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As Trump Carves Path of Destruction, Nader Asks Obama: Where Are You?


As Trump Carves Path of Destruction, Nader Asks Obama: Where Are You?

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The former president, Nader argues, needs to break out of his "self-enriching bubble" and start fighting back against Trump's destructive agenda


Traveling with his rich friends, giving $400,000 speeches and raising money for his lie-berry. He can’t be bothered by helping the us serfs. He didn’t in his 8yrs of F$$$ Main Street in Amerika and starting or continuing 7 wars. Then setting the table so whoever won potus would continue the path of destruction around the world. Thanks obomber…


Nader, ever the champion of the common person.
Thank you for speaking the thought everyone is thinking.

“Think of your millions of supporters, Mr. Obama.”

Obama dumped us the moment he was elected and shut down all the grassroots input that got him elected.
No policy input from the grassroots.

It’s obvious, he would rather let the Wall Street Bankers go un-prosecuted so he could collect his retirement from them later, cause America definitely wanted bodies in JAIL, as they should be.

How else does one go from net worth of $2M upon entering office to $40M when leaving office.

I didn’t see the widget he brought into production, anyone else.


Obama is doing exactly what he has been paid in advance to do: The bidding of the rich masters of both sides of the political duopoly. Nothing more and nothing less. He may be getting his pay-offs in a delayed fashion, but that is what those huge speaking fees are. Do not expect the man who relentlessly drone assassinated human beings for supposed terrorist acts without due process, and pursued whistle blowers and the Occupy Wall St. marchers, but refused to criminally pursue the banksters and Bush Administration war criminals to suddenly change his stripes. Hardly anyone on the left talks about his crimes against humanity and war crimes, but he did commit them. He is truly a member of the elite club. I would expect nothing else from him and those around him.


What could Obama really accomplish? Activists on the left are already going all out to stop the Trump. Organizations like Indivisible has people out in the streets protesting, calling their representatives, attending town halls, visiting district offices, etc. Organizations like the Sierra Club and the ACLU are suing Trump it seems almost every day. There is a full court press to resist the Trump agenda going on now. I don’t really see what Obama could add. It seems Nader just likes to attack “establishment” Democrats to gain popularity. Maybe he could use his time better by attacking Trump’s white supremacist agenda. Attack the KKK, neo-Nazis, skinheads, Breibart, etc. Get them out of the mainstream and back in the fringes where they belong.


Good response. I would like to add that Obama’s strongest point was always his pubic speaking abilities. It was obvious from the get go when Obama was chosen to rub as the leader of the Democratic party, that he was not a visionary or an enlightened champion of the people.
Corporate America knew this and promised him riches after he left office to do what he does best… filling up venue’s with people eager to hear him speak. Obama knows that he is a sell out, but he doesn’t have the mental fortitude or the intellectual capacity to go up against his former employers (a.k.a. Wall Street). Instead the American public must recognize this, hold their standards higher next time and promote a genuine visionary to lead the country against the corporate assault on the 99% the next time around.


Obama is merely another politician that accomplished some good things and some bad things.

Duopoly politicians do not feel a moral or ethical responsibility to anyone but their families, once they leave office.

They know that there are extremely wealthy men that run everything in this country, and they basically do what they are told.

You see this happening right now in the NFL. Roger Goodell has informed all the owners that the NFL wants the players to stand during the National Anthem. This is the most serious threat to free speech that I have witnessed in my lifetime.

I hope and pray that our heroes in the NFL, that have been exercising their right to free speech by taking a knee to start a conversation about the lawlessness of some cops who are killing unarmed Black men, then lying and saying they felt their life was threatened, I hope those heroes continue to take a knee until which time their protest against a system based on hate and lies, is recognized as such, and true dialog can be started to stop the senseless killing. The false narrative spun by our “Fake President” that these protesting NFL players are showing disrespect to our flag, our troops and our country must stop, and the real reasons for their actions must be addressed.

Is this Russia or America for Christ’s sake?

Why are we letting an overweight 4 year old in a red tie that prefers playing golf to taking care of this country’s people, stay in this job?

Hurry up Robert Mueller.


The previous mass murderer in chief stays true to his lying two faced ways!
He is rotten to the core, a despicable sell out!


Whatever you think of Obama, he needs to avoid creating a huge distraction by staying away from the dumpster fray.


Jimmy Carter kept a public presence after his term in office. He has never stopped working for a better world, and has not worked to enrich himself. True, there aren’t many like him.
Certainly, I never expected better of Obama. Ralph Nader probably didn’t either. But I think he is merely pointing out to those who still admire the man, how he is falling far short of the admiration they bestow on him. He could have an influence. But he is indifferent to anything except his own and raking in his pay-off.


I agree- he rescued Wall Street and was proud of it. He also did not champion people he and others refer to as working class.


How about power to the people and the grass roots, and let’s stop giving these spoiled ivory towered talking heads so much attention.


And why are we letting a vice president who calls his wife mother pretty much state that we should be a theocracy?


Hurry up Robert Mueller.
No shit but if enough people were willing to get off of their fat asses we wouldn’t need Mueller. Less demonstration against this insane president than against the Vietnam war.


Because we are affluently lazy.


“How about power to the people and the grass roots, and let’s stop giving these spoiled ivory towered talking heads so much attention.”

Fine. But that means people need to actually do something themselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them.


With all due respect Mr. Nader, the same elite, oligarch’s that selected Obama…selected Trump and Bush. Why do think Obama never had Bush and Cheney indicted as war criminals? ANSWER, BECAUSE OBAMA KNEW HE WOULD BE A POTENTIAL WAR CRIMINAL!


“I agree- he rescued Wall Street and was proud of it. He also did not champion people he and others refer to as working class.”

I agree but at the time he was the best option we had. Would you be willing to trade him, with all his flaws, for Trump?


Obama just an extension of George W. Bush, planted in to fake sooth over the horribly evil Bush crimes against humanity. The banker bailout no problem despite citizen opposition 9 to 1 out of 10. The voters actually thought change we can believe in meant something. It more than obviously did not. The winner will always be deep state controlled. The nature of the beast controls with an iron fist. Voting accomplishes nothing.


Seeking involvement from Obama to counter the enabling processes of his administration? Someone hasn’t been paying attention the past eight plus years. Obama remains a tool of the elitist establishment.