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As Trump and GOP Refuse Aid Package, Studies Show 8 Million Forced Into Poverty Since McConnell Let Relief Expire in May

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/15/trump-and-gop-refuse-aid-package-studies-show-8-million-forced-poverty-mcconnell-let

The Grind Our People into the ground party are heartless and intent on creating a permanent underclass that can be used politically as an example of who to hate and make responsible for government expenses to continually support them.

It’s sick, and it’s twisted, and it’s the GOP.

It’s no longer a political party, it’s an organization devoted to greed and the main tool used to hold their membership together is hate.


Both parties have refused offers depending on the timing of them. It’s absolutely true the Dems had a decent package pass the House (2 of them, I think) and that the GOP stomped them both. But that poverty is still ongoing, and the refusals are coming from the other team now. In both cases, it was electioneering that determined the response.

But blaming new poverty on only one party isn’t journalism; it’s dishonest. This is a dance that has definitely required two partners.

A friend of mine will become homeless like me tomorrow. And no amount of election-posturing will take the sting out of that reality.


Alas, this ain’t the 30’s, where the media, movies, and daily contact and conversation with others brought about the closest period where the US of Abuse would have become a socialist society, if not outright communist. And the GOP knew it. The Hayes code way dialed down movies that otherwise would have continued fueling unrest.
Now, we have just six global corporations, all right wing, barely mentioning just how bad things really are. Sinclair owns all the radio and television stations in the Red States. The newspapers in those areas are far right wing. Lots of coverage on “black-on-black” crime to scare the rural and suburban folks. Trump is 24/7 page to page coverage, with only a few lines for Biden.
One of those corporations is Disney, global purveyor of fantasy and princessdom, as well as pushing violence and war as the only way to solve problems to young boys via the Star Wars and Avengers movies(or is it Marvel?Who knows?) No poverty in Disneyworld. And only token people of color with gimme movies showing other cultures by employing the pretty princess meme.
We no longer know our neighbors or even care. They could be deeply in debt and on the verge of being evicted, and no one would reach out to help. Being poor is a sin and is our fault. Food banks are overwhelmed. This time around, having learned their lesson in the 30’s, the GOP is keeping us uninformed and pushing the American Exceptionalism meme. Worst thing that could happen to them is if we suddenly began talking to each other, starting up a local newspaper free from corporate influence, focusing on our local issues.
When the US economy truly crashes and everyone except the 1% is living day to day, not knowing where or when our next meal is coming from, while C-19 continues its wild ride, perhaps then we may become a community, sharing what few resources we have. Or we continue ripping off the weakest to stave off our own impending ruin.
This winter will be long, cold, and brutal. And the media won’t report how many people starved or froze to death, just as the history of the Great Depression doesn’t mention how many people starved to death. Estimates are in the millions.


The worst thing that could happen to Amerikan, Fascism is if millions of both the political left and the political right became a coalition that realizes Americans have been screwed, divided and conquered!


There is no doubt that one can find fault with the democratic party but to think their flaws are in any way comparable to those of the fascist GOP is to be self deluded.


Eugenics + open political assassination + concentration camps + uniformed paramilitary thugs + massive deranged rallies + a raving lunatic on top. Remind you of anything folks?


Even though I have no use for the Wall Street Stooge with the moniker: MR.MASTER CARD, this year Biden is to me the LOTE ( but who wouldn’t be !). The difference from my perspective: is Biden is corrupt, but Trump is both insanely evil and insanely corrupt!


This article is about the GOP, not both parties. But it’s hard for people to stay away from the duopoly gig even when it is not about that.
If we want to expand the issue, why not talk about the right-wing welfare, corporate welfare, and aid to the right-wing poor. That money is always okay with them. Along with loop holes and tax relief.

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Heartless and hateful. This time LOTE has captured my vote. Some things are too vile, and the water too wide.


A real solution would be for government to pay like 60 or 70 or 80 percent of people’s salaries so that people can keep their jobs…while maintaining businesses partially open in a safe manner. France and Germany have the government subsidize people’s salaries. This maintains people’s dignity and peace of mind knowing they have their job even if they aren’t working. France and Germany did this in the last recession and are doing this now.

This was actually proposed by one of the Squad but Nancy Pelosi (has a net worth of over $100 million) rejected it.


Good point. Would love to hear just once about the people you name: “WE CANNOT AFFORD IT!”


You are so true Drone1066. It’s BOTH parties.

A Congress run by millionaires cannot identify with a normal person. We are pawns in a political theater of egos.

No one should be homeless in the richest country in the world. Notice how no rent relief was offered. Nancy Pelosi owns lots of properties and has a net worth of over $100 million. Learned this on the Jimmy Dore show…excellent program on youtube.


At this point, it should be clear to us that the best anti-poverty initiative is to wipe capitalism off the face of the earth.


Agreed. Capitalism has run its course and has done far more harm than good, despite contrary claims of how the “free market” has pushed innovation, etc., etc. There’s nothing “innovative” about exploitation of resources and people; that’s primitive thinking. Besides, in America, innovation is making refrigerators with virtual windows so you can see inside them. Yep, great innovation. Why cure cancer or even this pandemic when your refrigerator can tell you it’s time to eat?

“Capitalism is the theory that the worst people, acting from their worst motives, will somehow produce the most good.”
William Blum, Journalist, author & former US State Dept. member


As Ambrose Bierce once wrote:

“Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.”
America is exceptional…in all the ways it shouldn’t be.


People should check out the debate with McConnell and McGrath-----I don’t know why this is not more of a focus----she calls out McConnell for all the dis-funtion in DC-----she slams him for HIS clout. McConnell actually tells the moderator what should be discussed-------who votes for the rich plantation owner???


Biden is a capitalist, but that does not make him corrupt. Sounds like you buy into the Trump fantasy world of lies and slander.

Do you honestly believe YOU are living in the real world? Of course Biden is corrupt! Any politician bought and paid for by large corporate donors and the rich and powerful and NOT representative or respectful of the people and the common good, is corrupt. Period. Exclamation Point!


I think USA’s COVID outbreak is due for record heights by election day – for whatever that’s worth. Like many others, I’ve already voted, myself.

The pattern of USA’s COVID outbreak might be easier to read if you notice the weekly pulse: the three days Sunday Monday Tuesday are usually lower than the other four. With awareness of the reliable regularity of this reporting anomaly, we can easily count weeks going up and weeks going down in CDC’s graph of new cases since the outset:


A low point (since the peak) in new cases of 23K was scored on 9/8, and you can count 5 1/2 weekly pulses since that temporal bounce-point. Take the current slant of CDC’s 7-day average and extend it a few weeks, you can see it soon easily exceeds the previous high of 67K on 7/23. The final segment of our 5-week segmentation just pulled ahead of the penultimate segment.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    35 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   5.  02/12/2020          12          12
>  10.  03/18/2020      10,430      10,442
>  15.  04/22/2020     817,999     828,441
>  20.  05/27/2020     870,082   1,698,523
>  25.  07/01/2020     980,707   2,679,230
>  30.  08/05/2020   2,123,261   4,802,491
>  35.  09/09/2020   1,541,071   6,343,562
>  40.  10/14/2020   1,551,206   7,894,768

This is the way herd-immunity goes: Mooo! Eight million cases in another two days.