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As Trump Extends Visa Ban and Court Upholds Insurance Mandate, Advocates Urge Biden to Quickly Reverse Anti-Immigrant Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/01/trump-extends-visa-ban-and-court-upholds-insurance-mandate-advocates-urge-biden

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The American Immigration Council said the move was “not about public health or the economy,” but was rather “another thinly veiled attempt to implement radical changes to our immigration system, and to limit the number of noncitizens who are able to come to the U.S.”

The Times of India reports the extension of the H-1B visa ban will impact a large number of Indian IT professionals, as well as a number of companies in both India and the U.S. According to Knowledge@Wharton , Trump’s earlier executive order suspending visas for skilled immigrant workers has cost Fortune 500 companies more than $100 billion in valuation.

If Mr Wilkins is a “staff writer” at CD, why does he write as though he’s building up his portfolio for a job at Business Week? Why isn’t he interrogating such self-interested claims instead of being their stenographer? Who benefits?


Note that Bill Gates has always been a big proponent of the H-1B visa program. I wonder why? I’ll take wage suppression for $1.000 Alex (RIP).


At present, a large number of undocumented folk are fearful of the hostility promoted by Republicans and Democrats in positions of political power. Some do not seek medical care when they have COVID systems and some are planning to pass on COVID vaccines if it is made available undocumented folk (_https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/22/health/undocumented-immigrants-coronavirus-vaccine/index.html). I don’t see much indications that this will change under Biden.

I’m curious how Progressives square MFA with open borders - it’s as if Healthcare is an unlimited free resource.

There are plenty of examples world wide, all of this is transitory as new rules apply on more than one level. The U.S. is actually better on many levels than most. There are places in the U.S. that have bad health policy for every one, except the very wealthy from anywhere.

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The people here on these visas are coming here to replace US workers in a serial fashion. The workers cruelly have to train their replacements!

Please dont let them do what they want to do which is replace our middle class skilled workers with Indians who may be nice people but they don’t need these jobs and they are displacing people who do.

This has been planned for more than two decades.

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Do you mean the wto GATS ‘agreement’? Movement of natural persons is only for corporations. Immigrants like we know are not allowed to participate. Only intra corporate guest workers.

That is very much a right wing thing. Biden and Trump are both right wing neoliberals, don’t be fooled.

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Its the L-1B visas that are the most problematic because they can pay workers whatever they want - we are trying to get them to pay minimum wage, a minimum legal wage but they have all sorts of ways around it. This is the future of work. This is the reason they did what they did, its a huge theft of the country from its people, because without those potentially tens of millions of committed sector jobs (healthcare is just one thats likely to be globalized) people wont be able to survive.

They lied. And are continuing to lie.;

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Don’t get all caught up in details----do a blanket Amnesty----Reagunz did this----THINK BIG!—This would freak out the Trump Repubs who love slave labor.