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As Trump Critics Demand Diplomacy, North Korea Warns Nuclear War Could Be Imminent


As Trump Critics Demand Diplomacy, North Korea Warns Nuclear War Could Be Imminent

Julia Conley, staff writer

A North Korean official told the U.N. that war could break out any time amid President Donald Trump's threats


Memo to POTUS:

No, nuking North Korea won’t make your hands look any bigger. Try covering your mouth with them.


This is not about YOU, Trump. For once in your miserable, failed, God-damned pathetic excuse for a life, TRY to pretend to think about other people. Think about the millions - yes MILLIONS - of innocent lives that are at risk by your cock-swinging game of chicken you are engaged in. Think about what is best for the U.S. and its security - and the security and best interests of its allies, especially S. Korea and Japan. Put that gigantic, uber-fragile ego aside for just ONCE and stop taking personally the jabs and insults of the tin-pot dictator of N. Korea, and try to be the bigger, responsible adult.

But you just can’t do it, because you are a 2 year old in a 70 year old body with an insecurity/narcissistic complex the size of one of your gaudy faux-gold-lettered hotels.

PLEASE have a fucking heart attack. Please. All those Big Macs need to make their move soon, for all our sakes.


I feel ya, dissent!!!


What is WRONG with this country? Why is this obviously deranged person being allowed to drag the world closer and closer to devastating war, now on two fronts? (add Iran) Mr. Trump, if you want to make America great again, then take the high road. Rejoin the commitment we made in Paris and honor the one made with Iran. Stop building more bombs and start addressing oh, any number of things: hunger, poverty, education, environment and leave the North Koreans alone! They are only trying to defend themselves from US.
Back to my original question, Why isn’t anyone trying to stop this man before the unthinkable happens? I’m talking about congress. The article says he has some support there but not a majority. What about the rest of them?


There is no reasoning with a deranged, vengeful, mindless tyrant besotted with his own hubris steeped in his malignant narcissism. Congress is his partner-in-crime pulling the blanket over its head and cowering in a corner wishing it to all go away…


In the last 100 years the US has been engaged in 12 wars at a cost of 13 TRILLION dollars and still adding up with injured vets. What in Gods name did we get for the money???


It sure does look that way. It’s just unreal that it seems there must be unseen forces involved that have put down any opposition. I know that sounds paranoid but the general consensus is that he is unfit and nothing is being done. It doesn’t make sense.


Good point; going back even further, we actually have been in wars 222 years out of the 239 years of our existence, comprising dozens of different wars (some “officially declared as such by Congress” and others just “engagements” or whatever lame name they chose to give them), or 93% of the time:

US Wars Since Founding


As written previously:

Ask yourself: Is another Preemptive War on the horizon? Is it being made to happen? Is North Korea threatening us because they are being relentlessly threatened and cornered in utmost premeditated maneuvers (like against Iraq) (by Hawks who have planned these tactics/steps/escalations years ahead of time)? Is North Korea an Imminent Threat? Would they First-Strike with Nuclear Weapons, though knowing what would be left as dust? How far can they be pushed, purposely? (Remember that diabolical plan to set up and goad Iraq into shooting down a fake UN plane so that all the WMD Hoaxes could be tossed aside and the UN would give unanimous approval to invade?) Who will First-Strike? And, how long will it be before we actually see the first (forced) Mushroom Clouds (those not just conjured up by Condoleezza Rice and company as worldwide hysteria propaganda techniques), either way? After the domino-effect annihilation, who will be comfortable with the numbers of those deemed expendable and necessary casualties?


Thanks for the link. Too bad people got the idea that winning wars is what makes one “great”.


More lies. 46% of Republicans in a poll support a preemptive strike on North Korea.

So, I don’t know if these individuals polled want to see their families grow up and reproduce, but, if the F-ING Moron is allowed to keep poking the Hornets nest, we all might as well start partying now, because a first strike by the U.S. will become WW3.

And once anyone goes Nuclear, it’s all over.


Indeed. And we don’t even really “win” wars anymore. We haven’t really won a war since WW2 - or the First Gulf War, depending on your definition of “winning.” We regularly get our butts kicked in every engagement we participate in, usually by gorilla-style ground fighters with non-existent navies and air forces using sub-par weaponry.


Perhaps it takes someone who never served to be very cavalier with the lives of others.


Right. And yet they continue to trumpet our greatness to all. Unbelievable.


It only has to be a few nukes to start a global winter…which may be the 1% answer to global warming.


No perhaps about it.


Let’s see; diplomacy or nuclear war? Which would you choose?


Apparently, they want us to believe 46% of Republicans in this poll want War.

I say, it’s just more lies.


If you look at the years without wars, 1976,77,78 were all in the Carter years, the one president who came closest to keeping the US out of war.