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As Trump and Netanyahu Joins Forces to Torpedo Iran Deal, Here's a 'Typically Ignored' Fact: Israel Has Nuclear Weapons


As Trump and Netanyahu Joins Forces to Torpedo Iran Deal, Here's a 'Typically Ignored' Fact: Israel Has Nuclear Weapons

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hit the U.S.


This article underscores two problems of perception:

That somehow the US and Israel are morally superior and can be trusted to handle their nukes judiciously.

Acquiring a nuclear deterent is an effective way to bargain from a position of strength (MAD).

No country with any sense believes the first perception no matter how much our leaders try to promote it.

The second perception is proven to be germane on a daily basis.


The main fear of Iran having nuclear weapons is that it will set off a nuclear weapons race in the Middle East. Iran is a Shiite country. How long would it take the Saudis to have have nuclear weapons if Iran gets them? And if a Sunni country like Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons that would be a concern for Iraq as well as the government in Syria. And so forth. It is of course a great concern that Israel has nuclear weapons. Right now there seems little anyone can do about it. Perhaps if peace ever breaks out in the Middle East there may be an opportunity but nobody is holding their breath on that one. The overall goal is prevent nuclear proliferation because it would increase the risk of nuclear war. Israel having nuclear weapons in the Middle East is bad enough. Hopefully, that will be it for nuclear weapons in that unstable part of the world,


Let’s get real here. If you’re Iran, you’ve watched Iraq and Libya get destroyed by the US and its allies with both their leaders murdered. You’ve also watch Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen be pummeled by the same crew. And now you know you’re next on the chopping block. What would you do if you were Iran’s leader?

The hubris of Americans is staggering.


It really seems like the mentality and level of moral intelligence can be summed up as “we’re allowed to do horrible things to other people because we’re the good guys.”

Also, only one country has ever used nuclear weapons to attack anyone. Insanely, that country acts as if it alone has the moral compass for determining who is responsible enough to have nukes.


If more countries in the Middle East had nuclear weapons, the Middle East would be far more peaceful. Do you think Saudi Arabia would be massacring Yemen right now if Yemen had the ability to nuke the House of Saud?


I would disagree with your assessment, since the competition is not about who has the baddest weapons, but who controls the resources. Iran is a large, modern military state. Nucelar weapons would have given it some invulnerability against attacks. Iran is not an aggressive nation–its history is much more peaceful than that of most European nations, or American. Since the US fawns over Saudi Arabia and pretty much sells it whatever it wants, it might very well feel that its oil reserves would be protected by the US. Since the US is the worst proliferator on the planet, its so-called “concenrs” reek of sleazy hypocrisy and outright dishonesty.


Indeed, very reasoned perspective but remember Iran’s BBFs are China and Russia, and the US is militarily overstretched to the point of ineffectiveness. So, it is check mate to the US, a position unlikely to change given China’s “One Belt Policy” which focuses on procuring strategic resources.


Why is the government of Israel treated by both parties and all major media outlets with a deference and respect that is not accorded to our own government? Just asking.


Could it be that your own government doesn’t warrant it?


The U. S. can back out of the deal but that’s no guarantee anyone else will. And, there’s the rub, isn’t it?
Like everything else The Trumpster Dumpster does, it’s just to put his White Stamp of Racist One Upmanship on any Obama policy. He’s got Israel’s and others support on this, so what does that tell you?
It should tell anyone with half a brain that Israel supports rascism; the in your face kind, no less.
Any political figure or party supporting Trumpster, Pompeo or Bolton is showing their white slip, so to speak. The white hoods will eventually pop out, too.
What people have whispered about Likudites, Netanyahu and American Zionists is coming out.
And that, in the long run, is a good thing for all patriotic Americans who aren’t that impressed with people who think they’re The Chosen Ones.


And how did Israel acquire nuclear weapons technology? We have given Israel a pass on all issues about them acquiring nuclear weapons technology. So we are blind to Israel acquiring nuke capability but are extremely sensitive about Iran’s acquisition of nuclear capability. Then YES, Trump, Bolton, Pompeo and others in the Trump cabinet are pro war. The bottom line for me is Obama’s treaty with Iran to have a tight system for tracking nuclear materials and nuclear wastes so terrorists would not get their hands on the materials they needed for a nuke attack somewhere in the world. Trump eliminated that treaty with absolutely nothing to take its place to keep nuclear and nuclear wastes material out of the hands of terrorists. Now if there is a nuclear terrorist attack with Iranian nuke materials involved Trump should be blamed.


Wow, I thought everyone was for stopping nuclear proliferation. And you want more nuclear weapons in the most volatile region in the world. There are several wars going on now in the Middle East between the Shiites and Sunnis and I certainly would not want to mix nuclear weapons in there. The goal should be a reduction of nuclear weapons. Ideally all nations should give them up and then we would not have to be concerned about human extinction through nuclear war. They even can be used in error. This US almost launched a nuclear attack on Russia because of false information about a first strike.


“And we can be thankful and tranquil and proud,
for man’s been endowed with a mushroom shaped cloud,
and we know for certain that some lovely day,
someone will set the spark off,
and we will all be blown away”. :us::musical_note:

The Kingston Trio


I agree that Iran is not a particularly aggressive nation. However, it did send troops to fight in Iraq against ISIS and is providing resources to Hezbollah which is fighting is Syria, The most worrisome aspect about Iran is its rivalry for power with Saudi Arabia, When the US turned Iraq from Sunni control to Shiite control this was a big gain for Iran which has a lot of influence now in Iraq. It also has influence in Syria as long as the Shiite minority rules over the Sunni majority. And it has tremendous influence in Lebanon since it provides Hezbollah with resources and Hezbollah is stronger militarily than the Lebanese army. Saudi Arabia certainly wants to keep Iran out of its region which is why it claims that it is bombing Yemen although Iran may not be involved at all. The competition is not so much over resources but whether the Sunnis or Shiites have the most power, These two groups have been in conflict for over a thousand years and it appears that this conflict will continue for a long time.


Yes, Iran certainly would have motivation to protect itself by having nuclear weapons. But it is in the interest of the entire world to stop nuclear proliferation. The US should be trying to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons and every other country as well that doesn’t have them. Just think of how close India and Pakistan seemed to be to a nuclear war a few years ago. The US should be against nuclear proliferation and for nuclear disarmament.


The U.S. is for nuclear disarmament. Every nation on this planet should disarm themselves of these things. Everyone should disarm themselves of almost all their weapons. Everyone except the U.S. and Israel, that is.
Just ask them and the billionaires like Adelson and Wynne, the Koch Brothers, the Mercers’ Entourage and… well, the whole cast who support them.
Just ask them if they aren’t special and The Chosen Ones.


But, but they are exceptional


It’s not possible to stop nuclear proliferation while Israel and the U.S. Empire have nukes. Until those countries give them up, people in the Middle East would be far safer if Iran had nukes. If Yemen had nukes, it would be safe from Saudi Arabia.

When people like you talk about preventing nuclear proliferation, you don’t actually mean getting rid of nukes. What you clearly mean is preventing NUCLEAR PARITY.

You seem comfortable with Israel and the U.S. Empire having nukes, and with these countries and their allies waging endless war.

I’m not comfortable with this. And, short of the U.S. Empire and Zionist Israel giving up their nukes, only nuclear parity will prevent the murder of countless millions.

If you’ve got a better idea, I’m all ears.


Shh, not supposed to say that. Poor little Israel surrounded by millions of rock throwing Arabs and they only have hundreds of nukes to defend themselves. Oh, the horror.!