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As Trump Continues Killing Spree, Pressley Leads Call for Biden to Immediately Abolish Death Penalty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/trump-continues-killing-spree-pressley-leads-call-biden-immediately-abolish-death

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Now that we are examining this topic we can realize that anyone responsible for the deaths, akin to murder, of over 300,000 USA citizens would be a good candidate for the death penalty himself…how would he like it then?

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I hope this passes. And along with this, maybe we could:
Take guns away from our military?
Bring military home?
Close bases?
Stop giving our police military training and military equipment?

Yeah, I know, I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one…


Do you mean the 300,00 trump killed with his horrid covid responses.
Biden can reverse trump’s execution order with the swipe of a pen. The states get to decide about non federal execution policy.

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Sure. He’ll halt federal executions. But state Executions will continue unabated.

Hi gandolf: My answer is ‘yes’ to your question and ‘agreed’ to your comment.

What a stunningly obvious example of projection and displacement. Trump, furious he wasn’t reelected, is taking it out on his usual targets: poor people of color, people with disabilities, and a woman.

They’re also people other white people in the US project onto, to the tune of 49% who stick their fingers in their ears, shout lalalalalala as loud as they can, and refuse to understand the equally obvious fact that the death penalty, like all other penalties in the US, is applied with racism and class prejudice foremost. Is it any wonder the Republicans are working so hard to keep climate catastrophe killing millions of the people they hate?

Unfortunately, Biden is much the same and is unlikely to stop either method of killing. It would offend the right wing corporate gray Democrats’ donors.