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As Trump DOJ Resumes Federal Capital Punishment After Two-Decade Lapse, Sanders Calls for Abolition of Death Penalty

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/25/trump-doj-resumes-federal-capital-punishment-after-two-decade-lapse-sanders-calls


How to Lose a Country: The 7 Steps from Democracy to Dictatorship (2019)

This Woman can write, I can say that much - and her perspective - awesome.

Just in the middle of Chapter 1 - and already it is apparent that this return of the death penalty is one of those steps on the way to a tragic future - unless we can somehow win big this election cycle.


i have two candidate. they came to me as i read the headline.

It is as if Barr and Trump do not realize that child sex trafficking is a felony punishable by death.


when they put in in prison for all his felonies - this might come in handy! :slight_smile:


Sorry, Bernie — but I will have to disagree with you on this one.  For what Mitch McConnell has done to this country over the past decade or so the only fitting punishment is for him to be drawn and quartered on the steps of the Capitol — along with the entire Drümpf-Kushner Crime family and A.G. Barr, who’ve accomplished almost as much evil as McConnell in only one-fourth the time.   I’ll go along with abolish­ing the death penalty in most cases only after all of the hundreds of swamp critturs currently inhabiting both sides of the criminal duopoly in Washington, D.C., have been exterminated.

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I used to think the same thing Uncle, but years ago I realized death is too easy for them. Life without parole, would be much harder.
As far as the current administration, I’d like to see them in a public prison made of glass, so people could walk by and laugh at them. We could distribute them to major cities across the country, let everyone in on the fun. Imagine Ivanka’s humiliation, in prison rags, with people laughing at her all the time…Priceless.


IMHO, pillories would be MUCH better.  These scum deserve much more than just public ridicule . . .
(See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillory)


Started up by them just in time for their own executions for treason?


This fits perfectly with a culture of Death where its sociopathic campions are willing to absolutely destroy Life as we know it through ecological collapse and nuclear winter.


Horrible –
and of course it’s irresistible attraction for the right wing –

It’s part of the authority whip to make us all fear our own government –
and likely because so many innocent people are put to death.
And those who may have information public needs to know - very quickly
put to death.

Where’s Julian Assange – Chelsea Manning – do lawyers even know?

Once again, we see how readily the right wing will take lives – either of those
young men in the US/CIA endless wars for OIL and confiscation of assets of
other nations – or by capital punishment which in studies is revealed to be an
expression of racism - and often of the innocent.

Don’t know if anyone else just saw the HBO program - “Who Killed Garrett Phillips?”
Two parts – but making clear the racism of the case in trying to convict Nick Hillary
for the crime. From first minutes of the program the question was why isn’t Sheriff
John Jones the suspect?
This case/trial/murder takes place in upstate NYC –
main employment in the prisons - no jobs.
Took some long range planning by Elites/corporations to do this damage to so
many areas like this one.

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Has anyone watched Netflix ? There are countless episodes of false convictions ! Innocent people are still rotting in prison with their appeals exhausted because our justice system isn’t so just. It’s ridiculous how many times it has occurred. The real problem is getting prosecutors and judges to admit they made a mistake. That said, our brothers and sisters on the right who claim to be so religious are all about this death penalty. I have to ask, is this what Jesus would want ?


Who can say? BibleJesus spoke in parables and ciphers. In one parable, the ruler in the story says “But as for these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter them before me”. BibleJesus doesn’t explain what this means, why he’s telling this story, or even whether he approves or disapproves. What did BibleJesus mean when he said he did not come to bring peace, but a sword? (And who knows how much the stories of BibleJesus bear any similarity to any actual Jesuses of that time and region in the first place?)

So mostly, people interpret the words of BibleJesus to mean whatever they want them to mean. And when conflicting interpretations collide, the debate will sometimes turn into violence, persecution, torture, execution, conflict, warfare, and the occasional genocide. As for how BibleJesus would have felt about all this bloodshed in his name…opinions vary.

Trump and Barr are probably doing this in hopes of murdering Julian Assange and other political dissidents.
However, in cases where a person is a self-confessed murderer, molester, rapist or war criminal, the death penalty is useful.
There are way too many people on this planet, so eliminating the dangerous ones is helpful.
This is especially true if the criminal is self-confessed and wants to die.
A merciful euthanasia using pentobarbital ends their suffering, removes a polluter and consumer from the earth, and protects society.

I could go along with that.


The theory of REINCARNATION seems to be returning –
What if we really thought there was a possibility we’d return to this planet –
and possibly as an immigrant, an African American or other person of color?
Familiar with Netflix but never seem to actually get there – often recommended to me.

Another situation we’re only becoming aware of in the last year or two is that there are
cases of rape of women - often with DNA evidence – which have never been prosecuted
because the cities didn’t have the money to do it. They rest in warehouses in vacant
buildings – and the rapists remain on the streets to attack other women.

Another story which Amy Goodman used to cover –
Mumia was actually sentenced to death

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia Abu-Jamal is one of today’s most well known political prisoners. He is an internationally recognized author, activist, and journalist who was convicted in 1982 for the murder of Philadelphia police officer William Faulkner despite compelling evidence that he is innocent and was targeted for his political views and involvement.