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As Trump Enjoys Balcony Photo-Op, White House Cleaning Staff Sick With Covid-19 Told to Use 'Discretion'

Thought most of you would enjoy the new Lincoln Project Ad. A little comic relief, in these troubling times.

“Covita” / The Lincoln Project Platform

Here’s a comment from it that I love,

_________:Knock, Knock
Stephen Miller: "Who’s there?
“Karma, meet my friend, corona.”


“And people must be blind not to see it.”

I think the majority see it, they don’t bring attention to it, because they believe that’s the way it should be. So many in this country believe as long as they have someone to “kick down” to, that inflates their own status and standing in society. It’s one of the major reasons racism in the deep south has survived long after institutional slavery.

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And Saddam Hussein, and Muammar Qaddafi . . .       Dare anyone say, “Saddam-ize Tweetle-Dumb!” ?


Per the CDC, close contact – which warrants a 14-day quarantine – is being within 6 feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes.   IMHO, if said infected person happens to have been “our” beloved POTUS (Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit), then said contact should be described as ‘A Close Encounter of the Turd Kind’.


I do not condone violence except in defense of ones family, but I may make an exception in Trump’s case!


Tweetle-Dumb’s actions in downplaying the danger of the virus, scoffing at precautions such as the wearing of masks, and encouraging the “liberation” of states that have closed restaurants & bars and banned large gatherings clearly constitute reckless and deliberate endangerment of your family —

No Exception Needed:  HANG THE BASTARD!!


Since the Amerikan Fuehrer lives Mussolini so much…UPSIDE DOWN!

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