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As Trump Forces Speculation, Secret Service Says 'No Record' of White House Tapes


As Trump Forces Speculation, Secret Service Says 'No Record' of White House Tapes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In response to a Wall Street Journal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request pertaining to possible tapes of conversations between President Donald Trump and fired FBI Director James Comey, the Secret Service wrote on Monday that, to the agency's knowledge, no such tapes exist.


That tapes threat was DJT’s infantile way of trying to “force Comey’s hand,” which is laughable. And this cobarde/cabron has access to the nation’s nuclear code…a raving maniac.

He is digging his own grave one shovel (mouth)-full at a time.


Let’s all give him a hand with digging that grave.

The sooner, the better.


how do you tell when trump is lying? when his lips are moving? trump probably wouldn’t know how to turn on any recording device. just tweet…

sarah huckabee is a nasty little snake. …no offense to biological snakes intended.

spicer reminds me of tommy smothers.


Unfortunately I believe we just witnessed the birth of the next never-to-die conspiracy theory. And this one was purposely crafted by the liar-in-chief himself. We’ve known since the campaign that the one thing this pos is really good at is manipulating the media, so the question becomes how much space is between the media and public opinion/understanding.


Ooh-ooh, can I be the one to shove him in it??? (Or maybe kick the pieces in it after the guillotine is finished with him)???


Too bad. I was hoping for a show to rival Watergate which I was able to watch because my then wife had the job and I was being stay-at-home Dad. The current circus brings back memories: the transcript versions with “expletive deleted” replacing all of Nixon’s cuss words, wonderful characters the likes of which no longer exist like Senator Sam Erwin, the 7-1/2 minute gap with Nixon’s Secretary Rosemary Woods demonstrated how stretching to show high she may have a accidentally erased the missing parts.

The appearance of Nixon staff members, many of them incredibly entertaining characters: Attorney General John Mitchell (and the sideshow provided by his troublesome wife Martha), John Dean who looked incredibly young while telling the president about the “cancer on the presidency,” the Germans Haldeman and Erlichman, with H.R, Haldeman sporting the kind of flat top haircut the likes of which has not been seen since, Ehrlichman with his jaw jutting out,

I was hoping there were Trump tapes that could provide similar entertainment,


Alright Ann, yes, you can be the one to shove and kick his guillotined remains. There were many who wanted that job, but your enthusiasm put you in first place.



I love you PB :hugs: