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As Trump Attacks Press and Spreads Inane Voter Fraud Lies, Bernie Sanders Says 'Authoritarian' Is Only Way to Describe Him

As Trump Attacks Press and Spreads Inane Voter Fraud Lies, Bernie Sanders Says 'Authoritarian' Is Only Way to Describe Him

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump on Wednesday continued attacking the free press as "bad for the country" and spreading hysterical lies about virtually non-existent voter fraud—for example, he claimed without evidence that Republicans lose because too many people vote, change their outfits, and then vote again—Sen.

And then they get a haircut, and then change shoes. Bernie calls him an authoritarian. I wonder if that’s the same as thinking your shit smells good, looks good, feels good , even sounds good, spends good, tastes good, voted good, and rides good on Air Force One?

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I’m afraid that calls to organize, protest and send money won’t go far without a plan:


I think everybody by now knows Trump is authoritarian. In fact, that was clear from his speeches during the primary. Sanders tried to unite the Democrats in 2016 because Trump is an authoritarian and I believe he did the right thing. As I remember the vast majority of Sander’s supported voted for Hillary Clinton so Sanders was successful although Trump still won.


“Authoritarian” the only way? And not “criminally insane” or “demonically possessed”?


So??? Now what???

Four groups can change.

Mr. Trump can decide that having consistently bad integrity means nobody beyond the paid staff pretends to believe him, and moreover nobody needs to even respond to his next insistent fabrication because he’s always useless as a source of information. You might as well stare at the fish tank for all it’s going to help you.

Trump’s Republican friends can decide that the Donald is a liability to them ever getting elected again, because if you approve of a horrid source of stupid rants, who on earth wants to trust what you say either? A loss of credibility is the end of all traction. This happened to the Confederate Dollar too in 1865. Nobody trusted it any more.

Third, much of Mr. Trump’s base, the ones that think for themselves a little, can just shut the junk off, at least they can in their minds. Some of us have had parents in the Alzheimer’s unit, and we listen to them but we don’t react to what they say.

Fourth, the press can finally get it. If one side sounds like a tiny death cult and the scientists line up on the other side, no newspaper of repute is required to give equal 50-50% credibility both to the tiny death cult versus the other side. Maybe the death cult is just loony and mean-spirited.


Authoritarian describes from the perspective of servitude and accepting of a big very wrong-headed government that has killed over twenty million mostly innocent people in the last 70 years.

Trump is a personality front for a military empire managing civilian morale with representative democracy for the benefit of plutocrats, servants of Pluto.

Military empires fail 100%. Why is easy; Distributed intelligence of cosmic powered biology manifest as human is suppressed by centralized authoritarian dictatorship. Empire becomes too stupid to maintain itself where evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate.

There is a second reason military empires like the US fail; the generals spend their nation all the way to broke from austerity that leaves nothing left to take from anybody. This happens 100%


The rump is insane.


One of my friends calls him "The Incredible Sulk ".


I can think of some other words.

Agreed. What adjective would Sanders have for Hitler in his beginning steps? Authoritarian? How about later into the Third Reich? Authoritarian? Bolsonaro?

Bernie continues to make moves to be the next president. This time the press is working with him more. Remember a short few years back when Bernie said big things, drew whopping big crowds, with hardly a mention and even then only after Hillary and Liz.

I would rather see Bernie in the top spot rather than anyone else now. Bernie and Sherrod, 2020.

If we had a real democracy Trump would not have been elected in the first place. It is corrupt political parties that created him so stop pretending he is a accident and not the result of uncountable years of manipulation and fraud. This system does not offer any real choices and will continue as it is until the ever increasing climate deterioration, endless wars or economic rot brings us to point of collapse. Buckle your seat belts folks it is going to be one rough ride.

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The thing is that to many Americans, being authoritarian is a feature, not a bug. Most of the right wing religious organizations are strongly authoritarian. Orthodox catholics, fundamentalists, evangelicals, Mormons and others think that the “legitimate” leaders of any group should be obeyed unquestioningly and that it is immoral to argue with them.

There is also a very strong authoritarian stream running through right wing conservatism. Indeed psychologists have shown on numerous occasions that it is one of the main threads connecting conservatives and one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the breed. And then they project onto liberals by calling them “sheeple.”

Agree. Retired professor of psychology Bob Altermeyer has detailed both authoritarian leaders and authoritarian followers, whom I first learned about in John Dean’s book Conservatives without Conscience, which was written during the George W. Bush years. The right wing has become more extreme since then. Chris Hedges touches on Altermeyer’s themes in his book American Fascists, about the religious right.

[www.theauthoritarians.org](http://Altermeyer’s The Authoritarians Site)
[https://verdict.justia.com/2017/07/07/altemeyer-trumps-supporters](http://Dean’s Article: Altermeyer on Trump’s Supporters)