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As Tropical Storm Dorian Barrels Toward Puerto Rico, Trump Shifting $155 Million in Disaster Aid Funds to Migrant Detention

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/28/tropical-storm-dorian-barrels-toward-puerto-rico-trump-shifting-155-million-disaster

Some of that 155 million dollars could have bought a shipload of shoring up and bracing lumber. Anything left over could be a start to rebuilding after the storm.
Or we can just nuke the storm, eh Donny

Sadly I’m not surprised anymore, I live in hurricane country and fully expect us to be on our own in the event of a storm strike. And lets face it many in other states, left or right leaning, feel we should be. If it weren’t for faith-based groups and armies of volunteers after Katrina (we can never fully repay their kindness), the coast would still be in shambles.

In response to the couple in the photo, pretty much wasting their time if the storm builds before landfall, but I understand their efforts. That house is way too close to the waters edge with no barrier between the water and the house.