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As Trump Denies Science, 'Terrifying Trend' Continues as 2017 Among Hottest Years Ever Recorded


As Trump Denies Science, 'Terrifying Trend' Continues as 2017 Among Hottest Years Ever Recorded

Julia Conley, staff writer

Both NASA and NOAA have found that the last four years rank as the world's hottest ever


We are poorly prepared for what is taking place. Our monies cannot keep up with the mounting disasters and they will only increase. A good thing to watch is the insurance markets. It will soon be too costly to insure against this climate shift.


Drumpf denying science? Representing the GOP, and all the “Christian” leaders that support him as best as anyone could.(and regarding that Christian support-- despite him being a bigot, racist, psychopath intent on destroying the last ragged threads of our supposed democracy, an accused rapist of a 13 year old, and raped his first wife, his cheating with a porn star, his pussy grabbing sexual assault against innumerable females, countless shady deals around the world, even with Russians–yes those Russians the Right loves to hate and about 5-10 impeachable offenses so far)


I have lived in the same place for 60+ years and have seen a lot of change. It was cool and misty with tree frogs, salamanders, and pond turtles. Now its hot, dry and thorny. Trump is too old to care about the future. I get that from a lot of old rich people. To Hell with old money. Humanity needs the young in political office.


And in a very short time, beach front homes of the wealthiest (and in few cases those not wealthy) will no longer stand as a high status signs, and even unsaleable – if they even last through the coming sea changes.




"…Yesterday’s unprecedented mass-resignation was the result of Trump ignoring science and undermining environmental protections. …Congressmember Bass

What is this all about and why isn’t it in the story?


So much of LaLaLand is worthless now since this last round of shit rolling downhill :-(((


As this great again America arises from ashes of the mess left by many decades of liberal policies going all the way back to FDR the report about 2017 continuing the hot streak has to be considered fake news. It is Trump who speaks the truth and therefore the truth is global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese. Where is the evidence for this ascertain? Fortunately for Trump he doesn’t need any. He speaks the truth. Or so he says and millions agree. America is headed for true greatness folks. Just be a little patient while the hypercritical press is being dispatched of and the courts are filled with judges that know who speaks the truth. There are quite a few people still to deport but progress toward greatness is being made.


At the auto show in Detroit, it is said that the public wants larger cars; that’s what they will get. Kiss the planet good bye.


I agree, that may be partly true, but I do not think Trump cares about anyone but himself, no matter what age he is.


Trump cares about being liked and so does his tribal song and dance. In my private conversations with such people you are in with wealth and out with ideology. I am often asked by wealthy people if climate disaster will occur in their lifetimes. There is no consideration of the lifetimes of others. It is all self interest,


Yes, I agree. Trump is probably the most self centered ego maniac to ever be in the White House. He is beyond bad, he is horrific.


Trump is the bubo of the plague that is the American way of life. Did anyone else notice that this past U.S. holiday season was the usual extreme orgy of mindless consumption and travel that it always is? Can a “culture” mad about fidget-spinners and Amazon Prime transform itself into a sustainable economy? Not in a million years, even if it wanted to, which–let’s be real here–it does not.


Followed very closely by Bill Clinton.


You’ll have to distract them from looking at videos of a dog riding a skateboard on their shiny new i-phones first.


“Both NASA and NOAA have found that the last four years rank as the world’s hottest ever”

I have problems with statements like this. Deniers will automatically not believe it because of that last word “ever”. How does anyone really know is what they will ask. It would be better to say something like “world’s hottest since 500,000,000 BC” or something like that. Please be more careful about how you craft your messages.


Folks, it’s too late to stop climate change. It’s going to intensify.

There will be disruption in the form of mass death, mass migration, and water wars.

And, amidst the chaos, a cadre of true believers will still be telling us that it wasn’t caused by human activity.


I must not be a member of the public. Or perhaps Detroit is right, those few people who still want to buy a car want a big car. However, the masses out there, particularly millennials, don’t even want a car but obviously you know that. I on the other hand would like the smallest electric three wheeled thing I can get as long as it has a fully enclosed space to sit in. Remember the tiny cars of post-WWII Europe? I absolutely adore the Messerschmidts of that era. Now, if Elio would actually start producing cars instead of lobbying for three wheeled cars…


Trump says “we could use a little bit” of global warming,

On that note, the majority of americans could use a little bit of that “trickle down” that rich conservatives have been promising us for decades now and they still haven’t delivered- not during the raygun years, not during the bush years, and certainly not from rump. Poke back!!! and don’t stop!!!