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As Trump Calls for National 20-Week Abortion Ban, Critics Condemn GOP's Anti-Child Policies


As Trump Calls for National 20-Week Abortion Ban, Critics Condemn GOP's Anti-Child Policies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Reproductive rights advocates call on the president and Republican lawmakers to restore CHIP, address DACA, and "address our obscene rates of maternal mortality."
reproductive rights demonstrators


The parallels between “gun control” and “abortion control” are striking.

Almost no one, not even the NRA, wants totally unfettered access to guns but find themselves in the position of fending off nuts who really want to do away with the right to bear arms completely but claiming to simply support “common sense” measures.

The so called pro-choice* groups find themselves in the exact same position. Very few, if any, demand access to an abortion of convenience just before delivery, but have to fight off the same “camel’s nose under the tent” people who are trying to do away with abortion completely under the guise of protecting women.

*“So called” because most “pro choice” people I know only want one choice to be available to women, i.e., abortion. They deeply believe that the average American woman is too stupid to be allowed to make other important choices in her life such as carrying a gun or not, buying health insurance or not (ObamaCare, Medicare for all), saving for her own retirement or not (Social Security), and on and on.


i am pro choice not pro abortion. i feel that a woman should have the choice of what she does with her body. men have no idea about pregnancy.


Good gawd, I need a phucking sheetcake.
We are getting into ‘every sperm is sacred’ territory here. The righty wingy fundy crowd hates women, proving it by every obstruction and disingenuous law that they try to get on the books shutting down a clinic, lack of healthcare providers (PP).
No BC for you little missy…or HIV testing, prenatal care, who’ll woman heath, etc…
Twitler is the first president* to ever speechify at this event, enabled by that total dirge, Pence. Like I said, I need a damn sheetcake!


The worse case scenario I can think of is a woman who is raped being forced to have the baby by law. Let me take a wild guess and say Trump has no concept of what that woman would go through to have that baby and raise that baby as her own. Trump is a hot air blimp that needs to be deflated.




Perhaps she should take that choice by choosing to be chaste until marriage, to insist that she is not a sex toy for some horny young stud to have his jollies and then leave.

Perhaps her choice should be “NO!”


Can you get pregnant? No? Well then maybe you should tell your preacher that it is not appropriate for you to comment as it is a womans decision & certainly not yours.


Forward, into the past.


I don’t have to be a banker to tell you that usury is wrong. I don’t have to be a soldier to tell you that the Iraq War was started on a pack of lies for the benefit of oil companies. And I don’t have to be a woman to state the fact that sex is for marriage only, not for some weekend contact sport.

Women should insist upon marriage. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with them insisting that men respect them and not see them as walking sex toys for a weekend’s pleasure? You Liberals are very strange. You carry on about respecting women, yet you refuse to see that using a woman for sex is an ultimate act of disrespect that turns her into an object instead of a person.

Hugh Hefner and his scummy little Playboy magazine have done a fine job of reducing women to genitalia and nothing more. How very sad.


Wow! What a tirade, & did you ever go of track. Forget to take your meds?


Just answering your first post. You do not have to be anything to realize when a certain action is immoral. Abortion is the killing of a living being. It is immoral, just as our lying government bombing the bejeepers out of innocent Iraqis was immoral. I didn’t have to be Iraqi or a member of our corrupt government to figure that one out either.


Isn’t religion great? NOT. You are denying human nature and are obviously a religious fundy. Do yourself a favour & step into the real world.


It’s funny, these people say they advocate for unborn children yet they don’t want to provide health insurance let alone anything else once the babies are born, what a bunch of sick hypocrites. The Republican party only wants more future taxpayers to fund their corporate fat cat welfare program. Sick!


What real world? The “real world” of pretending that a baby in the womb is not a baby? The “real world” of denial that Planned Parenthood clinic workers were caught red-handed on tape bargaining to sell aborted parts of little human beings who were torn apart with care so as not to damage the good parts which are salable? Or perhaps the “real world” of thinking that men and women are just animals who cannot help but rut, instead of sentient beings created with the ability to say “no” to their impulses.

It is YOU who needs to get real.


Edward. The part about planned parenthood is FALSE & you know it. From the comments you have made, I really feel you have a problem & could be a danger to society. I think you should consult a psychiatrist.


Donald Trump has no f***ing business in my uterus!


Yeah, you keep dreaming, just like all Liberals. Caught on video, red-handed, talking about how to kill the baby without damaging the salable parts, and yet you deny it. You are worse than the climate-change deniers.