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As Trump Decompensates, GOP Disintegrates

As Trump Decompensates, GOP Disintegrates

Bob Burnett

We're sailing in uncharted presidential waters. Donald Trump has moved beyond incompetency to the designation: "a danger to himself and others." One small solace, before Trump blows up the planet he'll probably first destroy the Republican Party.

Former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough recently wrote that Trump is "killing" the GOP and argued "the wreckage [caused by Trump] will break the Republican Party into pieces."


US politics is like a Chubby Checker album: when Republicans are in power, they play Limbo Rock, and with the Democrats, you get The Twist.

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Good one, Bob. I hope your last paragraph becomes reality.

I find these articles about the standing of the Trump presidency curious.
There are absolutely no guarantees that this orange reincarnation of dictatorial Austrian lineage is not going to finish his term or get a second term.

Why are we so quick to pronounce the demise of his reign? Have we not learned from the election?
We will never learn.

The problems are with the bourgeoisie. The low information, unable to think past level three, foregone conclusive, desperate for the next paycheck-subsistence craving, proto racist, hegemonic swallowing, self entitled, government benefits gravy train guaranteed, religious zealot is still stroking the narcissist’s wookie.

You are pronouncing him dead?
Nothing stated here will kill him.

The right maybe forced to adopt a universal health care mechanism. Watch them make sure it will benefit massive corporations and watch Drumpf smack the media as left and right as if it were his accomplishment.

Watch the minorities in power loose their standing, and Bannon grease the “alternative” right wing media to lay this as a Trump feat. If a few symbolic fall guys are executed, they will forget about the wall before their next piece of Bacon. Their whiteness will be vilified and saved. Reality? They have a brand new super hero movie coming out. It may even be Captain America.

The Bourgeoisie will loose their jobs and homes in droves. The clarion call for a savior will grow stronger. All Drumpf has to do is drop one Nuclear bomb “on the others”, and “somewhere else” on an enemy. Repercussions? It will come a couple of generations later. By then this lineage of fascist will be dead.

There will be some manufacturing jobs return. Let us say 40,000, because some innovator will create something only Americans can make. It will be made to look like 4,000,000, and Chump will claim he achieved his election promise.

Until then
The left will enjoy the constant unraveling of lies that will be touted as truths by the right, while it burns a massive hole through their credibility.
The right will be in constant orgasm mode over the fascists dictates it will be able to turn into law.

This is my counter to this left skewed, hopeful article.
I am sorry, but I just not buying it.


There are quite a few articles on this site which urge that Trump is failing, including from the perspective of re-electability, or more urgently, his ability to avoid impeachment.

Part of the problem (and it’s a problem because it is not true, as ZeroPointField pointed out) is Democrats gloating. When the last Republican president was the worst president ever, Democrats gloated over every inarticulate, goofy utterance W made. Now they’re gloating over each new piece of the Russian puzzle, and every new GOP health insurance reform failure.

Another part of the problem is egocentrism, the left’s (well it’s everyone’s really) inability to conceive that people who vote differently actually have different values. So we hear that Hillary lost because she lacked charisma or that she communicated the proper values, but in an improper way (in terms of her instead of us, usually).

And we read what this article proposes, that Trump’s (et al.) voters were hoodwinked. They really do want the same sort of things as progressives, but were drawn in by Trump’s false promises and visceral populist rhetoric.

But suppose none of that’s true. What are the articles going to be about when the next GOP presidential candidate is an unabashed racist, or even comes to the debates dressed in a white robe and pointy hood?

Isn’t it conceivable that people like Trump will continue to come to power because a large fraction of the US electorate is made up of morons and bigots?


NO, Trump’s base will not turn against him. NO, they will not turn against the Republican party. As his own article states, despite record low approval ratings, 82% of Republicans think Trump is doing a fantastic job. Bottom line: Republicans are idiots. Monumentally stupid. Absolutely incredibly fu##ing dumb, blind, and ignorant. Obviously, to support an asshat like Trump. I’m so tired of all of these articles predicting the demise of the Rethuglican party, and the downfall of Trump. They control all branches of government, they control most State governorships and State legislatures. Why do you suppose that is? Because of good luck, or gerrymandering, or media brainwashing? Sure, all of these play a part - but the bottom line is they WORK. A shit-ton of American citizens are just plain STUPID. They WILL vote against their own best interests, they WILL cheer and applaud and vehemently defend a monster authoritarian fascist like Trump. As Trump himself said, he could murder someone on 5th Avenue, and not lose any votes - it’s true. It is a testament to the absolutely mind-blowing idiocy of a large chunk of Americans. And everyone who thinks that 2018 or 2020 is going to make things all better again are sniffing serious quantities of modelling glue. The train is off the tracks, the ship is headed for the iceberg, the veneer has worn away - the world is finally seeing the true American Spirit, in all its ugliness. Sane, progressive Americans are a shrinking minority.

I’d move, if I had the means…the future in this country is not worth a bucket of warm piss.

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EXACTLY. Your last sentence sums it all up precisely.

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“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength;” the Model for Nation Education is Chaos. The Big Brother and Sister have spoken.

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Another ridiculous article about the ignorant, stupid etc., Trump voters. It attacks instinctual human behavior, a thankless and useless task. It’s very simple, we’ve been tribalized and instead of going after the biipartisan War Party, we take sides and declare our side right.

Where were the articles criticizing the Obamabots for cheering for a man who received a Peace Prize he never earned and didn’t live up to, or the man who ate organic food and supported labelling GMO’s, then elevated Monsanto personnel and supported their international aspirations, not to mention letting Big Ag thwart his wife’s organic garden project? And on and on and on. Obama, too, said he would renegotiate NAFTA and then not only failed to do so (after “winking” at Canada about it) but supported TPP. Trump killed TPP, at least temporarily, Obama was the perfect tool to open Africa to our military bases.

People favor “their side” no matter what. Until both “sides” realize they are all being screwed by putting faith in a President who is simply an attractive tool of the Deep State we are all screwed and going down together.