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As Torture's Mental Toll is Illuminated, Doctors Call for US Accountability


As Torture's Mental Toll is Illuminated, Doctors Call for US Accountability

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The advocacy group Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) on Monday said the U.S. has lost any moral high ground in the so-called war on terror after years of revelations that the CIA secretly tortured detainees, and warned that history would "certainly" repeat itself without full accountability.


Look, what was done was no worse than what Hitler's Gestapo did.

Didn't we execute some of those people, back in the late 1940s?


The NSA, CIA, FBI et. al. are doing it here at home, wirelessly. This was the whole point of Gitmo - to learn how to torture wirelessly around the world from satellites on anyone anywhere anytime. And then reverse the torture through pharmaceuticals - or wirelessly if the victims wouldn't take the drugs. (Brainwashing.) All fully online and being done now, to anyone they choose.

No one is reporting this officially. And no one is helping the victims. They are sent to mental institutions, and that is why we are having a Murphy's bill which has involuntary commitment as part of it's law. Colorado has a strong program in place, and is sending victims to the Colorado Health crisis line to talk to mind clones of top therapists in the nation. This way no one will ever have to know about what has happened, the victim will never get justice - or even a lawyer, and the upper crust and government officials will never be bothered by the vicious violence they have unleashed.

This is the NWO: oligarchy run by robots while the kings and queens go about their lives in bliss and unawareness of the suffering going on within the populace they never see or talk to, except for genetically created and controlled humans, chipped and mind controlled from birth, that are in production today.

The sins of not holding the criminals to account early on - have come home to roost and rule us all.


We have to work the dark side, if you will. Spend time in the shadows of
the intelligence world. A lot of what needs to be done
here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion …"
--The Devil Himself