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As Trump Attacks Science, Ireland Takes Step to Divest From Fossil Fuels


As Trump Attacks Science, Ireland Takes Step to Divest From Fossil Fuels

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The climate movement is celebrating a victory after Irish lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would make the country the first to fully divest from fossil fuels.


I'd like to see this movement morph from "divest" to "reinvest" and call for that money to be directly moved into clean energy investments to include wind and solar electricity, energy efficiency and electric vehicles powered solely by renewable energy resources.

It's good to starve fossil fuels of capital. It's even better to enable their alternatives.


Now that's Common Sense policy that benefits us all in more ways than one. Right On Rocky!


A skeptic according to Merriam-Webster and similarly Cambridge dictionaries is defined as "a person who questions or doubts something". Doubt still allows the person to be open to the truth or argument to alter her or his opinion. The sub-title in the article "With a climate-skeptic recently inaugurated into the White House . . ." falls short of what Trump and his ilk are. They are climate-deniers. In the face of overwhelming evidence they refuse to accept that we, the people of the planet, are responsible for climate change. Let's not call this shovel a spade - they are climate-deniers.


Well said.


Ireland - home of the brave!!!


It's happening and going to continue to grow. The handwriting is on the wall and no one is in a better position to act on it is those who are expected to invest. Insurance companies and banks are running away from long term investments in fossil fuels. Many of the projects being built now were committed to years ago. I'm actually surprised that the pipeline investors haven't yet figured out that they should cut their losses. Probably because there is too much invested. What a difference 10 years will make.


It is time we each act individually to divest from fossil fuel investments. It is a way for individuals to resist and protect. People and the Planet must be valued more than profits! Read "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" by Jared Diamond. Many societies collapsed because they failed to respond to environmental damage and climate threats. Are we part of the problem or part of the solution? How about contacting our colleges and universities as alumni to push for their divestment? What about contacting our church leaders as well? Raise your voices and act. Ireland is an inspiration!


I agree. However, one could ask what is the difference between a "climate skeptic", a "climate denier", and a "climate panderer"? The answer is-nothing. It makes little difference if we deny, lie, or just stall to avoid addressing climate change. It's time to hold ALL OF THEM accountable for not addressing the problem.