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As Trump Declares Victory in Covid-19 Testing, Fauci Warns Rush to Reopen Economy Could Cause 'Needless Suffering and Death'

South Korea has a total population of 51.64 million, The US population is 329 Million, almost 6.4 times as big. to be on an equitable level with South Korea we would have had to test 6.4 times as many people - I doubt its even twice as many.

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Unfortunately, there is no learning empathy for this type - there is only societal shunning and/or put them to death for the protection of the community. Otherwise, they will do what they do instinctively - divide and destroy whilst enriching themselves at the expense of others.

There’s no cure for the white man’s sickness.


You may be right, but they sure would give the mental health community much to study on the subject.

I am seeing that in the upper midwest, wildly toxic is an apt way of putting it.
It’s out of control in huge areas of the u.s. with no plan and a nightmare of a presidential election.

I find what is misleading----- all over the media today---- is this, from article (my bold):

"If we skip over the checkpoints in the guidelines to 'Open America Again,’ then we risk the danger of multiple outbreaks throughout the country," Fauci said. “This will not only result in needless suffering and death, but would actually set us back on our quest to return to normal.”

Stating this sounds like we still have the opportunity to be careful/wise and not skip over the checkpoints to “open America again” (isn’t that name ironic given trump, et al building the wall etc.?).

We lost the opportunity to get a handle on this ('the horse has left the barn and all those other idioms!"). It’s an absolute horrific mess.

It seems it’s going to come down to every state for itself now.
Paul, you mention Hawaii -----they are really cracking down on violators of stay at home order. (h)ttps://www.wral.com/rogue-tourists-arrested-as-hawaii-tries-to-curb-virus-spread/19088319/
Rogue tourists arrested as Hawaii tries to curb virus spread


That lady (don’t know her name) asked a very poignant question as to whether the practices now going on in the WH were a model for all businesses with regard to testing/protective apparel for workers.

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For an alternative view, search “Gary Null+Fauci.” There’s less to his resume, apparently, than meets the eye.


Hey, Senator McKane: Forget Obamacare–we NEED Expanded, Improved M4A!


Dr. Fauci is the one to trust and must be listened to as he does his job with dedication and obviously values human life. Remember sociopaths disregard human suffering and death and in fact enjoy causing others endless pain. Sociopaths aim to ignore Dr. Fauci and may unwittingly, in their greed, bring suffering and death upon themselves…the great equalizer is the virus is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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Was this what Carl Jung referred to as the Archetypes?

May not be true but Dr.Judy Mikovits claims Dr. Fauci is nothing but a weasel who is giving out false information and screwed Judy out of a $ 34,000,000.00 vaccine grant. For an interesting different perspective google it .

i am not saying definitively that the guy is a russian agent…

but he sure is doing exactly what you’d expect a russian agent to do were they to ever gain the presidency.

Burr, Paul and Roberts were particularly disgusting.

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I will check it out. Judging from the stench of the corporate propaganda-fueled hysteria and fear over covid19, together with the fawning corporate propaganda treatment of Fauci, there is probably a giant rat lurking somewhere. Fauci seems more of a media creation than anything else, like “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopft ad a long line of others.

By the way, what has happened to progressive commenters? Why are so many of them linking to the NY Slimes and the Washed Up Post – or any number of other propaganda rags – for articles on covid19? They know these rags were laced with lies about Iraq and Syria and Venezuela, and any number of other subjects. Why do progressive commenters credit them with being truthful about covid?

Why are so many progressive commenters eagerly hopping on the covid hysteria bandwagon? Why are they helping the ruling class to spread fear? Why are they supporting an indefinite suspension of people’s civil liberties? Why aren’t they joining the demand for universal antibody testing now?


My home state of Kentucky’s governor, Andy Beshear, got so tired of FEMA snatching tests and PPEs that he had ordered, that he asked local industries to step up—and they did. Bourbon distillers turned to making quantities of hand sanitizer, manufacturers made face shields, and thousands of home sewers created cotton face masks. Artists and designers made tshirts and mugs to help fund #Team Kentucky, an organization Gov. Beshear spearheaded to provide extra assistance to families especially hard-hit by the quarantine. Hospitals and corporations provide free testing to everyone. Even Yurtle McConnell, up for reelection this November, managed to grab back some of the pilfered testing supplies and PPEs. If Kentucky can come this far on its own, other states can too. Since the Feds don’t care about the states, we need to take care of ourselves and each other.

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I am an Alaska resident and have relatives in Montana and Hawaii. I can corroborate that your post.is spot on.

I do believe that if there’s one rich man standing at the end of the world he’ll think he won.

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Newsweek put out a very troubling report about Fauci on 4/28, got no traction anywhere else.
Not the first time this history has been referenced.
As far as the public staging goes, his mousey demeanor is a perfect foil for The Orange Bloviator.

Of course, links can no longer be posted here.

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Thanks for the link. Very informative reading.
Here is a related link to Covid-19 and HIV:

This was a very different hearing, compared to some we’ve seen recently. Except for that lunatic from Kentucky who pretends to know something about medicine, there was no grandstanding. And Fauci put the libertarian lunkhead in his place. Several Senate Republicans are now, right now, noticeably edging away from His Pestilency’s murderous recklessness.

Too late to prevent soaring tragedy in the “wildly toxic” states – possibly all but the four states our @PaulK mentions above, if you let the numbers be your guide. Here in the Bay Area, I can take some consolation that my state isn’t yet screwing up as badly as some others. But with viral seed-pods swelling to the bursting point in countless confined spaces, here in California, our near-term future doesn’t look promising for getting a handle on this surge – let alone the next one.

Still, I’m unexpectedly impressed to see, Random Pall aside, most Senators starting to understand: This is looking very serious indeed. Pay no attention to the orange clown.

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That should say, Sen Sanders. As far as Sen. Alexander and his phony bipartisanship it ended when he could have voted against this obviously incompetent cretin in the WH but chose party loyalty instead.