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As Thousands Lose Coverage, Judge Blocks 'Inhumane' Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky

As Thousands Lose Coverage, Judge Blocks 'Inhumane' Medicaid Work Requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A federal judge Wednesday blocked Trump-approved Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky and Arkansas, where the punitive rules have already caused immense suffering and stripped healthcare from thousands of low-income Americans.

Government Of The Rich, By The Rich And For The Rich, Shall Not Perish From The Earth.

Abe would be proud of what has become of his Republican Party.

Honest Abe naively thought it was Government Of The People, By The People And For The People…

I retired to Ar in 2001 in part because of the lower taxes (especially real estate) and the costs of gas, electric etc. I live in a nicer “retiree” area of the state. Basically the state is a typical southern state, “low taxes, low services” which is typical of most of the Confederate southern states. They like to play sleight of hand with the taxes down here as our sales tax is close to 10% and to pay for the recent income tax lowering, raised other taxes and “fees”. I for one would like to see ALL states lower their sales taxes and raise the income tax rates on the wealthy and do the same for the wealthier homes and estates. It’s all about the fairness of a tax system.


10% sales tax is not unique to the south…read Washington state, and they tack on an additional 1.5% when you buy a car. They should swap the sales tax for an income tax to help lower income residents.

“If the Trump Administration truly believed in healthcare” ? Trump and the GOP DO care about healthcare for the 1%…its just another corporate profit center for the 99%.

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Here is an idea boys and girls. Come together kiss and make up and offer Obama care and Trump care side by side. Let people choose their best coverage and eventually sunset the least favorite. Come on politicians: what do yo say? For god’s sake don’t kill people with “stupid”. Democrats we are stuck with the Trump circus for at least two years. Republicans we are stuck with a Democratic house of reps. for two years. don’t torture innocent Americans for political advantage. You both lose and look like sheer idiots in the process. A man slinging garbage cans for a living shouldn’t have to die of an appendectomy because of you’re greed.

Following the construction of Lincoln’s original, your rewording should read “Government Of the People [the people are being governed], By the Rich, and For the Rich.”
-web nit-pick walk

In 1971 a friend, a fellow serviceman actually, living off base (Ft. Lewis) Washington, traveled to California to purchase his new Plymouth Duster. Saved a bunch on sales tax I assume.

Walker of Wisconsin was trying to pass one of those work requirements here as well. Apparently, what has been blocked in other states exists here. One of four states.
We will have to somehow recover as will the nation when the absurd POS, POTUS is gone.

Seeing the picture of a Trump likeness tempts me to make one, hang it outside, and beat it like a pinata every day.

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“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude , except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

To those that suggest the work Voluntary it like some slave owner in 1810 claiming that the Blacks , given the choice between a flogging and working the fields , “volunteered” to pick cotton or that they had to earn the food and shelter their masters provided.

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Very likely you have got it right, in a way. All the noise has but one purpose: That is to make ObamaCare look so good you will love it. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies will continue to impoverish the masses while the neoliberal wall street democrats celebrate at their nearest lobbyist party…proclaiming ‘we’ saved ObamaCare from the Republicans. Which has been the Republican plan all along. You do not need any stinking Universal Coverage or Medicare for All … when you can have Obama/RomneyCare.


Attack my thinking if you want, but I believe that Trump’s call for the courts to overturn ObamaCare would be a good thing in the long run.

It would doom Trump in 2020.
It would open a better pathway for Jayapal’s MFA bill.

The Trump criterion for good policy is clear: If the proposed policy is a net cost for the financial elites, Trump & cohort are opposed - conversely, if it’s a net gain for the financial elites, it’s a policy to be implemented. Future costs are heavily discounted. What could be simpler?

Trump’s trying not only to take away healthcare, he’s making moves to take away "lives."

Ask yourself, wouldn’t the loss of one evil man, far outweigh the loss of many good people?

This, is the consequence of voting for LOTE in America.

It seems the children understand this.

When will the 95 to 97% begin to understand?

The $768 Million winning ticket was sold in Wisconsin.

Tell me you bought it Gandolf.

Well Lerenarde,

You’re right about one thing, both corporate parties are losers.

Now, how do we keep people from voting for them?

As a “longhair” back in the late 60’s, my experiences in the southern states were somewhat cautious.

A lot of them good Ole boys and gals looked at me with strange expressions on their faces.

Personally, I couldn’t wait to get back up north to relative safety.

I’m glad you have found happiness there Patricia.

Guess I’ll always be a Yankee.

Yeah well, upright, honest people are a rare commodity.

A couple of years ago maybe 2008, we had a rough experience in Kentucky after asking if there was a non-smoking area in a diner. Glad the car had AZ tags instead of CA.

Did you watch the Netflix film on Sam Cooke.
I was in love with SC as a teen.

No I did not , but that voice is like liquid honey. I just happened to be listening to a CD of Sm Cooke most of the day. (night Beat)

No, not me. Shucks. Maybe it was my son. He likes to buy one when the prize is high.
But I did put a wager down at the roulette wheel. I put it on 46 blue. Sorry, you lost.