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As Trump Gaslights Entire Nation About Package Bombs, This 'Will Go Down in History' as Clear Moment 'American Democracy Truly at Risk'

As Trump Gaslights Entire Nation About Package Bombs, This 'Will Go Down in History' as Clear Moment 'American Democracy Truly at Risk'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than 12 hours after praising himself for being on his best behavior as bombs were found in the mail of several targets of his incendiary and conspiratorial ravings—including Congresswomen Maxine Waters, CNN, former President Barack Obama, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—President Donald Trump cast aside his temporarily subdued facade Thursday morning and fi

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Right out of the Brown Shirt playbook.
How long before the “Achtung Latino” signs pop up? How long before piles of books written by prominent women and blacks are set ablaze?
My guess is, not long now…


Oh Donnie Boy, you are so, so wrong about the up-coming election.

It is completely all about you.


“Fake news”, which his Highness intones reflexively and obsessively, is a Russian invention. But in true Liar in Chief form, he claims this grand achievement for himself.
Meanwhile, while creating crises everywhere his mouth opens, the Great Deceiver won’t clearly indicate what the “fake” actually is.
This is extremist politics in plain sight. Be very afraid of the culture that has emboldened such corrupted power.


Trumpy-Baby is of course gaslighting America, but we know he makes speeches like this when he’s scared of what he’s done. I really wish we could scare the dickens out of him with impeachment movement, and then truly impeach him.

Everything rides on the results of Nov. 6 when we will learn what direction America is taking…


For some strange reason, accusing CNN (Centrist News Network) of causing enough “Fake News” to force a big load of assassination attacks makes me imagine a claim that Joe Biden gives off enough body heat to bake cookies. Sure, he’s a relatively warm and moderately liberal Democrat as they go, but can some scientist capture and focus all the radiant heat coming off of him to bake even one cookie?

How many times have we read,” American Democracy is truly at risk?” Ya Think? Never mind, nobody wants to do anything about it so let’s do Brunch…


I think Trump tweeted what he did to shore up his base. His original statement was a normal presidential statement and that must have worried his base that perhaps he could flip to embracing the norm. Being a big-time real estate guy from New York City his supporters still may be skeptical that he is not really on their side. So his latest statement makes it clear he is back in his white supremacy fascist mode and intends to destroy liberal democracy as soon as possible. It is critical for Trump and his fascist supporters that the truth be banished. That is what Putin and his gang accomplished rather quickly in Russia. They completely altered Russian history including eliminating the period from 1939 to 1941 when Russia was aligned with Nazi Germany and also carried out atrocities and created lies about current times such denying that the Russian military invaded Ukraine when they clearly did.

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Our “free press” must liberate itself in going full steam in condemning this monster and in getting out exactly what this fascist cabal is after. Trump is not just channeling the ghost Cohn and his base but he is the base itself. We far outnumber them and need to remember this.


Dan Harris—Well, you have swallowed the fake news BS, hook, line & sinker.


What Dan said is partially true as they report everything that comes out of Trumps mouth. Every lying thing that comes out of republicons mouth for decades. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.

Our media conglomerate our owned by a few and they are all billionaire 1% centers who work for their own best interests and their fellow sycophant billionaires.

So much news we don’t hear about only what they want us to know. So glad for Common Dreams, Thom Hartman and others who speak truth and if Thom states something that isn’t true(rarely) he immediately corrects.


We are living in 1932 Germany. How long before vigilantes are stopping people on streets and killing them? Another year?


I agree. And, most republicans are pedophiles.


American Democracy has been truly at risk as of October 2001 with the implementation of the Patriot Act followed by the NDAA, the two pieces of legislation that were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats and which are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. Fascism in the US didn’t start with Trump and his criminal cabal. They are just the face of unadulterated fascism…


THIS is how satire is properly done, folks. As if Democrats™ were capable of executing a “ploy”.

Well-played, sir/madam.


Trita Parsi sez: “This tweet will go down in history as one of the moments in which everyone should have understood that the American democracy truly is at risk.”

Does no one else remember the anthrax attacks of '02? The list of recipients was strikingly similar (ranking Democrats, media, etc.) and resulted in the collapse of congressional resistance to the Cheneybush War of Terror.

That’s where your “democracy” went.


Trump keeps escalating the rhetoric. When will it be enough for even repubs to see he is begging for us to remove him and Mike Pence from office. But let’s wait until Dems are in charge of the House (and maybe the Senate).

Get our and vote Dem, progressive Dem where possible.


That seems to be the message!


Don’t count on Republicans to help. They will not do the right thing but do what their voters want which is to support Trump. That should be clear by now. It is very disappointing. Those Republicans who could not go along with fascism decided to retire and those who decided to continue their political careers have become loyal Trump supporters.


Yes. And what I am afraid of is…those who are too young. To know and understand. What is happening. And what is being lost. And…are being immersed in this and the coming "environment "…as the “mature”…what will THEY become …