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As Trump Gains Momentum, Both Sides Ask: Who Can Stop Him?



All very evident, all these observations about the horror of the Donald, and electability of Bernie over Hillary. However...what about the Super Delegates? WIll they, the members of the elite establishment, big D Democrats--see it this way? The hubris, the money and prestige and power expected to flow with a Hillary win, to her and hers --that is some big prize to give up for the sake of mere Bernie electability, and his addressing the plight of working and poor Americans.


Great. A Trump, or a horse's rump. Go Bernie.


Let's suppose that Trump did Trump all odds and gain the presidency. Can you imagine when his arrogant "Off with his head!" commands begin to hit the Military chain of command? I wouldn't be surprised if a "JFK" was pulled on this egotist who has as much understanding of global affairs as the average kid in 2nd grade.


Bernie it appears from the polls would be a stronger candidate against Trump except for one thing, Bernie refuses to engage fin negative attacks. Even in this primary race where it appeared he had all the momentum only recently but as Hillary has regained her momentum he continues from hold back from going negative. He is very high minded which is certainly a wonderful quality but it may cost him the nomination. Why isn't he attacking her on the e-mails? Why is giving her a pass? Hillary's team is already gearing up a strategy based focused on negative attacks against Trump. I would say unless Bernie is willing to take off the gloves he not the person you would want in the ring with Trump. Hillary may be able to take Trump down. It appears Bernie would not even try. Bernie is from "in your face" Brooklyn but he doesn't act like it.


Well, he seems to be against negatively attacking Clinton (although that has changed recently, thank god). I wouldn't expect him to act in a similar way with Trump.


It is typical of our country's decline in intellectual vigor and its increasingly rigid status quo mentality that the Democratic Party would rather risk Hillary the Untrustworthy losing to Trump the Don instead of backing Bernie who would 'Tromp the Trump' handily.

The entrenched at work...may just not work.

Is it just me? Or do any of you hear the rest of the world snickering and saying >>> 'The Americans care only about money and have become stupid enough to elect a billionaire as President. It'll serve them right if they do'.


Yes, who can stop Trump? The RepubliCons likely not and even if so another threat will take his place. Hillary Clinton? "who will deliver such a revolution? Will it be Clinton whose record looks like most republicans and whose interests rests squarely with the corporate and oligarchical establishment?" No, it is Bernie Sanders who can prevail at this critical point in time, albeit as a first-step to overthrowing the oligarchy!

"Trump poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of the country and the lives of minority citizens (as well as the wider world), (and) that means doing everything possible to keep him out of office."
To accomplish that means we "must make absolutely sure that Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee for President." along with his "political revolution.

"Such a transformation is not merely a return to FDR style politics, focusing on re-allocation in the domestic arena. It requires a thorough re-thinking of the meaning of democracy not only at home but also abroad."

" nothing should be off the table. Not merely the voting system or campaign finance reform, but an entire transformation of business as usual. Not merely a more humane or trade oriented foreign policy, but a radical re-assessment of the place of the United States in the world order."

"Otherwise, ‘political revolution’ is merely a sexy slogan with no meaning or commitment to truly smash the oligarchy, take back our democracy, and enter the next chapter of building a more perfect union. Much is a stake: the lives of countless generations in the future and those living all around the world in the present. We must not be the generation which shrugs its shoulders, as Atlas, and lets the entire democratic experiment fall into oblivion. There may not be another chance."

Quoted excerpts from:


You would according to his campaign promises maybe but after he gets in then what? Don Trump is the cost overrun King (oops I am trying to never use the word king and Trump's name in the same sentence ...just in case it might give him ideas). Nothing Trump does comes in under budget ...always cost overruns.

To hear Trump talk he wouldn't be so bad. To listen to what he actually says gets scary. Trump wants to bomb - 'when I say bomb them I mean really bomb them!' Whenever Trump does anything it is always that he really does it. When Trump combs his hair he really... When Trump blows his nose, he really ...etc.

Want a wall? Trump really wants a wall and has he got a really good deal for a wall in mind...really!

I admit that he sounds like he might not be as bad as the others (something the ultra right Repubs should keep in mind next time since people prefer a less strangling conservative and more liberal conservative view). But would he be that way in reality when the campaigning is done?

America the land of opportunity! Where every boy born a billionaire can become president... Hail Caesar!

Oops I ...oh damn... I need an aspirin.


Sadly, I don't think so. The Obama comparison (of superD's flipping) is false for one critical reason: Obama wasn't a threat to power. Sanders is, and I genuinely think most party elites would rather tank the election than threaten their power and funding. Lobbyists pay close attention to these things, and coming out for Sanders is an act of political courage, which is why so few have done it.

So anyone thinking the 2008 mass switch could happen again is likely mistaken.

This really is the line in the sand for the Democrats, just as Trump winning is for the GOP. You'll get a good look at whom means what they say over the next few months and who is blowing smoke up voters' butts.


Hey Wereflea,

Trump the Don is really pretty good but I still have a bit of a preference for the moniker "El Donito Loco"
roughly translated as the crazy little Donald. In any case, if we are going to watch the rise of a genuine cartoon fascist dictator (your decline in intellectual vigor well represented in real political life), perhaps we should have a naming contest here at CD and have some fun before the spongebob stormtroopers start marching down the streets. I'll start:
El Donito Loco
.................(fill in the blank)



I am amazed at the incredulity of the pundits regarding Trump.

Trump is a perfect match for a mentally challenged constituency, and that is precisely what the majority of the gop has become. They have been groomed to this pathos.

Everything Trump represents, everything which causes us to wince, is precisely what is unfathomable about the gop party as a whole. The match is impeccable.

I see nothing in Trump, that I haven't already experienced through the last 15 yrs of the GOP.

Starting with the turd blossom Karl Rove to the Hammer Delay, the party had adopted a scorched earth policy towards opponents. My way or no way, take out the opponent completely.

By the time Obama (closet republican) was on the scene, the gop played to it's radical fringe, until even Boehner/McConnell could not control the Frankenstein they had created. The monster has now turned on its master.

But just as Cruz only plays to Texans and Rubio to old time Cubanos this idiocy will not play to the American base as a whole. We are not that far gone.

That fact that the Dems have SOLD OUT their traditional democratic platforms of peace, civil rights, labor rights, education, war on poverty, FOR the BIG MONEY is indeed a valid concern for the votes that remain outside the gop gubber's arena.

It is a progressive message that resonants with the majority of voters, the thinking voters, the voters that can build and make a difference in the future.

This is the Democrats to loose, and I am more fearful of the greedy DNC corporate powered money grab splitting the remaining votes and ushering in another crackpot republican.


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Now why insult 2nd graders??


To be perfectly honest my fav is Don Trump but his name is Don and people don't get the play on words.

Trump the Don is awkward and Don Trump really works but ...

I also like Dump the Trump but that is a slogan..lol


Trump looks unstoppable to me. What should scare the hell out of you if Trump gains the POTUS! I cannot imagine anything more dangerous than this impetuous, angry, buffoon having his hands on the nuclear trigger!

Unfortunately, Bernie would beat Trump, but the Democratic party is so corrupt that Bernie's chances of getting their nomination for POTUS it seems to me, are about 10:1...but how I would love to be proven wrong!


The Gadfly Godfather?
Don Cartoon-leone?


why is everyone still talking about the Canadian Cruz. The birthers went all out to bring down BO because of his alleged non US place of birth, and we all know Cruz was born in Canada. Or is it because he is a fellow anglophile white male, he can do that.?


And this:



Bernie can!