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As Trump Enjoys Balcony Photo-Op, White House Cleaning Staff Sick With Covid-19 Told to Use 'Discretion'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/trump-enjoys-balcony-photo-op-white-house-cleaning-staff-sick-covid-19-told-use


I do not know what that is the guy in the Hazmat suit is holding in his hand, but a flamethrower would be my choice of tools to clean the White Supremacist House out with.


Trump must love Mussolini he stole his campaign slogan ( make Italy great again) and mimics him from the balcony of the White ( supremacy) House!


Use discretion is not only a direct order to shut up, it is the typical Trump sweep it under the rug.


I got my drugs, you go get your own.


Drumpf is too much of a bigot and racist to even like Mussolini - Italian right? “Ew” I can here the Drumpf sneer. But Hitler? He was a good German, good genetic stock, and that’s important like he was preaching at his last rally.

Beside, brown kids in cages in concentration camps. Yah.

Fascism, even “friendly US” styled sure does suck, doesn’t it?


“Use discretion” every person who works under Trump is forced to sign an NDA. The American electorate are the ones who should have used discretion in the last election and in the present election. If Trump will not use discretion or CDC anti infection guidelines why should the staff he and his administration have infected be required to use discretion?


What does he mean “use discretion” ?

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Me, myself, and nobody else.

Rumpy boy seems to get a big kick out of making people sick. Honestly. That is one of his main goals in life – to make as many people sick as possible. The dude is nauseating. His face is nauseating. His behavior is nauseating. His ego and narcissism are nauseating.

Truth be told, though, the fat little creep doesn’t make me sick at all anymore. I’m over it. I invite everyone else to be over it too. Just let it go. Laugh instead. Laugh at this freaking weirdo with the bizarre hair. Laugh at the sheer absurdity of his being.

I guarantee that this creepy orange ratfucker’s demise is going to go very badly for him. It will also go very badly for his family and his supporters. Rump supporters are going to wake up one day and look back on their association with rumpboy as a giant disaster, a huge cloud of shame and embarrassment.

So, honestly, I already feel a bit sorry for the sad little ratfucker. I feel especially sorry for his children. They didn’t ask to have such an embarrassing figure as their father.

Melania? Nope. I don’t feel sorry for her. She is a frigid ice bucket robot who hates everybody, including herself. No sympathy whatsoever. Rump supporters? Nah. I don’t feel sorry for them either. They’re so freaking weird and creepy, I can’t even understand them, let alone feel sorry for them. What on earth is up with all those cowboy-type macho men? Why do they adulate a pathetic gussied up phony like rumpboy? I mean, come on! Just look at the guy! How many of rumpboy’z male supporters would wear an absurd orange-tinted hairpiece? None of them! Yet for some reason they overlook the hairpiece and pretend their boy is a real he-man. Why why why? What on earth do they see in the pathetic little orange freak?


Think I’ll waste a couple of hours watching the movie Idiocracy. Trump’s time in wrestling taught him how to work an audience and probably gave him his political base. That movie was prescient.


The Donald is short on oxygen in his bloodstream. This condition might stay with him for the rest of his life if it has been caused by little blood clots going into his lungs.

Whatever decision-making ability he had or didn’t have last week, (“What day of the week is it?”) don’t expect quite as much decision-making ability going forward. His brain lacks oxygen.

Next, numbers of covid sufferers report being in a long-term brain fog. For this week at least, his immune system is probably running at full throttle. At least he can wave.

Yes there’s a 25th Amendment but nobody has the courage yet to challenge the Donald. A bad temper is the last thing to go.


Thank you for noticing the oxygen level. Anyone with links to more details about what these oxygen levels mean, I’d sure be interested. His official doctor (the known liar) said he’s at 97% this morning, but I haven’t bumped into this medical metric much before.

Orangeman is getting imperial-autocrat-VIP (IAVIP) medical care. VIP medical care is a notorious hazard to VIP’s. The prognosis for IAVIP care looks likely to be meteorically worse. The tyrant ignorantly and unequivocally demands everything under the sun to doctors worried about getting a headectomy if they make the slightest misstep… Lord pity those doctors, especially the known liar – the cute one.

So far as anyone knows, Orangeman is the only person on Earth ever to have simultaneously received both COVID experimental therapies plus Dexamethasone – side effects:

aggression; agitation; anxiety; blurred vision; decrease in the amount of urine; dizziness; fast, slow, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse; headache; irritability; mental depression; mood changes; nervousness; noisy, rattling breathing; numbness or tingling in the arms or legs; pounding in the ears; swelling of the fingers, hands, feet, or lower legs; trouble thinking, speaking, or walking; troubled breathing at rest; weight gain


Every single external side-effect is more or less indistinguishable from Orangeman’s ordinary, exceptionally toxic presence – so how would we tell? Meanwhile, internally, this kick-ass steroid really is making Orangeman feel sincerely euphoric at the same time it’s telling Orangeman’s immune system to lay low. Because you don’t want to call off the body’s natural defenses too soon, you never see Dexamethasone prescribed this soon after COVID-19 infection. (The idea is supposed to be preventing an immune overreaction, a “cytokine storm,” not blocking immunity altogether.) The internally-peripatetic virus might be taking advantage of Orangeman’s euphoric, laid-back mood to infiltrate multiple organs, as we speak.

Herman Cain said he “felt great” until two day before he died.


They mean “Stay quiet about it or you’re fired.”


We can call DJT#45 President Pigface a “money changer in the temple”
there for the money, step on whomever gets in the way.


I never gave it much thought, but it seems, that all the menial jobs in the WH are done by black Americans. The WH still today looks like it did when Andrew Jackson lived there.

Bit of a digression:

Isn’t the way black Americans still do almost all the menial low-wage work in most parts of the USA (especially in midwest cities) a slam-dunk rebuttal to all these Trumpists who say “structural racism does not exist”?

As an aspie kid growing up in Virginia in the 1960s, I would always wonder why black men picked up the trash, black men dug ditches (while equipment operators and of course, the foreman, were white) black women worked as day-labor maids in our houses. But the white people like my dad put on a suit and worked at a desk in in “important places” (in my dad’s case, the Pentagon). Yet nobody else seemed to noticed this state of affairs. Black people doing the menial poverty-wage chores in a society was like the sky being blue to all the neurotypicals. This is just like the unquestioned (especially with the rise of right wing Modi’s Hindutva) caste system in India. And people must be blind not to see it.


This just in, Trump has apparently ordered an end to negotiations for another stimulus plan.
Just in case nobody has noticed, Covid is surging again, many Americans are bored by Covid policy. They want to go to football games and casinos again. Trump and the GOP appear to be circling the wagons, calling for blood oaths and human sacrifice. They know America is going down, and going down hard. They are ready to ride the Trump bomb all the way to ground zero, whooping and hollering like Slim Pickens at the end of “Dr Strangelove”.
The final “fuck you” on the way out the door for Trump will be making sure the nation will be ungovernable for at least the next four years. He now figures that, if he creates enough chaos, nobody will have time to chase down his crime syndicate.
He may be right.


Funny you say that. A friend of mine just yesterday called Trump the first WWE president.

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A couple plus decades ago while working as a temp in a law firm in Seattle, over the course of 4 days I was never once stopped or questioned by any of the receptionists on the 7 floors the company occupied. This was despite my braid of slave wage protest I was sporting.

On the fifth day, I rode up to one of the middle floors with a group from the building lobby. Upon arrival at my destination floor, I and an African American male of about the same age stepped out into the reception area. I breezed on through, and the African American was detained by 2 armed security guards.

Later on a break in the lunchroom, I approached this man and asked what had happened.

He said he’s worked there for 6 years in the mail room. He’d never had a full week go by that one of the White receptionists didn’t call security on him.

That was ultra-liberal bastion Seattle in the early 90’s.


Look at that brave, strong man ripping off his facemark. Isn’t that Captain Bonespurs?

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