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As Trump Denies 17-Year-Old Abortion Access, Court Battle Exposes Broader Problem


As Trump Denies 17-Year-Old Abortion Access, Court Battle Exposes Broader Problem

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As undocumented teen is held "hostage" by government officials, ACLU challenge exposes cruelty of administration's anti-choice policies


Gee, what a turnabout for the emperor…back in his partying days, I am sure he paid for several such procedures for underage women he victimized. Payments also included lots of hush money, to be sure.


81% of Evangelicals support him, How brave women will have to be, this is going to get worse and women will die because of it.


So very true…going back to pre Roe-v Wade where women’s desperation drove them into the hands of butchers; or using knitting needles and coat hangers, laxatives, and any other number of methods…unsafe, unhealthy, and life-threatening. I lost two friends to infections caused by such methods.

Words do not capture the loathing I have for DJT, his cabinet, and his coterie of criminals.

And as for those “evangelicals,” Haedes awaits them. They can prepare for The Rapture all they like because what they do against humanity on Earth will condemn them to the deepest, darkest, meanest depths of the underworld (if one believes in such).


OMG, this infuriates me. How dare they—men using their power and office to force their wishes on women. It is no different than groping and raping and masturbating in front of someone who declines untoward advances. No different. It’s the principal: of a bunch of rich, white f***ing men once again legislating control of what woman can and cannot do with their own bodies. You would think, since they are brown and undesirable, they would instead be forcing sterility procedures on them. Women, the govt has already done that in the past. What next? In the interest of avoiding unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, let’s legislate forced sterilization on Every legislator with at least one child who advocates against abortion. (I wouldn’t really, but you get my point. I am SICK of the men in power in this world ruining it for the majority. Assholes


I agree, it is really a one sided imposed judgement in what is a private matter in most families. They take a very small context to look at and ignore the rest. I worked with institutionalized (adults) but many were committed as infants. (as part of a community integration project.not the institution) no one ever really includes what happens when you don’t consider all the risks. And how freakin dare these assholes think they can decide something as personal as childbirth.

Edited: I’m very sorry for happened to your friends. Indeed.


I can see your frustration and rightly so. It is not just women but females of all species that are subjugated in this way. It is appalling.


If such paternalism in government does not make other males as seething mad as me, then they are not paying attention. Big Brother is not coming, he is already here. But ultimately Big Brother just takes bribes to do what our Corporatocracy desires.

Long live the illusion that the USA is a free country.


It seems there is a dichotomy in this country–the patriarchal arrogant male forcing his perspective on women under his power even more arrogantly than before, and on the other hand women starting to push back and calling those jerks out. I hope this is a moment of reckoning, sick of those creeps.


Sickness. We need deep healing. Such depravity is symptomatic of deep cultural illness.

White supremacy, patriarchy, corporate personhood, the rule of capital – intertwined systems, all symptomatic of social dis-ease, all destructive of humanity and ecology – all need to be squarely faced both personally and publicly, taken apart, and replaced by humanistic and ecological social and economic consciousness.


Totally agree with article but photo of a 8 3/4 months pregnant belly probably not the best choice. The image evokes the latest of late term abortions which is very definitely NOT the issue here.