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As Trump Declares Victory in Covid-19 Testing, Fauci Warns Rush to Reopen Economy Could Cause 'Needless Suffering and Death'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/trump-declares-victory-covid-19-testing-fauci-warns-rush-reopen-economy-could-cause

Trump’s new 2020 campaign promise “Needless Suffering and Death”.


and herein lies the rub: for a humane person like Fauci, this suffering and death are needless (as it would be for most of us).

But for our masters and owners, this death and suffering are far from needless. Their appetites are endless and without bottom, and our suffering serves to shovel the gore of capital into their constantly gaping maws.

We’re expected to die to preserve their place.

Storm the gates. Or perish. This ruling class must go.


A virus in every pot.


I for one believe him. I think this guy is straight shooter, an honest and reliable and trustworthy individual who has a charitable heart and acts only with the best of intentions for the benefit and well being of others.


Make Amurika Groan Again?

For 30 years or more I’ve been waiting for them to get enough so they would then finally feel like sharing. Its still unbelievable to me that their greed is insatiable, but I’ve come to recognize that sad fact. Covid may be changing that though…


It’s hard for most of us to believe people like this can even exist. Their appetites are so insatiable as to border on mythology.

But the evidence for that is overwhelming. People either acknowledge that and act, or they continue to gnash teeth wondering where justice has gone.


I too have been wondering when they will believe they have enough. My conclusion is (after the 30+ years) they won’t, I think their addiction to money is as strong as a crack addict’s, maybe stronger. These people, who’s grandkids and/or great-grandkids will never be able to spend all their money have serious mental issues and need to be removed from society, and forced to learn empathy no matter how long it takes.


Wow, we have conducted more test then Korea. and i shake my head .


Which senatorial MFSOB babbling on and on from his boy-cave setting the propaganda agenda “for the next pandemic, we know its coming”.

Who the F is WE and don’t you DARE attempt to frame an ongoing crisis in terms of the past tense you slimy SOB!!!


given the majority of the population is now “falling through the cracks” perhaps it is accurate to say that the duopoly is making america a ‘grate’ over their sewer again - NEVER STOP THE FIGHT!

My Take on it is that the entire foundation of capitalism as practiced/committed in this country is based on magical thinking and propaganda that materialism and “paying your dues” to become part of it. The Federal Reserve being the pointy hatted magician with the hidden room with the Mickey Mouse spell pot. (don’t let me start on the history of Walt Disney and labor propaganda in the 40-50s)

Couple of things … the vast majority of acquisition is based on pretending labor, nature (resources), and infrastructure should be extracted from for the profit margin. The word margin then also applies to where they tell you to go: to the margins/exclusion/non-existence. The corporate owned mass media then reinforces the invisibility. Lobbyists then constantly stretch the envelope - especially the “margins” and these cycles are now an institutionalized feedback loop dependant on exponential growth - because in the physical world they have hit the wall (cannibal mode - still unrecognized because you and I are ‘externalized’ ( are not counted).

In short, the entire system is in lala land, paranoid because it is unsustainable and unhealthy; those in government have not experienced anything else in a generation - with obvious exceptions.

Then again - I guess you’re as aware of this as I am … wooof, woof. Sorry - think Iĺl invest in a punching bag.


Welcome Chinese Baker - somehow I don’t think you are alone nor in the company of people who are apathetic.

We need not only a vaccine but, importantly, Expanded, Improved Medicare For All so that everyone actually has access to healthcare even beyond the current emergency–all those tax cuts to the sociopathic wealthy must be rescinded!

To Dr.Fauci: it will not be enough to just give testing unless you mandate the giving of testing to everyone everyday, repeatedly in the same way that Trump and his other sociopathic “christian” cohort get at our expense.

To Sen. Senator: Thanks for highlighting the obvious.

To Sen. Burr: FU, you personally profited from the knowledge of what was coming before the public knew. FU.


I think you just tapped the entire reason that ALL cultures have legacies of the mythological. There are certain dynamics that seem to rise from the hubris when we fail to recognize our limitations in relation to the universe and scorn humility that enables community solidarity.


Your assessment of Dr. Fauci seems on the mark. I wonder, though, why is Dr. Fauci still employed by the rump team? Why was he hired to begin with? And what is his relationship with rump, behind the scenes?

I wonder this also: Doesn’t the ruling class, or most of the ruling class anyway, want the lockdown to continue? Doesn’t the ruling class want the public to remain afraid, very afraid?

Who is benefitting from coronafear and coronalockdown? The ruling class, obviously: they have used the “crisis” as a pretext to transfer untold trillions of taxpayer dollars into their own private bank accounts. They have used it as a pretext to suspend everyone’s civil liberties.

Isn’t rump part of the ruling class? Isn’t he benefitting as much as his cronies from the fear and the lockdown? So I wonder, is rump’s public feud with Dr. Fauci just a facade? Could it be that rump is only pretending to go against Dr. Fauci as a way to play to his base, while in reality he is laughing his fat ass off all the way to the bank?

Wouldn’t a president who was sincere about wanting to lift the lockdown call for universal covid19 antibody tests, along with sophisticated contacts tracing? Wouldn’t such a president want to identify as many covid19 immune, non-transmitting people as possible, to perform essential jobs and help keep the economy going? Yet rump isn’t calling for universal testing.

Rumpists need to face the truth about rumpie boy: the dude is as big a fraud as Obama was. Progressive voters had their moments of truth when Obama appointed Larry Summers and a raft of other Wall Street functionaries to his administration. Progressive voters had to confront the fact that Obama was just another neoliberal figurehead put in place by rentier parasites – bankers, warlords, insurance company executives, real estate barons, etc – to perpetuate the dispossession of US peoples. Now it is time for rumpists to admit the same thing: rumpie boy is just another neoliberal figurehead installed to keep the rentier parasites fat and happy. The parasites who control Warshington are making a huge killing off of covidfear and covidlockdown. Rumpie boy is their tool, not their adversary.


That would be correct, but I keep on punching.

My numbers are in line with everybody else’s, but I emphasize statewide numbers. Governors and state legislatures have the power and they need to be held accountable for their entire states.

I use averages over five day periods because I want a bit more sensitivity as to what is happening on the ground right now.

Having said that, the United States as a whole has hit two peaks in confirmed new cases. We may well be at a second bottom today, about to accelerate toward a third peak of unknown height.

I can name four states - Montana, Hawaii, Alaska and Vermont - that are well below ten new cases per day and can consider (with care) reopening their state economies. Many other states are wildly toxic, are now accelerating already to who knows what heights, and should be compared with victims of alcohol use disorder. Yes and absolutely, taking that first little drink is going to damage them for a long, long time.

I update my statistics daily at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


Trump of course has always been a fraud, and it was always obvious, way before he was ever elected. For those who remain loyal to him, they either have a vested interest, or they cannot see the obvious. Trump was never a populist, he was never against globalism, exporting jobs, trade agreements. The only time in all American history that it was great was under FDR, and Trump isn’t in line for more of that. Trump has always been a fraud, and never without a strong base who is blind to the negative impact his policy has on them, they just scapegoat Obama, or someone else and go forward from there.

FU Sen. Paul–you want workers to go back to work so they can protect the profits of capitalists. I have read a bit on this idea of immunity and the only thing–so far–is that any “immunity” will likely only be temporary. We cannot go back to “normal” as “normal” was what brought us here. Now, go and eat some of that tasty humble pie.