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As Trudeau Clings to Power, Progressives in Canada Celebrate Victory of 'Green New Deal Squad'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/22/trudeau-clings-power-progressives-canada-celebrate-victory-green-new-deal-squad

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imho This is the important line :
Moving forward, “Trudeau will not form a formal coalition with any of the three smaller parties in Canada. Instead he will rely on their support on a vote-by-vote basis,” according to The New York Times .

So, Trudeau could push Trans-Mountain forward with Conservative support (I’m assuming the Conservatives are one of the smaller parties as the Greens only have 3 seats and do not have official party status).

On negations… https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ScheerlessTuesday&src=trend_click

… can’t disagree with this sentiment:)

As a Green Party supporter I was looking Province to Province to see some hopeful signs.

We did very well in the Maritimes in relative terms outside of Newfoundland and Labrador.

PEI had 21 percent vote Green.
Nova Scotia 11 percent.
New Brunswick 17 percent.

In Quebec it only 4.5 percent but the BLOC is very strong on Environmental issues and I think a lot of Environmentalists voted for them.

We got 12.4 percent here in BC.

What I notice in BC and in the Maritimes is the Green Party struggled with the NDP for the same vote. This lead to a lot less seats due to vote splitting then would have occurred under a system other then 1st past the post.

I am really thinking the NDP and Greens have to call a truce. It has been proposed before but merits a revisit. Each party should pick 20 seats and agree with one another that they will not run a candidate in the riding on the other parties list of seats. This should translate to more seats overall in the next election.

More likely the Greens will be swallowed up by the NDP who imho sound mostly like identity multi-cultural politics heavy in comparison to the more traditional branded lite-Liberal multi-cultural fare. Not sure the Greens or Canadian environmentalists would benefit from such an alliance as the NDP has taken the Green mantle largely due to the threat of the Green party taking over their political turf.

I don’t see any easy answers for the Green party here in Canada, wherein one has a first past the post Capitalist dynamic.

That was another of the Liberals broken promises. They promised to pursue electoral reform and end that first past the post system. When it became apparent the Greens and NDP would benefit the most they abandoned that idea.

Yep… electoral reform pretty much an non-starter in the present first 3 main party ranks… Liberal, Conservative, Bloc

nothing wrong with trying to put a positive spin on it, but the NDP lost big, the Greens remain insignificant, the gains were for Conservatives and the Quebec nationalists, I don’t see that as much of a victory. Trudeau is a big disappointment on climate, but he is a social liberal, that blackface incident from ears ago is a non-issue considering his record. So I agree it could have been worse if the Conservatives, who got more votes, had taken over.

And we thought our governmental process was a mess.

Politics is always messy and requires a visionary to chart a progressive path and create work-arounds. Trudeau is clearly not a visionary. Too, too bad for most peoples living in the Western Hemisphere. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing to Indigenous people, especially.
What a bunch of bad choices. Ouch.

Trudeau is a fake.

I don’t think Canadian governmental process is a mess, just different than American governmental process. So for example, the Canadian Senate is largely powerless, unlike the American Senate, or the Canadian leader (“executive branch”) answers to the legislature/ Congress directly during Question Period.

Actually, most “progressive” Canadians are hoping that the Trudeau’s Liberals and Singh"s NDP can form an alliance of sorts that will bring in pharmacare and perhaps even ween Albertans off their petrol-chemical economy among other “people” oriented legislation.


Personally I do not see how Mr Singh can do anything but promote a Pharmacare and Dental care plan as this was one of the core policies of his platform. The Liberals need either his support or that of the Bloc and he holds a lot of cards here. It a big fail for him if he can not gain traction on this.

I think Mr. Trudeau has become quite aware now of some of the issues concerning Canadians which he might have been neglecting. I believe he is sincere in expressing his intent to, within his power, make necessary adjustments in short order. He is not totally insensitive to the wishes of the people of his land.

Considering the possible outcomes, this was a pretty good result for both the center left and the, uh, left-left.

Happy for Canada.