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As Trump Bullies Over Border Wall, Mexico Offers Aid for Harvey Victims


As Trump Bullies Over Border Wall, Mexico Offers Aid for Harvey Victims

Julia Conley, staff writer

With a clear, diplomatic response, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday quashed President Donald Trump's latest attempt to convince the public that Mexico will pay for the border wall he promised his supporters, and debunked a number of his other repeated claims about the United States' southern neighbor—while offering help to the U.S. as Texas copes with the impact of Hurricane Harvey.


Since the wall is Trumps idea, and he’s the rich billionaire, I say let him pay for the wall.


I hadn’t realized that Mexico supplied that much assistance during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A very interesting example.


rump is doubling down on his pandering to the far right, his hard core supporters. He thinks that everyone else who voted for him in 2016 still think he’s the best ever. The ‘never Hillary’ voters will not vote for him again. The rust belt 2012 Obama voters will not vote for him again. He will lose independents by the boatload. His base is small trending toward insignificant. They are, however, loud and vocal, and they will tend toward violence if they see ‘their country’ slipping away from their greedy little hands.


Yes, Mexico helping the US. The news we still don’t get in MSM.


Wrong thinking. We don’t want the ‘Wall’. Period.


Cuba offered aid as well, but Baby Bush turned them down.


Yes - now that I’ve researched this a bit I see that about half the countries in the world offered aid for Katrina. Mexico really stepped up to the plate with actual assistance though (most of the other offers were never collected).


Oh yes, Mexico sent us help in Louisiana, mostly criminals that stayed and never returned back and now Baton Rouge and New Orleans is like a war zone with increased crime and increased gangs. I love the keyboard warriors taking the time to spout off about the wall when that’s not even the issue at this time. I support Trump, he was the only one that showed up in Louisiana last year, Obama was actually playing golf and only showed up after Trump spent his own money to bring supplies and monetary donations. How many of you live in the Gulf South??? I’m betting not many.


“With Mexico being one of the highest crime Nations in the world, we must have THE WALL. Mexico will pay for it through reimbursement/other.”

Well, we have the highest incarceration rate in the world, so what does that say about crime in this country?

Plus, our crime rate doesn’t factor in war crimes.


Cuba also showed up first with medical doctors, nurses, equipment to aid Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. Obama?


Trump…" Harvey didn’t really happen…fake news…it’s just a Chinese hoax."


The Wall is certainly not Trump’s idea.

He just wants to use the decades-long project of walls, barbed-wire fences, drones, thousands of border police, ICE and uniformed military, planes and drones and a network of federal and privatized concentration camps for PR purposes. We should not forget that Obama was the “deporter in chief” and head jailer for a system of immigration repression.


Demand drives supply and it seems Americans demand drugs but the now drug companies and doctors are supplying with devastating drugs.

Idiots are robbing us of actual solutions.


US corporations brought many of these illegals to the US, wait aren’t they being prosecuted.


American Indians have said the same thing about you white people “we don’t need the rapists, murderers, whiskey peddlers and theives that you white people have proven yourselves to be towards American Indians.” So lets see you walk your own talk and leave. Go back to white man land over there in Europe.


Not only did they send supplies, etc., Mexican labor comprised the decided majority of manpower for the massive cleanup and were treated liKe slaves in the process (Haliburton was the worst). Not surprising when there is money to be made in the aftermath of natural (and man-made) disasters.


Well, Mr. Ewing, pack your bags and head on down to Southeast Texas and dig in to help, why dontcha? Thought so, too busy and won’t accept the low wages. Majority of drug traffickers in US are very WHITE and WEALTHY professional business scions.

Blame the employers that pay the low wages while abrogating/violating any and all US labor laws to make a profit, especially in the construction trades, factory farms/orchards, and meat processing plants.


Outstanding points you make!


I think you qualify as an idiot, and I do not toss that word around loosely here. No fossils, no DNA exist that prove Vikings were the first to inhabit the Americas.

You may be referring to the Erickson voyages which occurred about 1,000 years ago, 10, 000 to 15,000 years after ancestors of peoples from Innnuit to Incas arrived. Not surprising they all look “Asian” to you. As if they or Asians all have a single “look”.