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As Trump Authorizes Release of 'Totally Friendly' Call Transcript, Schiff Says Whistleblower Ready and Willing to Testify

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/24/trump-authorizes-release-totally-friendly-call-transcript-schiff-says-whistleblower


The NYTimes has a front page story announcing that Pelosi is opening an impeachment inquiry.

Chuck Cchumer is said to be drafting a strongly worded letter.

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… strongly worded letter to the NYT Letters to the Editor no doubt. LOL

Chucky is just a yappy little rat-dog. Careful or he’ll hump your ankle


The accompanying photo: at least he’s holding the phone the right way round.

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I read news earlier that it would be a resolution.
Nancy will speak at 5 pm, east coast scoundrel time.
She is 2.5 weeks late already for beginning the impeachment inquiry.
If impeachment, it will go very slow, minute by minute. exciting revelations every day.
Rehash the past three years.
Please pay attention to public polls and private polls if you can gain access.

I may be absolutely wrong - but:
Nader, Shiff and pelosi are not impressive.


I assume you mean Nadler–if so, we agree.


And he needs to release the whistleblower report.


Thank you.
Next spelling that I may try out is ‘nadda’.
paraphrase from the arena song:

hey, hey, hey,

‘The Senate becomes jury and judge, except in the case of presidential impeachment trials when the chief justice of the United States presides. The Constitution requires a two-third vote of the Senate to convict and the penalty for an impeached official is removal from office.’
We have a right-wing SC and the Senate is in the hands of the Rethugs.
The Kabuki theater continues…


Um, the article states that the whistleblower is going to sing under oath.


Not by action of the whitehouse.

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I’m thinking the whistleblower is going to show up with a copy of his/her complaint.

It’d better be good, though.

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With lots of bodyguards in attendance.


If the U.S. was a parliamentary democracy the Democrats would be the government and Pelosi would be head of it and despite obstruction from the Republican controlled Senate, might actually be able to carry out at least some of a legislative program that it was elected on.

As it is, all the majority party in the House of Reps can do is play a cat and mouse game with the sole personage that makes up the executive branch of government, to make it appear that they have some actual function.

Meanwhile evangelical acquaintances should be informed that God gave America Trump in order that its people reconsider their whole ramshackle system of ‘government’.

Schiff sez:
"We have been informed by the whistleblower’s counsel that their client would like to speak to our committee and has requested guidance from the Acting DNI as to how to do so.”

I don’t work in the DNI’s office, but I do have a suggestion …

  1. Walk into the chamber while the committee is sitting; and
  2. Start talking.

Thank you.
Parliament here would be so fractuous, undisciplined. We would have at least 15 parties in the lower house - all always yelling!!
The recent Israel parliament election had a 3.25% of the vote to be seated - which cuts off any start up modernizing party.
Our genuine root cause problem is electing sub standard peoples to offices at every level. Federal, state, county and local.

IF that whistleblower comes out, s/he needs protection. No one in this admin can be trusted and Don’s don connections, not to mention the goofball Dumpists, present a threat to this person.

Also, if all kinds of papers, videos, tapes, etc. can be doctored, so can this transcription. Dump is arrogant enough to believe he really did nothing wrong so it’s perfectly ok in his “brain” to release the transcript, but his bulldogs may guard the gate.

This show is nauseating.

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Hmmm, missing 18 minutes, somewhere?
I am hoping some one can patiently explain why this ukraine quest for damaging info about Joe Biden is in any way more serious than Don Jr. meeting with a Russian agent in June 2016 where seeking damage info about Hillary was being sought.
I do not yet understand why that was aok and this uke deal is treason.

Holding back the USA military aid to another country or person as collateral is not new either in our history. Apparently that was a consensus decision within the executive branch: State, Dept of War, and white house staff.

My final concern is that Trump will lash out and do somethin really stupid - like invade Iran.


oldie-peace, i’m not sure what you mean about missing 18 minutes.

*don’t ask me to explain anything about our body politik. maybe it’s that it’s the prez himself instead of surrogate like the case you refer to. his quip about “russia, if you’re listening…” is qualitatively different from being on the phone with the ukrainian president. and if it’s true that he “suggested” anything (as michael cohen described was his m.o.) eight times, then the needle moves that much more. i dunno. i’m speculating which is what anyone here can do, probably with a better font of international-games knowledge.

*you’re correct: extortion and arm-twisting are nothing new for US presidents, their agents, or corporations.

**in terms of your last sentence, you are beyond correct and probably prescient. i wrote earlier today somewhere that the perfect storm ingredients are gathering: tankers stopped in ME w/ iran blamed; saudis buying lots of war-making stuff from our MIC; oil fields bombed in s.a. and iran being blamed; hawks urging dump to bomb or retaliate; sanctions worse; nutenyahoo and henchmen whispering in dump’s ear; and walls closing in on dump who can not admit wrong or lose any face in any way whatsoever. will the sycophantic pentagon or joint chiefs of staff show any courage and insist on restraint?

what did i leave out of the recipe? LOL…

stay tuned???

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So Trump is now claiming to be the Greatest and most Destructive Witch of all time? Should the witches of the world start spells to make his bone spurs grow enough that he will have to wear high heel shoes with hollow heels?