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As Trump Declares 'Americans Are Winning' on Tax Day, Common Good Faces 'Grim Future' Thanks to GOP

As Trump Declares 'Americans Are Winning' on Tax Day, Common Good Faces 'Grim Future' Thanks to GOP

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While President Donald Trump used Tax Day as an opportunity to declare that ordinary Americans are now "winning" thanks to his deeply unpopular corporate-friendly law, a new report published Tuesday refuted Trump's rosy depiction of the U.S.

can’t resist…>>>!!! john oliver’s take on taxes this year

And by way of thanks to Keith Ellison, a link to the petition

And if you want to send a message to Dimocrats…Tell them tofight the tax scam

Is it possible? Has the 1%'s propaganda campaign fizzled out? I’d like to think that my neighbors aren’t as consistently gullible as their class enemies hope; as a friend once observed, “Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked.”

Did you hear? Yes, all Democratic Senators and Representatives and indeed, all Democratic voters that are of the 1% tax bracket are all going to converge in D.C., for one whopping of a protest.

It’s incredible! They are REFUSING to take their tax breaks. Yes it is true! I mean, this is huge!

Democrats are proposing a bill such that the IRS can handle the billions that will be returned to the IRS, such that the returned money will be earmarked to refund any such cuts in safety net programs.

It’s unbelievable!

Yes, it is truly unbelievable.

The fact that this clucking Austerity through tax scams still exist in this country, at this late date, proves the epic failure/betrayal of the Democratic Party, that helped turn the tables IN FAVOR OF large corporations and super wealthy individuals.

Joe Lieberman of course, and other “moderate” and “centrist” Corporate State Democrats, could NOT be happier with this.

Did I just apologize for these clucking Republicans? No I did not.


The $270+ billion reduction in food assistance spending (read taking food out of families’ mouths) and transferring to the very wealthy, is like a bully stealing a kid’s lunch money every day at school. Which Trump probably did as a kid.

Sickens our common weal. Undermines our society. The Republican ideas are almost always bad for the country and the least fortunate.

And way out at the margins are Native American Farmers - a call from the Organic Consumers Organization to support the Native Farm Bill Coalition telling Congress to support the Tribal Food and Housing Security Act!

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For the Koch brothers, Tea Party, and others who have hijacked the Republican Party there is no valid concept as the common good. They would like sent the common good stuff into the dust bin of American History. These right wing libertarians only care about economic liberty. Literally nothing else matters. As long as the government as no role in economics all is good with them.

I doubt there were many kids Trump bullied, at least not without a bodyguard.

Yes, twump in all humility declares Amerwica is now gweat again…thanks to him alone…!

Corporate anarchy just as Jefferson feared rules. Time to bring back communist ideas.

Tax breaks for working americans? What tax breaks?
My taxes weren’t any lower this year.