needed!

I, on the other hand being a ‘if that doesn’t scare ya well then what about this and this’ doom and gloom - it is only going to get worse if you don’t get off yer asses and change the way things are going- type of guy … I await the sensationalistic hollywood version of climate change to reach the greedy, uncaring, selfish and their servants - the stupid and apathetic fatalists and make them realize that all that talk about climate change was very real and that they have to live here too.

By the way… has anyone noticed that we have movies with meteor strikes, nuclear wars/nuclear winter, sudden onset and amazingly unlikely ice ages, volcanic tectonic mayhem, biowarfare plagues, a zombie apocalypse or two here and there and all manner of ways that tomorrow may not be all that it was cracked up to be except that we never see a climate change movie showing the freaking HEAT!!!

Heat baby! Heat! Ice age movies yes but climate change disaster movies no. Odd that don’tcha think considering that climate change is big news (finally)? Why no heat based catastrophe movies that will show how it really would look if we continue on this way? Sudden sea level rise ala meteor or tsunami sure but the gradual sea level rise that eats away seaside communities, annoys Florida’s real estate brokers…um…nope. No dramas of condemned neighborhoods with a foot of water where water has never been. Flooded sewers, salty ground water and stuff.

When Hollywood finally gets around to scaring people enough to make them force politicians to do something other than just raking in the special interest money, a lot more will get done - if it isn’t already too late by then to prevent the morons from trying some geoengineering scheme that could make things much worse. Talk about scary… we should all be scared about that and I am not talking about chemtrails!!!

Avi Lewis’s movie is for intelligent people!!!
We also need the dumb scary climate change disaster movies to scare the pants off us dummies.

Pass the organic popcorn… “Here comes a good part! New York and Washington get wiped out by storm surges from a super hurricane because of sea level rise… I love this part! Ya know that’s gonna happen for real man.”

“Yep. I saw this serious film “This Changes Everything” about it. Sea level rise yeah wow man! I heard about that! Hey sea level rise will make you have to move out of your mother’s basement man if it floods!”

“Shut up! They’re killing the whole planet!”

“Rents for apartments will probably go even higher like when things get flooded!”

“Gimme back my popcorn! I ain’t talking to you!”

All joking aside… this movie is needed.

Good luck kiddies!


The pope is an evil idiot. Corrupt and devoid of reasonable debate, he parades around the world in his white dress telling people to have more children, meeting up with the most bigoted humans on the planet to congratulate them, (See Kim Davis and his making Junipero Serra a saint.) and he represents a total disregard for science,

Using the pope as an example of progressive change is ridiculous and insulting to those who are victims of his church.


This movie will ignore overpopulation and congratulate idiots like the pope, and people will go see it, pat themselves on the back for being smart, and then go have a nice dinner and go to the mall.


What bothers me is knowing all that people still have children and then blame other people for the lack of resources and the destruction of the environment.


The law also says that if you have more children than you can feed, they will die. The law says there are limits to resources and when they begin to run out due to overpopulation, wars get worse.


What kind of fool will criticize a movie that he/she has not seen yet? I notice in your rants today that you keep complaining that other people have too many children. My guess is that you haven’t any but what if you do? Oh what a terrible crime by your standards! How will you forgive yourself?

People have kids and keeping population down is a reality for any future but you really make it a big thing. Too much so in fact. Do you hate people? Do you fantasize about how the world would be better off if people had never evolved? You hate a movie you’ve never seen, a Pope who has helped the world in the fight to avert catastrophic climate change, you appear to only hate every time you post a comment.

Why do you think this is interesting to people (yeah yeah we know you hate us too)?

Do you hate yourself?

I know a cure for all this hate. Get off your rear end and go out and do something to make things better rather than sitting there collecting dust and complaining about everything. Look back at all your posts. All you ever do is rant. Why don’t you stop ranting and go do something positive.

Try it… it’s called life.

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we “let” them because everything we try to stop them doesn’t even seem to dent them.

so maybe some of us can go to Germany and work with the movement that is bringing about all the great change, the shift to renewables in Germany and come back here and use lessons learned?

easier said than done, i know. i likely won’t be doing this anytime soon, but if you’re in a position to maybe take that year and who knows–maybe earn some money while you learn…

see reply to jaded prole. maybe some young, aspiring activists can learn from Germany and bring the movement on over here. :O)

People are already so accustomed to dramatic catastrophe movies that a dramatic movie probably wouldn’t have much impact. I showed a fairly dramatic series of U tube videos to my classes one time and the general attitude was ho hum…just another movie. And this was a bunch of engineering students who had the technical background to understand what was happening…unlike the general public who were sleeping in junior high science.

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A pope who met with Kim Davis and called her a hero.

A pope who supports genocide of native americans.

A pope who tells people to have more children while he flies in his private jet back to his palace.

Why do you hate people so much? Do you fantasize about a time when the pope decides what is right and wrong for everyone, and turns even more people into his victims for his own profit?

Why do you think your fatalistic attraction to blind authority is interesting to people? Do you hate yourself?

What kind of a fool would go see a movie based on the review that the pope is a role model for climate change? I notice your rants keep supporting blind faith in a deity that doesn’t exist. Are you suffering from a mental disorder?

Since the population continues to grow at three additional people per second, and resources are running out, and the climate has changed, maybe what you really want is for everyone to die. You certainly don’t offer and sound advice on how to change things.

How will you forgive yourself when more children are born and die of famine because a pope told them to do so and they believed him?

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I wasn’t advocating hollywoodized climate disaster movies. I was making the observation that we have seen everything else but a realistic climate change disaster movie. Meteors, ice ages, super storms etc but never something depicting the future we all talk about that has 3.5 C climate change. Drought, sea level rise, extreme heat, lower crop yields plus 200 million climate change refugees all make for a action/disaster flick plot but heat related climate change is never shown.

I want to see this movie and I think once people realize that it isn’t a hollywood sensationalist treatment that people all over the world will see it.

I was just pointing out that (and should have said so more definitively) that this film is not a hollywood disaster flick but cinema as education.

I was being humorous about the flooded basement of climate change set and pointing out that they need the hollywood type flick (too).

And you? How much do you do to avert climate change or travel the world trying to educate people? I mean I guess you wouldn’t like any pope ever but of course this stringent criticism of someone who is at least trying to help is based on your own vast efforts to stop climate change… right?

You do so much don’t you? Otherwise you’d be an amazing hypocrite for criticizing people who do try to do something while you do nothing except criticize them? You aren’t that kind of person are you? A phony hypocritical crank who never looks in the mirror when criticizing.

Are you?

The Pope also ignores the fact that agribusiness produces more than half of all greenhouse gases. He makes no effort to move the world to a vegetarian diet. And to say, as this author does, that getting off coal is the last missing piece is ludicrous. Getting off meat is the last missing piece. The meat industry is producing over half of all greenhouse gases so getting off meat should be the number one priority of the environmental movement. Instead, they focus on other stuff. Rome is burning and the Pope and these movie makers are fiddling. So go ahead meat eaters and tell me what an awful person I am. This article summarizes the movie so I know it ignores agribusiness since it says replacing coal is the final missing piece. Call me a fool anyway. I will not waste money on a movie that obviously ignores the number one environmental problem.

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Overpopulation of meat eaters. The earth is not overpopulated by vegetarians.

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Great quote, thank you OG.

I do get your point but my experience with putting together a series of realistic videos and showing them to my classes makes me skeptical. Not only were most of the students at best ambivalent but I was criticized by the chair of my department for doing something that he felt wasn’t related to the class I was teaching. My teaching was in a mechanical engineering department and my reply to him was that I felt mechanical engineers had a responsibility to help correct some of the issues they were responsible for creating and they couldn’t do that if they were ignorant of the issues. The next semester I didn’t show any videos and at the end of the semester I quit. If the chair of a mechanical engineering department can’t recognize the importance of educating students as to the issues surrounding global warming caused by the conversion of fossil fuels into work then I really have no business being there.

Why can’t we stop the super wealthy capitalists from destroying the environment?
BECAUSE they own every government on planet earth.
Want proof?
Listen to the criminal-in-chief (Obama) speak to the UN on 30-Sept.2015,
– then answer this, what planet does he live on?

Yes, eventually the people will take to the streets like they did in the 1930’s
Great Depression – but the permanent damage will be done,
and the super rich will live in their gated bio-spheres for a while,
until everything comes unglued.

Then planet earth and mother nature will finally be unburdened from human stupidity.
(But you already knew that.)

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