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As Trump Aims Fresh US Aggression at Iran, How Many Surprises Can This October Hold?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/trump-aims-fresh-us-aggression-iran-how-many-surprises-can-october-hold


An October surprise war could actually backfire for trump because it might cause him to lose some of his libertarian voters who seem to see him as more of a peace president than biden. All the same I sure hope Iran can hang in there for a few more weeks and not take the trump administrations baiting them into war.


We should be asking, what won’t he do to stay in the White House and avoid the hangman’s noose for another four years? In the next three weeks we are going to see…
A (phony) Covid vaccine.
A nuclear arms deal with Russia.
A pardon for Snowden, Assange, or both.
An invasion of Iran, led by the new “buddy” coalition of Israel and the Sunni run oily emirates.
And in lieu of these things happening, you will see a massacre at a polling station on November 3rd, early in the morning, so as to get the maximum Fear factor effect scaring people away from voting.
This shit show has a big finale planned. Stay tuned.


Iran sanctions are yet another example of the huge disconnect between the American people and their corporate endorsed government. Naturally America’s attitude are criminal in every sense of the word, but because U.S. officials are beholden to the Great Western Narrative, justice is never a consideration in such matters.
Unfortunately the American people cannot vote for someone from either one of the political Party’s that stand for sanity and promoting human rights around the globe with the minor exception of a handful of Progressive candidates that we can find on ProgressivesForCongress. But the overall establishment has little to fear at this stage of the political game as corporate sycophants have overwhelmed Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. The dog and pony show we’re being offered up on November 3rd is yet the latest example of how far we have to go if we’re ever going to establish a functioning democracy here. Both Party’s are stacked with “anti-peace” politicians, particularly the Republicans, but a pliant media has been quite successful in dumbing down the vast majority of Americans over the years.
In any case the solution will not be in the cards this November.


To me, the US is backing the wrong horse. Don’t people remember just who it was that is credited with the 9/11 horror? Let me remind you then. It was an extremist Sunni, not Shia group of religious fanatics. Sunnis who lived and were proselytized in Saudi Arabia, not Iran! Why then, is the US so determined to reward its enemies by destroying Shiites and allowing Sunnis to rule the Middle East? Do we have traitors in Washington?


Exactly the same scenario the Japanese faced before WW2. They too were sanctioned and blockaded by the Americas, literly starving them to death, the Japanese had no other option, starve or go down fighting. History tells us which option was chosen. Now the Iranians are facing the same situation. A POX on America and it’s society for causing these criminal acts, and a POX on the rest of the World for sitting idle by and doing nothing about it.


Clearly Archie1954, after all this time, you still have not woken up the facts. There were NO ARABS on any of those planes. Wake up.

Yes, and very little else.

Silly Trump! If the Iranians knuckle under, that boogie man will be gone! What about arms sales, the main concern of the US regime, the Iron Triangle of the MIC? “Our” for-profit war machine will be maintained at all costs. Just how doesn’t really matter, any lie will do. Both societies have their work cut out: Iranians have to get rid their black-robed medieval sadists in charge. The US, rid of their McConnells in their white sheets of the old Confederacy.