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As Trump Begins Tax Reform Push, Critics Rip Plan as Fact-Free, Trickle-Down 'Scam'


As Trump Begins Tax Reform Push, Critics Rip Plan as Fact-Free, Trickle-Down 'Scam'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With President Donald Trump set to kick off his aggressive, Koch brothers-backed tax "reform" push with a speech in Missouri on Wednesday, progressive advocacy groups and policy analysts argued that the president's tax agenda is nothing more than a "scam" that would take money from low-income families and hand it to the rich.


What can be expected of a fact-free, tax-evading proponent of the “Pee-on-the-Poor” scam, which was initiated by the sainted (by GOP) Ray-gun and crafted by David Stockman, who has since stated publicly and in books he authored, that it was a distorted fabrication meant to benefit the wealthy and corporations. The lies that were engendered in the toxic plan were monumental yet persist to this day. Gary Cohn, DHT’s economic “advisor” has million$$$ to gain with such a fraudulent free-for-all for guys like him, Mnuchin, Ross, and the other occupants of the WH cabinet, evil emperor and his swindling family included.


We must be dissatisfied until the walls that separate the city of wealth and comfort and the city of poverty and despair is demolished by the forces of justice

We must not allow the necessities be taken from the masses to give luxuries to the rich and to finance wars of profit.



“A fact-free, trickle-down scam” is entirely accurate - par for the course for these hideous scum - what else could we expect from the ginger chimp and his R’Con co-conspirators?

This tax “reform” scam is no doubt designed to further increase the already obscene advantages the wealthiest enjoy in our devil-take-the-hindmost capitalist monopoly game nation, and put further burdens onto the backs of the middle-class and most vulnerable among us.

Where is the “opposition Party”? slavering over the prospects of more campaign-contribution bribes no doubt, along with Tweedle Dumb…just another species of usurers and lap-dogs to the 1%…

Yet another sharp stick in the eyes of the 99% by the wealthiest and their bought and paid-for whores…and other mental swine.

The pigs-at-the-trough will stuff themselves until they are fat enough to slaughter…and that cannot come a moment too soon!

I recommend David Cay Johnston’s “Perfectly legal” - “Pigs at the Trough” and “Free Lunch” - all expose the obscenities/atrocities vulture capitalism and vast wealth inflict on our people and subvert our republic and so-called representative government…


If they already aren’t paying much tax, what point is there in reducing the rates? I say go ahead and reduce the tax rates in combination with eliminating the loopholes that allow them to avoid paying their fair share in the first place. At least then GE may pay some taxes instead of none.


Reagan’s Democrats are going to do more damage to this country than there pea-brains could ever grasp. They deserve Donald Trump. No one else does, though.
Yes, they really are that stupid. When is their collective expiration date, again?


We need to be prepared to resist this as forcefully as we resisted repeal of Obamacare.Any lack of diligence on our part will be met with the swift approval of this obnoxious ‘budget’ that doesn’t even actually exist on paper. I have the phone number of my congresscritter on speed-dial. That a-hole (Raul Labrador) can expect to hear from me repeatedly. He may not care, as he will be running for governor in 2018. I will certainly let him know that he can’t hide. If he truly believes this is in the best interests of his constituents, we will be there to hold his feet to the fire when it falls apart.


Along the lines of the Boston Tea Party, the entire cabinet along with their leader, his buddy, and the House and Senate leadership should be taken out to sea on a garbage scow and unceremoniously dumped miles away from any landfall…


I am less concerned about tax reform than what the Republicans will do with it, namely, taxes for the wealthy. It may be “fact-free” right now, but watch what the Republicans do. We must raise hell if they don’t INCREASE taxes for the wealthy, not even leave them at the status quo. We need to pay for Harvey, Medicare-for-all, free college tuition, higher minimum wage, and many other things to benefit us, the citizens. We should not be paying taxes for the benefit of fat-cats and corporations.


Seems the Mango Mussolini is attempting to channel Ronnie RayGun from the grave.
Unfortunately, our deluded leader and his Henchpeople will be successful in pushing this robbing of the 99% to benefit the 1% through the bought off congress.
"The only solution is REVOLUTION":fist:


There is only one way to stop the elites and that is to identify and boycott their sources of wealth. We may be engaged in a class war but it is being fought at the level of class economics. So quit dreaming about guns and armed resistance and start refusing to give the pricks what they crave and need: money.


By far the biggest “loophole” is the tax deferral on foreign earnings loophole. The Republican plan completely eliminates the corporate income tax on profits made from foreign sales.


I was a successful small business owner from the early 70s to 2011. When taxes are high a business owner will use more profits to grow his business to avoid paying taxes. No one enjoys paying taxes and they would rather spend it on what they want that is tax deductible than give it to the government. When taxes are low there is more incentive to spend the money on another house or yacht or vacation. That is why the periods of greatest economic and production growth in the US were during periods of highest corporate and individual marginal tax rates.
During the 60s the minimum wage was the equivalent of $25-$30/hr. With an hours work you could buy 30 Hershey Bars, or two LPs, or 6 gals of gas, or 10 NY subway rides or 6 lbs of hamburger. For 40 hours work you could pay for a year at Cal Berkeley. Today $300/hr would be required to do the same. If history has any lessons, back to the future is the way forward to better pay and greater prosperity.
If Nixon could consider free education and Medicare for all, why can’t todays politicians?


And yet another way that Ray-gun scammed the USA? Urine tests for all government employees, which spread to just about every single business in the USA and created a multi-billion dollar industry (which has not enriched the middle class, but rather, imprisoned them for mere possession).

“Patriots” claim the USA is free, but when we can be imprisoned depending upon what substances we may put into our bodies? Really now.


Fake president, false presidency.


The problem is that people need to eat and buy goods. It is very difficult to find goods from businesses that are decent for the poor. Walmart and many others have destroyed much of the small businesses owned by locals. Walmart is successful because it sells cheap goods to people with little money.
And the result of a boycott would have more workers laid off. We are a consumer economy, Many corporations are moving to online service and closing stores, which puts people out of work. Not buying as much means that even more will lose their jobs as goods sit in warehouses.
What is really needed is a political boycott and vote only for those who will not feed at the trough of corporate money. For people who work for us. And that takes becoming organized like we did for unions, voter rights, civil rights, women rights, etc for all the battles that we have fought for in the past. Only by strongly organizing can we choose those who will support the economic policies that are needed to help everyone.


And the blindingly gleaming tax reform package will be the construct of the Americans for Progress (already packaged for distribution, to be sure), the Koch brothers mind-fucking brainchild and their Rethugs in Congress will do their damnedest to ram it through. Gotta keep their donors happy and the money flowing freely from those donors into their re-election campaigns. There is not much that the Koch brothers have not done to corrupt, hog-tie, and hamstring the Rethug party and they have been working on it since Goldwater ran for prez (and lost). The kochs (like locks) are not Reps but died-in-the-wool Libertarians whose purposes are to fill their coffers while dismantling government on all levels, eliminate any and all regulations pertaining to business/mining/oil/energy/manufacturing, erase all taxes on corporations and the wealthy 1%, and wrest control from (what they consider to be useless) bureaucrats, destroy unions and create one giant ongoing Gilded Age. Meanwhile the 99% are virtually enslaved, paralyzed with fear, and left to die from exhaustion or lack of medical care or access to clean air, clean water; eating tainted food (Monsanto and Dow cackling behind the curtains); or while homeless succumbing to the elements.


The TRump Fiscal Administration puts me in mind of a Thomas Nast cartoon of a flock of vultures settling down to a meal. The caption read “Let us prey.” I read that cartoon over sixty years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same. I like the idea of a new dark comedy show, Tammany Hall Goes To Washington.


I’m not talking about a general strike. Rather, I’m advocating targeted boycotts of things like Georgia Pacific products and consumer items like Brawny paper towels, both Koch-owned industries and products. This or something like it for a start as the movement would not be limited to Koch Industries.


Youre not imprisoned for having substance in your body unless you were already driving under the influence, caught possessing it illegally or selling it illegally. I.e probation.

Fired or denied a job? Absolutely.